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Updated May 19, 2019 - 9:21 PM EDT
Katyusha Rocket Crashes in Baghdad Green Zone
  Iraqi Parliament Poised to Evict US Troops
Trump Brags About Sowing Confusion on Iran
  US Offering Talks While 'Holding a Gun' at Iran: Official
  Iran Denies Involvement in Houthi Drone Strikes on Saudi Installations
  Bipartisan Bill Says Congress Has Not Authorized Attack on Iran
US Airstrike Accidentally Kills 18 Afghan Police
  US Raises the Stakes in Afghanistan From the Air
Syria Al-Qaeda Group Seeks Rivals’ Help to Fight Govt
  'Communist Militants' Among US Partners in Syria
Journalist's Son Among Children Killed by Saudi Bombs
  Saudi Warplanes Pound Yemeni Capital, Heavy Casualties Reported
  France Targets Reporters for Secret Doc on Support of War on Yemen
Facebook Busts Israeli Campaign to Disrupt Elections
US Trade Talks With China Have Stalled
item Punishing Baseball Fans With a High-Priced Publicity Stunt  by Ron Paul
item Iran's Man in Iraq: 'America Is Weaker Than Ever'  by Robert Fisk
item McMaster Is Wrong That Americans Are 'Defeatist' on Afghanistan  by Daniel L. Davis
item The Relation Between Press Freedom and Assange  by Simon Floth
item Iraq Deja Vu With Iran  by Jacob G. Hornberger
item Game of Thrones Shows How Power Turns Heroes Into Monsters  by Brittany Hunter

More Viewpoints

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard: US Must Not Go to War With Iran
Germany Designates BDS Israel Boycott Movement as Anti-Semitic
US Clears $1 Billion in Raytheon Weapons for Canada, S. Korea, Japan
Protesters Arrested at Venezuelan Embassy Face US Charges
Some Democrats Running for President Are Waking Up to the Danger of War With Iran
Top Iranian Legislator Calls for Iran-US Talks 'To End Tensions'
Iran's Zarif Calls for 'Practical Steps' to Save Nuclear Deal
China Backs Iran During US Tensions
UK Advises British-Iranian Nationals Not to Travel to Iran
Fresh Airstrikes on ISIS Hideouts; Nine Killed in Iraq
Unidentified Drone Sends US Embassy in Baghdad Into Security Lockdown
German, Dutch Soldiers Likely to Resume Training Missions in Iraq
Iraqi Parliament to Vote on Bill Banning US Military Presence
Syrian TV Says Damascus Targeted 'From Direction Of' Israel
Turkey Says Syrian Government Forces Violating Idlib Ceasefire
Aid Groups Say Conditions in Northwest Syria at Crisis Point
Western Powers Clash at UN With Russia, Syria, on Syrian Hospital Attacks
Middle East
Another Small Party Withdraws From Istanbul Vote Re-Run
Whatsapp's Security Breach: Made in Israel, Implemented Worldwide
UN Urges Enforcement of Libyan Arms Embargo to Curb Fighting
Reuters Photojournalist Hani Amara Shot While Covering Libya Clashes
UN Says Somali Militants Using Home-Made Explosives to Step Up Attacks
Spreading the Net: Somali Islamists Target Kenyan Recruits
Plagued by Separatism and Terrorism, Somalia Struggles to Take Advantage of Oil Reserves
Amnesty Warns of New Egyptian Crackdown Against Dissent
Egypt's President Sisi Pardons 560 Prisoners
Sudan Protesters Tear Down Roadblocks, Want Resumed Talks
Christians Seek Refuge After Deadly Burkina Faso Attacks
More Than Half of Madagascar MPs Suspected of Corruption
Algeria Election May Be Postponed, Protests Continue
Americans Still Dying
Georgia Army National Guardsman Dies in Afghanistan
Washington DC Marine Lieutenant Killed in Rollover Accident During Training
Marine Reservist From Missouri Dies After Collapsing During Run on His 30th Birthday
The War at Home
Border Official Admits Targeting Journalists and Human Rights Advocates With Smuggling Investigations
Trump's Diversion of Billions for Border Wall Faces First US Court Test
Judge Orders Public Release of What Michael Flynn Said in Call to Russian Ambassador
Former CIA Officer Jailed for 20 Years for Spying for China
Democratic Chairmen Question State Department on Intel Openness
Ukraine Ruling Coalition Breaks Up, May Lead to Snap Election
Ukraine Pulls Out of Eurovision Song Contest 2019 After Russia Row
Russia Says UN Chemical Weapons Watchog Is 'Off Track'
Ministers Agree Way for Russia to Rejoin Europe's Human Rights Body
Kremlin Pledges a Response to New US Sanctions on Russian Individuals
US Places Sanctions on Chechen Group, Russians, Suspected of Human Rights Abuses
EU Leaders: We Won't Follow Trump's Huawei Ban
Spain's Sanchez Nominates Catalans to Chair Congress and Senate
Hungary Confirms Plan to Buy Medium-Range Missiles From US
Stung by US Sanction Threats, EU Seeks Ways to Boost the Euro
South Korea Allows Businesspeople to Visit North Factory Park
South Korea Announces $8 Million Aid Package for North
Four Soldiers Killed as Gunmen Attack Security Outpost in Kabul
110 Schools Remain Closed in Kandahar: Governor
China Tells Turkey to Support Its Fight Against Uighur Militants
Norway Says Talks to Resolve Venezuela Crisis in 'Exploratory Phase'
Venezuela Wants Russia to Help Restructure Its Debt to Other Countries
US Imposes Drug-Related Sanctions on Mexican Judge, Former Governor, Others
Mexican Soldiers Find 18 Bags of Human Remains, Saws
Without Venezuela's Oil, Haiti Struggles to Keep Lights On
Ex-Rebel in Colombia Recaptured After Release From Jail
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