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Updated May 13, 2019 - 9:11 PM EDT
Saudi Tankers Sabotaged, US Officials Blame Iran
  Iran Does Not Expect a War With the US
  Rouhani: Iran May Face Conditions Harder Than 1980s War With Iraq
  Amid Iran Tensions, a Look at US Deployment Across Mideast
Houthis Quit Ports, Yemen Awaits Next Peace Steps
  Yemen Resolution Sponsor Pushes to Sue Over Trump Veto
Trump: NKorea Missile Tests Not Breach of Trust
  North Korean Cargo Ship Seized by US Arrives in American Samoa
Sweden Reopens Assange 'Rape' Investigation
Chelsea Manning Faces Jail by New Grand Jury
Guaido Wants Direct Contact With US Military
Egypt, Saudis Convinced Trump to Back Libyan Warlord
Congress Readies for Battle Over Nuclear Arms Policy
item Bolton Is Spinning Israeli 'Intel' to Push for War Against Iran  by Gareth Porter
item Are We Watching John Bolton's Last Stand?  by Jason Rezaian
item American Interventionists Hurt the Cause of Freedom in Venezuela  by Ryan McMaken
item Alarming Rise of Civilian Deaths in the War on Terror  by Phyllis Bennis
item Bolton's Plan for War With Iran  by Paul R. Pillar
item It's Time to Bring the Troops Home From Afghanistan. All of Them.  by Daniel L. Davis

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Here's How Many Afghan Troops Are Still AWOL in US
The War at Home
Pentagon Eyes Longer-Term Support on US-Mexico Border
Pentagon Will Pull Money From Ballistic Missile and Surveillance Plane Programs to Fund Border Wall
Ex-Air Force Intelligence Analyst Charged With Leaks to Reporter
How Facial Recognition Became a Routine Policing Tool in America
Marine Corps Gets Long-Range Missile to Take Out Enemy Ships
Iran's Revolutionary Guard: US Has Started 'Psychological War'
Iran's Rouhani Calls for Unity to Face 'Unprecedented' US Pressure
Iranian Media Say Reformist Magazine Closed by Authorities
Houthis Tell UN to Press Saudi-Led Forces to Implement Yemen Peace Deal
2 Killed in Bombing in Yemen's Taiz
Roadside Bomb Kills Pro-Govt Soldier, Injures 9 in Yemen's Aden
Photojournalist Injured in Covering Battles in S. Yemen
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Security Forces Kill 8 People in Flashpoint Shi'ite Area
Khashoggi Colleagues Accusing MBS of Murder Warned by CIA of Potential Retaliation: Report
Ongoing Anti-ISIS Operations in North; Four Killed in Iraq
Oman Says It Will Reopen Its Embassy in Iraq
Syria Says Insurgent Shelling Kills 6 Civilians in Northwest
Aid Groups Suspend Activity in Parts of Syria's Embattled NW
Syrian Army Enters Administrative Border of Idlib Province
Turkish Left Party Candidate Withdraws From Istanbul Poll
Turkish Opposition Journalist Hospitalized Following Baseball Bat Attack
Lebanese Army Receives Military Aid From France
Month After Bashir Ouster, Sudan Far From Civilian Rule
Protest Movement: Military Calls for New Round of Talks
What's Next for Post-Bouteflika Era Under General Salah?
Veteran Algerian Left-Wing Leader Held in Solitary Confinement Following Arrest
ISIS Claims It Killed 11 Soldiers in Northeastern Nigeria
Another Burkina Faso Church Attack: Priest Among Six Killed
South Africa's ANC Wins Re-Election With Reduced Majority
Maduro's Foes Fill Embassies in Venezuela as Crisis Deepens
Argentine Legislator Dies 3 Days After Attack by Gunmen
In Mexico, 35 Bodies Found in Mass Graves
Mexican Union Leader Shot Dead in Troubled Oil Refining City
Gaza Official: Israel Agreed to Implement Ceasefire Concessions Within a Week
Hamas Reports 'Progress' in Carrying Out Ceasefire Understandings
180,000 Muslims Pray Peacefully at Al-Aqsa Mosque on First Friday of Ramadan
Israel Reopens 2 Crossings With Gaza Strip After 8-Day Closure
Palestine Accuses US of Attempting to 'De-Legitimize' President Abbas
Israeli Minor Indicted in Palestinian Family Murder Gets Plea Deal
Three Israeli Prison Guards Suspected of Beating Palestinian Prisoners Out of Revenge
Islamic Jihad Leader Warns of Escalation if Israel Doesn't Meet Understandings
Israeli Tourism Ministry to Begin Offering Grants for Hotel Construction in West Bank Settlements
US and China at Impasse Over Trade, Kudlow Says New Tariffs Will Remain
China 'Cautiously Optimistic' on Further US Talks
China Vows Not to Compromise on Principles as US Trade Talks End
10 Civilians Rescued From Taliban Prison in Kunduz
Landmine Explosion Kills Seven Children in Afghanistan
Afghan Parliament Adviser and Former Journalist Killed in Kabul
Prominent Journalist Who Feared for Her Life Shot and Killed in Afghanistan
IED Blast Injures Two Policemen in Kabul
Taliban Fighters Double as Reporters to Wage Afghan Digital War
US Fund Diversion Will Not Impact Afghan Forces: Acting Interior Minister
Pakistan Security Forces Kill Attackers After Raid on Luxury Hotel
IMF Says Accord With Pakistan to Cut Imbalances, Support Growth
ISIS Claims 'Province' in India for First Time After Clash in Kashmir
India Forces Slay Two More Kashmir Youth
Sri Lanka
Latest Sri Lanka Arrest Throws Spotlight on Wahhabism in Eastern Hotbed
Mosques Attacked in Sri Lanka Town After Facebook Row, Curfew Imposed
North, South Korean Musicians Hold Rare Joint Performance
Indonesia: Police Hunt Inmates After Mass Prison Break in Sumatra
US Navy Member Found Dead in Apparent Suicide in Japan Park
Sporadic Clashes but Low Turnout in French 'Yellow Vest' Protests
Albanian Protesters Hurl Petrol Bombs, Seek Snap Polls
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