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Updated May 23, 2019 - 9:51 PM EDT
Assange Faces 170 Years as US Adds Charges
  Now, the Swedish Arrest Warrant for Assange
Pentagon to Send 10,000 US Troops to Mideast
  Senate Panel Rejects Requiring Congress Sign Off on Iran War
  Iraq War Looms Large in Debate on Iran Policy
  Officials Reject Pompeo's Claim Iran Is Working With al-Qaeda
SecDef Limits Military Reporting to Congress
  Pentagon Budget Bill Would End 2001 War Authorization
UN Orders UK to End 'Colonial' Rule of Chagos Islands
Senate Dems Say Trump May Push Through Saudi Arms Deal
N. Korea: Impounded Ship Is 'Biggest Issue' in US Ties
US Sees ISIS in Afghanistan Threats Growing Bigger
item If the US Goes to War With Iran, Netanyahu Will Be Prime Suspect  by Chemi Shalev
item US Support Fueled, Not Moderated, the Yemen War  by Doug Bandow
item WaPo Must Acknowledge CIA Role in Pakistan Polio Crisis  by Adam Johnson
item War Crimes Pardons: A Terrible Memorial Day Idea  by Thomas Knapp
item We've Hit a New Low in Campaign Hit Pieces  by Matt Taibbi
item Is John Bolton the Most Dangerous Man in the World?  by Ben Armbruster

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German Parliament Smears Quest for Palestinian Rights as Anti-Semitic
Pentagon Agrees to Set Up Tent Housing Near Border for Some 7,500 Migrants
US Blacklisting of Huawei Prompts Global Firms to Follow Suit
Amazon Shareholders Support Selling Face Recognition Tech to Police
The War at Home
US Navy SEAL's Murder Trial Delayed Over Defense Claims of Prosecutor Misconduct
NCIS Investigating Sailor's Death Aboard Navy Ship Deployed to Europe
Chip Designer Arm Halts Work With Huawei After US Ban
'American Taliban' to Be Released From Prison Thursday
China: US Resembles 'Don Quixote' in Seeing Other Powers as Threats
Next Round of US Tariffs on China at Least a Month Away: Mnuchin
Taiwan Navy Holds Drill Amid China Tensions
Foreign Diplomats Criticized for 'Backdoor' Meetings With Taliban
Afghan Candidates Warn of Civil Disobedience Against Govt
Afghan Official: Taliban Bombs Kill 2 Police, 2 Civilians
Masked Attackers Snatch Voting Machines in India
India Test-Fires Brahmos Cruise Missile From SU-30, Successfully Hitting Land Target
Six Dead After Election Riots in Indonesia's Capital
Protesters, Police Clash in Second Night of Post-Election Protests in Indonesia
Indonesia Police Fire Tear Gas at Protesters in Jakarta
Indonesia Curbs Social Media, Blaming Hoaxes for Inflaming Unrest
Duterte Allies Dominate Philippine Senate Race, Shut Out Opposition
Philippines' Duterte Loses Patience, Orders Trash Shipped Back to Canada
Japan Carriers Delay Sale of New Huawei Smartphones
Sri Lanka President Pardons Hardline Buddhist Monk
Central African Republic
Armed Group Kills 34 Civilians in Central African Republic
French-Spanish Nun Killed in Central African Republic
ISIS West Africa Claims Killing and Execution of 29 Nigerian Soldiers
Armed Gang Kills at Least 18 in Northwest Nigeria
Suicide Car Bomb Kills at Least 9 in Somalia's Capital
Libyan Commander Haftar Told Macron No Ceasefire for Now
Algeria's Army Chief Says He Has No Political Ambitions
UN Expert Back in Germany After Release From Tunisia
French Bank Must Face Revived Lawsuit Over Sudanese Genocide: US Appeals Court
Ukraine Parliament Takes Aim at President's Election Reform Plan
Dissolving Ukraine Parliament Could Affect IMF Program: Govt
Poland, US Near Deal for More US Troops, No Sign of 'Fort Trump'
Yet to Show Its Teeth, Landmark EU Privacy Law Already a Global Standard
Police Raids Homes of Alleged Iraqi Crime Gang in Germany
Swiss Propose House Arrest, Including for Teenagers, to Curb Extremism
Vigilante Attacks on the Rise in Mexico
Mexican President Says Won't Fight With Trump Over Migration
Palestinians Officially Refuse Invitation to US Economic Peace Summit in Bahrain
Despite Palestinian Boycott, UAE, and Saudi Arabia to Attend US-Led Conference in Bahrain
Trump May Expect Riyadh to Invest in Peace Deal, but Saudi Dollars Come at a High Price
US Calls for Dismantling UN Palestinian Refugee Agency
B'Tselem: Settlers Set Fire to Palestinians' Fields, Threw Rocks at Them
Gaza Exit Permits: Aisha's Lone Journey for Cancer Treatment
Iran President Seeks Wartime Executive Powers Following US Tensions
Iranians Tense and Apprehensive as Whispers of War Spread
Iran in Complete Control of Waters North of Strait of Hormuz: Revolutionary Guards Commander
Govt Forces Seize Military Camp From Houthi Rebels in S. Yemen
Yemeni Govt Suspends Meetings With UN Monitoring Mission Over Hodeidah
Yemen's Houthis Launch Fresh Drone Attack on Saudi Najran Airport in Less Than 24 Hours
Security Operations Near Syria Border; Nine Killed in Iraq

Mosul Residents Warn of Disease as City's Dead Remain in Streets, Under Rubble

Syrian Army Withdraws From Key Town in Hama After Rebels' Counter-Offensive
10 Die Daily in Battered Camp in Southeastern Syria: State News Agency
UK Seizes $30,000 of Syrian Govt Cash From Assad's Niece in London
US Calls for Ceasefire as More Heavy Fighting Hits Northwest Syria
Russia Says Syrian Troops Repelled Three Big Militant Attacks in Syria's Idlib
Italian Man Set Free After Almost Three Years Captivity in Syria
Syrians Displaced in the Northwest Call on Turkey to Open Border
20,000 Syrian Refugees Return From Jordan Since October 2018
Turkey Preparing for Possible US Sanctions Over S-400s
Kremlin Condemns Alleged US Ultimatum to Turkey Over Missile Deal
Turkey Military Receiving Russian Defense System Training
Deposed Istanbul Mayor Blasts 'Lies' Used to Annul Election
Opposition Starts Campaign for Istanbul Mayor in Re-Run
Turkish Election Board Cites Polling Station Irregularities in Annulment Decision
Egypt Approves Autopsy for Palestinian Detainee 'Tortured' in Turkey
Middle East
Qatar Announces Military Exercise in Marine Shooting Range End of June
Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Says UAE to Guarantee Maritime Freedom in the Region
US Senate Panel Passes Bill to Deal With Venezuelan Crisis
Guaido Says US Should Help Venezuela Keep US Refiner Citgo
Nicaragua Opposition Calls Strike, Government Vows Prisoner Release
Nicaragua Warns Banks of Sanctions if They Join Strike
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