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Updated May 17, 2019 - 9:19 PM EDT
'Potentially Imminent Threat' From Iran Grips DC
  Key Saudi Paper Urges US to Attack Iran
  US Official Claims Iranian Missiles Spotted on Boats in Iranian Waters
  There Is a 'Real' Risk of Miscalculation in US-Iran Tensions: Expert
Trump on War With Iran: 'I Hope Not'
  Two Strikes Would Win War With Iran: US Senator Tom Cotton
Saudi Warplanes Pound Yemen, Heavy Casualties
  Fighting Erupts in Yemen Port City, Disrupting Peace Talks
Venezuela Talking With Opposition in Norway
  Police Raid Venezuelan Embassy in DC, Arrest Activists
Chelsea Manning Back in Jail for Refusal To Talk
Taliban Attack Kills 10 Soldiers in Southern Afghanistan
item Iran Says 'Hell No!' to Trump's Aggression  by Doug Bandow
item Lobbying for War  by Mashal Hashem & James Allen
item Leaked Doc Pokes More Holes in Establishment Syria Narrative  by Caitlin Johnstone
item Who Wants This War With Iran?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
item Don't Iraq Iran  by David Swanson
item How Donald Trump May Push America Into a War With Iran  by John Glaser

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Nuclear Weapons Are Getting Less Predictable, and More Dangerous
Rand Paul Calls John Bolton 'Malignant Influence'
Joe Biden's Iraq War Vote Is Coming Back to Bite Him With 2020 Voters
US to Countries: We'll Pay You to Ditch Russian, Chinese Arms
US Bans Huawei
Economic Sanctions on Huawei Could Backfire on US Firms
US Commerce Department Publishes Huawei Export Blacklist Order
Huawei Hits Back Over Trump's National Emergency on Telecoms 'Threat'
The War at Home
SEAL Team 6 Member Pleads Guilty in Green Beret's Death
Soldier Killed, 12 Injured in Humvee Rollover at Fort Polk
F-16 Crashes Into Building Near Runway at March Reserve Air Force Base
Group Pushes Military to Give EKGs Before Boot Camp to Stop Sudden Cardiac Deaths
Afghan Election Workers Must Prepare for September Poll: US
Situation in Afghan Prison Remains Tense After Face Off
India Delivers Pair of MI-24 Helicopters to Afghan Forces
Taliban Fighters Hid in Sewage Tanker, Used Ladders to Breach Major Helmand Base Housing Marines and Afghan Forces
Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan Army Probes Possible Additional Extremist Groups
Sri Lankan Army Defends Rehiring Major Amid Outcry From Rights Groups
Under Modi, Hindu Hardliners Turn Indian Theatre Into Battleground
Nine Killed in Gun Battles in Indian-Controlled Kashmir
China/Hong Kong
China Formally Arrests Two Canadians on State Secrets Charges
Hong Kong Court Says Deterrence Only Motive for Sending Protest Leader Back to Jail
US, France, Japan, and Australia Hold First Combined Naval Drill in Asia
Pakistani Police Kill 9 Suspected Militants in Raid
Weapons Tests, Stalled Talks Complicate South Korea's Push for Food Aid to North
Sudan Forces Clear Protesters With Gunfire
Sudan Opposition Decries Army's Suspension of Talks, Sees Growing Anger
Egypt's Sinai: at Least 47 Fighters, 5 Troops Killed in Battle
ISIS Claims Attack on Niger Soldiers as Death Toll Rises to 28
Ugandan Opposition Figure Says State Is Financially Strangling Him
Italy's PM Conte Repeats Ceasefire Call With Libya's Haftar
Burkina Faso Minister Warns Terrorists Gain Ground in Sahel
Burundi Moves to Seize Assets of Opponents in Exile
Venezuela Ex Police Commissioner Simonovis Has Left House Arrest: Guaido
Mexico Journalist Murdered, Fifth of 2019
Man Arrested During Nicaraguan Protest Shot Dead in Prison
Attorney General Barr Promises Continued Support to Central America Northern Triangle
Iran Reaction to US Threats
Iran Says No Talks With the US as Gulf Tensions Soar
Iran Plans No Changes to Nuclear Centrifuges, IAEA Ties: Spox
Iran Says Exercising Restraint Despite 'Unacceptable' Escalation of US Sanctions
Minister: Iran Builds Firewall Against Stuxnet Computer Virus
Iran and the World
If the US Goes to War With Iran, Netanyahu Will Be the Prime Suspect
UK Raises Threat Level to Personnel in Iraq Due to Iran Risk
Britain Says Shares Same Assessment of Iran as the US
PM Abe Says Japan Wants to Develop Ties With Iran
No Change to French Patrols Off UAE After Tanker Attacks: Military Spokesman
Tanker Unloads Iranian Fuel Oil at China Port After Five-Month Trek
US Congress and Iran
Congressional Leaders Get Classified Briefing on Iran
Key Republican 'Convinced' Iran Threats Are Credible
US House Speaker: Congress Has Not Approved War Against Iran
Lapid Tries to Woo Liberman to the Opposition, as Coalition Talks Falter
Full Text: The Criminal Allegations Against Netanyahu, as Set Out by Israel's AG
Facebook Says Removes 265 'Fake Accounts' Linked to Israel
Israel Should Take Action Against Firm Linked to Whatsapp Breach: Amnesty
Protests Turn Deadly; Nine Killed in Iraq
Iraqi Airways Says to Resume First Flights to Syria Since 2011
Rocket Strike on Syria Refugee Camp Kills 10 Civilians: UN
7 Syrian Soldiers Killed in ISIS Attack Near Palmyra City
After Fleeing Bombs, Syrian Families Shelter in Olive Groves
Turkey's Election Board Under Pressure to Explain Istanbul Vote Annulment
US Says 'Possible' Ankara Will Reject Russian Missiles
Jailed PKK Leader Lawyer Visits Ban Lifted, Turkish Minister Says
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Ex-Imam Says Women Driving Stops Them 'Nagging Men
Khashoggi Fiancee Hits Trump Response to Journalist's Killing
Yemen Combatants Wide Apart on Sharing Vital Port Revenues
'Most Wanted' ETA Separatist Josu Ternera Arrested in France
France Reopens Inquiry Into 2013 Murder of Kurdish Militants
Hungary Blasts Facebook for 'Censorship' of Pro-Govt Media
Open Up US Market, EU Says in Riposte to Pentagon Threat
UK SecDef Wants Criminal Immunity From War Crimes Charges for N. Ireland Soldiers
Shell Explosion Kills Worker at Romania Weapons Factory
Swiss Set Fighter Jet Purchase, Set 6 Billion Swiss Francs Budget
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Why Won't Maduro Let US Humanitarian Aid Into Venezuela? History.

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America's War Culture

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Plans To Memorialize a War Without End

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War-Fighting and the Loss of Liberty

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Jerusalem, the Capital of Apartheid

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