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Updated May 22, 2019 - 8:59 PM EDT
Pentagon to Send 10,000 US Troops to Mideast
Pentagon Budget Bill Would End 2001 AUMF
  Trump Appears To Confirm US Hacked Russia During Midterms
  Nuclear War Risks High, Americans Want Arms Control
  Why the Air Force Is Investigating a Cyber Attack From the Navy
US SecDef: Iran Deterred by Pentagon Measures
  Iran President Sees Trump Backing Away From Threats
  Half of Americans Expect War With Iran 'Within Next Few Years': Poll
Fighting Rages in Northwest Syria, 44 Killed
  Congressional Letter Urges Trump to Keep US Troops in Syria
Russia Alarmed About Afghan ISIS Buildup on N. Border
item How the West's War in Libya Spurred Terrorism in 14 Countries  by Mark Curtis
item Israel's War Criminals in Their Own Words  by Philip Giraldi
item Here's Exactly Who's Profiting From the War on Yemen  by Alex Kane
item Iran Hawks: A House Divided  by Curt Mills
item No War With Iran
 by Peter Crowley
item Election-Meddling Follies,
 by Tom Engelhardt

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Questions Over Florida Cabinet Meeting in Israel
Russian Oil Flowing to US Refiners as Venezuela Supplies Dry Up
North Korea Calls Biden 'Imbecile,' 'Laughing Stock'
Vietnam's Ongoing Fight Against Agent Orange
Huawei Plans Android Rival This Autumn, Reports Claim
GOP: Trump Doesn't Want War With Iran
Despite Rhetoric, Turkey Complies With US Oil Sanctions on Iran
13 Killed in Iraq; 37 Found in Mass Grave
Iraq Sending Teams to Tehran, Washington to Try to Calm Tensions
UN Envoy: ISIS Revival in Iraq Must Be Prevented
Iraq's Racy TV in Ramadan Revives an Industry – and Draws Censure
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia to Execute Three Prominent Moderate Scholars After Ramadan
Britain: Citizens Committee Puts Saudi Arms Sales Under Scrutiny
Israel Approved Armored Vehicles for PA Security Forces
Israel Extends Gaza Fishing Zone to 15 Nautical Miles
Ex-Spy Pollard Accuses Israel of Not Caring About 'Getting Us Home'
Middle East
Turkey Has 2 Weeks to Cancel Russian Arms Deal and Avoid US Penalties
Bahrain Defends Decision to Host White House Mideast Meeting
Syrians Detained, Killed in Southern Cradle of Revolt: UN
Indonesia Presidential Challenger Says Does Not Accept Election Result
Police Fire Tear Gas to Disperse Crowds After Indonesia Confirms President's Re-Election
In the Philippines, Police Inquiry Finds No Evidence of Huawei Spying for Beijing
In an Indian Village, Muslims Talk of Leaving as Divide With Hindus Widens
N. Korea Warns US Over Seized Ship at Rare UN News Conference
Afghan Candidates Warn to Use 'Any Option' if Ghani Remains in Power
Pakistan Rupee Continues to Slide, Reaches Another Record Low
New Zealand
Man Accused in Christchurch Mosque Shootings Now Faces Terrorism Charge
The War at Home
Trump Administration Considers Tapping US TSA Funds for Border
Trump Taps Barbara Barrett, Former Aerospace Corporation Chairwoman, as Next Air Force Secretary
Work Underway on Leaking British Tanker Sunk by U-Boat Off NY in WWII
Huawei's US Ban: A Look at the Hardware (and Software) Supply Problems
NASAs Full Artemis Plan Revealed: 37 Launches and a Lunar Outpost
Water Supplies Restored to Besieged Libyan Capital
Libyan National Army Hires Firm to Forge Closer Ties With US
Countries Fueling Libya Conflict Must Be Stopped: UN Envoy
UN Envoy Warns Libya Is on Verge of Descending to Civil War
Egyptian Security Forces Kill 16 Suspected Militants in Sinai
Egypt to Free Ex-Diplomat Critical of Sisi's Rule: Lawyer
Former Sudanese Intelligence Chief's Guards Block His Arrest: Prosecutors
With Sudan Talks Deadlocked, Protest Group Calls Strike
Why the Tunisian Military Ignored Orders and Sided With Protesters
Tunisian Court Temporarily Releases UN Official After Two-Month Detention
Ukraine's Leader Disbands Parliament, Calls Early Election
Ukraine May Submit Any Russia Peace Deal to Referendum: Presidential Official
Jailed Separatists and Far-Right Make for Rowdy Start to Spanish Parliament
Dutch Police Arrest Alleged Commander in Syrian Nusra Front
Attackers Throw Red Paint at Greece's Parliament
Thousands of Czechs Protest for Fourth Week Against Justice Minister
Tension Flares Between Roma, Extremists in Hungary
Colombian Army to Reword Controversial Policy on Kill Orders
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Why Won't Maduro Let US Humanitarian Aid Into Venezuela? History.

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America's War Culture

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Plans To Memorialize a War Without End

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War-Fighting and the Loss of Liberty

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Jerusalem, the Capital of Apartheid

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