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Updated May 31, 2019 - 9:15 PM EDT
US General: Iran Mounting Campaign Against US
  Pompeo Says Iran Sabotaged Tankers to Raise Oil Prices
  Saudi King Blasts Iran for 'Naked Aggression'
  Iran Rejects Saudi's Accusation of Aggression
  US Envoy to Iran: US Will Respond to Attacks on Interests With Force
UN: Assange Has Faced 'Psychological Torture'
  Assange Too Ill to Appear at Extradition Hearing
  WikiLeaks Expresses 'Grave Concerns' for Assange's Health
Taliban Car Blast Wounds Four US Troops
  Taliban Expects US to Announce Afghan Pullout Date
Israeli Elections Likely to Complicate Trump's Peace Plan
  Israel Talks Fail, New Election Set for September 17
Trump: 5% Tariff on Mexico Imports Until Illegal Aliens Stop
How Trump Bypassed Congress on Saudi Arms Sale
item US 'Emergency' Arms Sales to Mideast Nations Under Fire  by Thalif Deen
item Assange Indictments Hide the Context of War  by Robert Koehler
item Memorial Day Should Reminds Us All of the Dangerous Costs of War  by Daniel L. Davis
item Key American Allies in the Middle East Are the Real Tyrants  by Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.)
item How the War Party Broke Trump  by Andrew J. Bacevich
item Is Trump Yet Another US President Provoking a War?  by Robin Wright

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European Defense Industry Could Come to Regret New US Weapons Fund
Who's Really Losing Out in the Tariff War
Will 'Fight to the End' in Trade War With US: China
Florida Gov. Desantis Meets With Netanyahu in Israel
US Documents Expose Argentine Dictatorship's Grisly Crimes
Trump Doesn't Want War With Iran: Acting US Defense Secretary Shanahan

Bolton Says Threat From Iran Is Not Over

Japan Says Russia Supports Its Plan to Help Ease US-Iran Tensions
Iraq Daily Roundup: Kirkuk Bombings; 13 Killed in Iraq
Crop Fires, a Weapon of War, Ruin Iraqi, Syrian Harvests
Syria Government Strikes Kill 7 in Latest Idlib Bloodshed
Blaze Kills Syrian Mother, Six Children in Overcrowded Idlib Refugee Camp
Turkey's Erdogan to Russia's Putin: Ceasefire Must Be Implemented in Syria's Idlib
Netanyahu Says New Election Is 'Little Event.' Trump: 'Too Bad'
Netanyahu Shows Off Trump's Map of Israel With Golan Heights
Israel Twists Law to Dodge ICC Probe
Turkey Still Committed to EU Membership Despite Bloc's Failed Promises: Erdogan
US Emergency Aid for Venezuela to Be Distributed in Colombia
IMF Denies Pressuring Venezuela to Release Data, Reports Reuters
Venezuelan Opposition Leader Says Street Protests to Continue
Pence Says Canada Should Work With US on Cuba and Venezuela
Brazilian Journalist Robson Giorno Shot and Killed in Rio De Janeiro State
Brazil Officials Admit Knowing Prison Clash Was 'Imminent'
Mexico Says Would Be Disastrous if Trump Imposes New Tariffs
Colombia Releases Former FARC Leader Sought by US
Haitian Opposition Senators Ransack Meeting Room
Nicaragua Says It Will Free Another 50 Political Prisoners
President of Honduras Named as Target of 'Large-Scale' DEA Drug Trafficking Investigation
Russia Calls US Nuclear Accusation 'Smear'
Russia Rebuffs Japan's Military Buildup Warning
Donald Trump Indicates Boris Johnson Is His Preferred Tory Leader With Pair Expected to Meet in London Next Week
Ukraine MI-8 Helicopter Crash Kills 4 Service Members
France Bomb Suspect 'Pledged Allegiance' to ISIS
21 Nations Take Part in Middle East Evacuation Drill in Cyprus
The War at Home
Trump Emphasizes Need for Military Strength in Air Force Commencement Speech
Destruction of Chemical Weapons to Begin in Kentucky
Lawyers for Synagogue Massacre Suspect Allege FBI Meddling
North Korea
Shanahan Splits With Trump Over North Korean Missile Tests
North Korea's Kim Jong UN Carrying Out Purge After Hanoi Summit Collapse
Pentagon Seeks Funds to Reduce US Reliance on China's Rare Earth Metals
Taiwan's Military Trains for a Chinese Invasion on the Beach
US 'Playing With Fire' on Taiwan, China Says Ahead of Defense Meeting
Pence, Trudeau to Discuss Huawei and China Trade Issues in Ottawa
China Says Australia Laser Report 'Not Consistent With the Facts'
Taliban Say Progress Made at Afghan Talks in Moscow but No Breakthrough
Suicide Bomber Kills 6 Outside Afghanistan National Defense University in Kabul
Army Chinook Helicopter Destroyed by 'Hard Landing' in Afghanistan
Pakistan Extends Airspace Closure to June 14
Pakistani MP Surrenders After Deadly Clash Between Protesters and Military
Pakistani Army General Given Life Sentence on Spying Charges
US Looks to Improve Ties With Indonesian Special Forces, Stage Exercises
Uzbekistan Repatriates 148 Women and Children Linked to ISIS From Syria
Sudan Protesters Threaten Military With Civil Disobedience
Sudan Army Says Protest Site a Threat, Closes Al Jazeera Office
Sudan Women Protest Amid Calls for Mass Demo to Pressure Generals
General's Growing Political Clout Poses a Risk to Sudan's Transition
ISIS Claims Attacks on DR Congo Army, UN; FARDC Says 26 ADF Fighters Killed
Eastern Libyan Forces Release Head of Oil Workers Union
Burundi Threatens to Cut Ties With UN Envoy: Diplomats
Divided UN Renews South Sudan Arms Embargo
US Diplomat Succeeds Ousted UN Envoy for Somalia
Algeria to Probe Death of Prominent Activist in Prison
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