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Updated May 21, 2019 - 8:40 PM EDT
Trump Downplays Iranian Threat to US Interests
  Iran Announces 4-Fold Increase in Low-Enriched Uranium Production
  Iran: Trump Must Address Iranians With Respect, Not Threat of War
  US Lawmakers Clash on Iran Intelligence Ahead of Briefing
  WikiLeaks Cable From 2009 About Houthis and Iran
Congress Letter Urges Trump to Stay in Syria
  Russian Air Raids 'Kill Five Children' in Syria's Idlib
Airstrike Reportedly Kills Five Afghan Civilians
  SEAL Who Killed bin Laden: War 'Can't Be Solved With Bullets, Bombs'
Assange's Possessions Being Confiscated by US
Conflicting Reports of Six-Month Gaza Ceasefire
US Sanctions on Huawei Bite, but Who Gets Hurt?
Yemen's Houthis Launch Drone Strike on Saudi Airport
Venezuelan Opposition Meets With Pentagon, State Dept
UN Rejects Russia's Call to Meet on Ukraine Language Law
item Time for Patriotic Dissent: Stopping War With Iran Is Essential  by Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.)
item Media Setting Up Iran as New 'Threat' That Must Be Confronted  by Janine Jackson
item Time to Pull US Nuclear Weapons Out of Turkey  by Harvey M. Sapolsky
item A US War on Iran Would Be Evil, Stupid, and Self-Damaging  by Thomas Knapp
item Fire the Nutcases Leading Us to War  by Eric Margolis
item A General With a Bias for Action  by Andrew J. Bacevich

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House Panel Rejects Space Force
Architects of Post-9/11 CIA Interrogation Program to Testify
Gaza Boy Killed by Explosive Grenade Fired at His Face
UN Warns Food Aid to Yemen Could Be Suspended
Britain Tells Iran: Do Not Provoke the United States or Trump Will Retaliate
Sen. Graham Says Bolton Briefed Him on Iran, Tells Trump to 'Stand Firm'
Netanyahu's Iran Dilemma: Getting Trump to Act Without Putting Israel on the Front Line
Iran Urges UN to Launch Talks Over 'Alarming' Gulf Tensions
Oman Sends Foreign Minister to Iran Amid Regional Tension
Farmers Blasted in the Field; 11 Killed in Iraq
Iraq Scrambles to Reassure US After Embassy Attack
UN Team Unearths 12 Mass Graves in Iraq Probe of ISIS Crimes
Syrian Government Starts Campaign to Retake Last Opposition Stronghold of Idlib
ISIS Claims Bomb Attack Targeting US-Backed Force in Syria
Russia Says It Repelled an Attack on Its Main Syrian Air Base
Lebanon to Send Away Syrian Refugees Entering Illegally Through Borders
'This Is Not a Peace Plan': Palestinians Shun Bahrain Conference
Israel Agrees to Lebanon Border Talk Demands
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Says It Intercepted Houthi Missiles in Mecca Province
Two Arab Journalists Detained for Months in Saudi Arabia: Media Watchdog
Qatar Not Invited to Emergency Arab Summits in Saudi Arabia
High Fives, Selfies and a Snap Election as Zelenskiy Takes Power in Ukraine
Ukraine Prime Minister to Step Down on Wednesday
At a Ukrainian Aircraft Engine Factory, China's Military Finds a Cash-Hungry Partner
Jailed Catalan Separatist MPs Pick Up Credentials Amid Tight Security
Russian Reporters Resign En Masse in Row Over Putin Ally Report
Austria: All Far-Right Ministers Leave Government After Video Scandal
Independent Cuban Think Tank Says Closing Under Pressure
Nicaragua Releases 100 Jailed Protesters to House Arrest
6 Killed in Shooting in Southern Mexico
Colombian Army Denies Pushing Officers to Hike Rebel, Criminal Death Toll
Huawei and Trade War
US Ban on Huawei a 'Cynically Timed' Blow in Escalating Trade War, Says Firm
Worries of Longer, Costlier US-China Trade War Hits Markets
Huawei Responds to Google, Android Ban
Apple Face ID Firm Lumentum Follows Google With Huawei Ban
The War at Home
Former Navy SEAL Rep. Dan Crenshaw Calls for War Crimes Trial Before Any Trump Pardon
Thanks to Facebook, Your Cellphone Company Is Watching You More Closely Than Ever
Soldier Convicted of Afghan Murder Released From Leavenworth
Marine Harrier Crashes in North Carolina, Pilot Ejects
Gunmen Target Policemen in Deadly Kabul Checkpoint Attack
Opinion Divided as War-Scarred Kabul Palace Restored
Rights Group in Kashmir Asks UN to Probe Torture by Troops
India's Hindu Groups to Double Down on Demands as Modi Set for Big Win
India Cuts Off UN Panel After Jammu & Kashmir Report
US Warship Sails in Disputed South China Sea Amid Trade Tensions
US Backs Calls for Taiwan to Get Role at UN Health Assembly
S. Korea Vows to Send Aid to North Quickly, May Send Food
Tajikistan Blames ISIS for Prison Riot, 32 Killed
Indonesia's Joko Widodo Wins Second Term as President
Egyptian Security Forces Kill 12 Suspected Militants After Bus Bombing
Egypt's Prosecutor Orders Release of Seven Opposition Figures
Sudan General Says New Ruling Body Expected Finalized in 'Short Time'
Sudanese General's Path to Power Ran Through Darfur
Libyan Gunmen Halt Water Pipeline to Besieged Tripoli
Mali Police Killed in Attack in Koury Near Burkina Faso Border
Algeria's Army Chief Says Elections Are Best Way Out of Crisis
Kabila Ally Named as DR Congo Prime Minister
Venezuela's Maduro Proposes Early Elections for Opposition-Run Congress
Spanish Police Investigate Ex-Envoy to Venezuela for Money Laundering
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