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Updated May 30, 2019 - 9:20 PM EDT
Israel Talks Fail, New Election Set for Sept. 17
Trump Shifting to a More Diplomatic Approach
  Trump Seeks Adelson's Advice Amid Differences With Bolton
  US Lawmakers Hope to Block Trump's Saudi Arms Sale Push
Julian Assange Is Reportedly Gravely Ill
  WikiLeaks Expresses 'Grave Concerns' for Assange's Health
US Envoy: Will Respond to Attacks on Interests With Force
  Iran Leaders Send Mixed Signals on Talks With US
Venezuela Talks in Oslo End Without a Deal
US Believes Russia Conducting Low-Level Nuclear Tests
North Korea Accuses US of Plotting to Conquer Them
China Mulls Cutting Rare Earths as US Trade War Rages
item Endless Procedural Abuses Show Assange Case Was Not About Law  by Jonathan Cook
item As Barr Mulls Declassification, a Familiar Tune From Critics  by Byron York
item Why America Needs to Reexamine Its International Relationships  by Doug Bandow
item 'Spying': Comey Doth Protest Too Much  by Thomas Knapp
item The Intelligence Community Needs a House-Cleaning  by Matt Taibbi
item Trump, Obama, and Congress Will All Be to Blame for What Happens With Iran  by George F. Will

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Yes, My Fellow Soldiers Died in Vain
by Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.)
Boris Johnson Must Go on Trial for 'Lying, Misleading' in UK Brexit Campaign: Judge
Japan Expands Presence in Africa Despite Drop in Somalia Piracy
Hong Kong Family Who Helped Snowden Asks Canada for Asylum
Florida Cabinet Meets in Israel Despite Illegality Complaint
The War at Home
US Special Counsel Mueller's Statement on Russia Probe
Trump Will Decide Whether to Extend START Treaty 'Next Year'
Huawei Asks Court to Rule US Security Law Unconstitutional
Judge in War Crimes Case Against SEAL Weighs Dismissal Motion
How the NSA's Targeting System for Iraq and Afghanistan Ended Up on the Mexico Border
Moscow Talks: Taliban Rejects Calls for Ceasefire
Taliban Attack Afghanistan World Heritage Site, Killing 18 Security Forces
Pakistan Arrests 6 Men for Raising Funds for Outlawed Group Accused of Kashmir Bombing
Pakistan Extends Airspace Closure on Indian Border to June 14
In Asia, Pentagon Seeks to Separate China Military Talks From Trade War
One Dead, Dozens Hurt as Indian Troops Fire on Kashmir Protests
Russia, Serbia Blame NATO for Kosovo Tensions
Kosovo Prosecutor Asks to Lift Russian UN Staff's Immunity
Serb Nationalists Protest Over Kosovo Albanian Culture Festival
Spain Told by UN Body to Free Jailed Catalan Separatists
Poland Sends Formal Request to Buy F-35s
Egypt Rearrests Al Jazeera Reporter Released Last Week
Egypt Jihadist Returned From Libya to Face Terror Charges
Morocco King 'Snubs' Saudi Emergency Summit in Mecca, Sends Brother
Pregnant Woman Killed in Sudan After Security Forces Clash
South Sudan Struggles to Increase Oil Production After War
Cuba Legalizes Private Wi-Fi, Importation of Routers
Pence Says Talked to Venezuelan Opposition Leader Guaido
Colombia's Supreme Court Orders Release of Ex-FARC Leader
US Marine Dies of Injuries in Australian Training
Israel Reinstates Gaza Fishing Zone Restrictions
Netanyahu's Wife Reaches Plea Bargain in Meals Fraud Case
Israeli Leader Uncharacteristically Quiet Over Gulf Crisis
China, Russia to Boycott 'Deal of the Century' Summit in Bahrain
HRW: Hamas and PA Continue to 'Arbitrarily' Detain, Silence Critics
Jordan's King Tells Trump Adviser Peace Possible Only With a Palestinian State
After Locking This Palestinian Out of His Home, Israel Revokes His Entry Permit
Top US, Israeli, Russian Security Officials to Meet in Jerusalem in June: White House
Iran Dismisses US Remarks That Its Naval Mines Likely Used in UAE Tanker Attacks
Iranian Cleric Stabbed to Death in Country's South
Hong Kong Reserves Right to Assist Iranian Oil Shipment
Iraq Daily Roundup: Two Turkish Soldiers Among 25 Killed in Iraq
Pompeo Not Decided on Extending Waiver for Iraq to Import Iran Power
Iraq's Shiite Militias Spark Military Buildup as US-Iranian Tension Soars
Iraq Condemns 7th Frenchman to Death for ISIS Membership
Iraq Repatriates 188 Children of ISIS Fighters to Turkey
ISIS Suspects Sent by US From Syria to Iraq
Syrian Activists: at Least 14 Killed in Rebel Stronghold
US, Russia Discuss Peace Plan That Would End Syria's Isolation
Lockheed: We Could Easily Sell Turkey's F-35s to Other Customers
Turkey Told by UN to Free and Compensate Gulen-Linked Detainees
Turkey Releases US NASA Scientist After Years in Prison
'Backsliding' Turkey's EU Bid Slips Further Away
Turkey Says Not Possible to Accept Unfair Criticism in EU Report
Middle East
UAE, US Activate Defense Cooperation Pact
Saudi-Led Coalition Targets Houthis in Yemen's Dalea
Qatar PM to Make Rare Trip to Saudi Arabia for Emergency Summit
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