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Updated May 29, 2019 - 8:42 PM EDT
Israel Talks Fail, New Election Set for Sept. 17
  Netanyahu Advisers: Elections Won't Give Time to Secure Immunity
  'Your Home Is My Home:' Israeli President's Call for Co-Existence
Rouhani: US-Iran Talks Possible if Sanctions Lifted
  Bolton Says Iran Seeking Nukes, Behind Tanker Sabotage
  Anti-Iran Hawks Look to Enlist Bavaria to Build Case for War
State Dept: All NK WMDs Violate UN Resolutions
  North Korea Calls Bolton 'Defective Human Product'
Julian Assange Is Reportedly Gravely Ill
US: Venezuela Talks Must Focus on Maduro's Ouster
Taliban Kill Over 40 in Afghanistan on Eve of Peace Talks
Reporter Returned to Egypt Prison Despite Release Order
Libya's Hafter Got Influx of Secret Cargo Deliveries
item The 2019 European Parliamentary Election: Prospects for Peace  by Gilbert Doctorow
item Resurrecting PLO Is Best Response to the 'Deal of the Century'  by Ramzy Baroud
item Will Top 2020 Dems Make Ending Afghan War a Defining Issue or an Afterthought?  by Dave Jacobson
item The 12 Days of Bombing That Never End (for Me)  by James Carroll
item Pence Assures West Point Grads: 'You Will Fight on a Battlefield'  by Daniel L. Davis
item If Trump Really Wants to Talk to Iran, Here's What He Should Do  by Trita Parsi

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Swedish Court Rejects Delay of Assange Hearing Over Ill-Health
Rights Group Tries to Block New Saudi Ship From Leaving France With Arms
Post-9/11 Veterans Have Mixed Feelings About Trump's War Crimes Pardons
Iran Sees No Prospect of Negotiations With US: Foreign Ministry
Iran Deputy Foreign Minister Says Ready for Dialogue With Gulf Arab Countries
Iraq Daily Roundup: Turkey Launched Operation Against PKK; 21 Killed in Iraq
France Calls on Iraq to Spare Six of Its Citizens From Death Penalty
Nechirvan Barzani Elected President of Kurdistan Region, Amid Boycott
Trump Envoys Kushner, Greenblatt in Middle East to Seek Support for Peace Plan
Abbas Says Trump's Peace Plan, Bahrain Workshop Will 'Go to Hell'
Israel Lifts Ban on Trade With Iraq
Yemen/Saudi Arabia
Saudi-Led Coalition Air Strikes Hit Arms Depots in Yemeni Capital
Sen. Feinstein Opposes Trump Selling Arms to Saudi Arabia Without Congressional Approval
Another Saudi Dissident Says Gulf Kingdom Hacked His Phone With Spyware
Middle East
France Says Around 450 ISIS-Linked Nationals Detained in Syria
National Security Adviser John Bolton Arrives in UAE for Talks
Turkish Lawyers' Group Says Foreign Ministry Staff Tortured in Custody
Rights Group Accuses Egyptian Forces of War Crimes in Sinai
Top Militant Suspect Transferred to Egypt From Eastern Libya
Uganda Accuses Rwandan Military of Violating Territory, Killing 2 Civilians
DR Congo Villagers Kill Ebola Health Worker, Loot Clinic
US Removes Eritrea From Counter-Terror Non-Cooperation List
Ghana Is Getting Pulled Into the Global War on Terror as Local Churches Go on Alert
Sudan's Opposition Observes First Day of Strike, Military Says Communication Not Suspended
Don't Take Our Troops for Granted, France Warns West African States
Algeria Students Protest Against Army Chief
Northwest Nigeria Violence Drives 20,000 Into Niger: UNHCR
The War at Home
British Ex-Spy Will Not Talk to US Prosecutor Examining Trump Probe Origins
Florida Governor, Cabinet Sued Over Plans to Meet in Israel
US Scientist Pleads Not Guilty to Lying About China Contact
US High Court Takes Up Case of Mexican Shot by Border Patrol
Pentagon Hits Pause on Redesign of Critical Homeland Missile Defense Component
China Considers US Rare Earth Export Curbs
US Does Not Brand China as Currency Manipulator
Taiwan Lands Aircraft on Highway as Part of Military Drills
China Appoints Its Envoy on North Korea Its Ambassador to Japan
Taliban Say 'Occupation' Must End for Afghan Peace as Delegates Meet in Moscow
Taliban Wants Peace: Mullah Baradar
Taliban, Russia Demand Foreign Troops Leave Afghanistan
BJP Consolidates Big Vote Win in India With Opposition Defections
Maoist Attack in India Leaves 26 Security Personnel Injured
Trump Expects Japan's Military to Reinforce United States in Asia and Beyond
Market Place Bombing in Thailand's Muslim-Majority South Kills Two
Freed Sri Lanka Buddhist Monk Vows to Expose Islamist Militancy
US Military Identifies More Remains of American War Dead Handed Over by North Korea
Serbian Troops on 'Combat Alert' After Arrests by Kosovo Police
Kosovo Releases Russian UN Worker Detained by Police
Russia Summons Spanish Ambassador Over 'Old Enemy' Comment
Poland Plans to Buy 32 F-35a Fighters
Georgia Ex-Leader Saakashvili Has Ukrainian Citizenship Restored
Tanker Sabotage: Venezuela's Crisis Worsens
US Boycotts UN Arms Forum as Venezuela Takes Chair
From Colombia, Venezuelan Defectors Arm Themselves to 'Liberate' Their Homeland
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