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Updated June 3, 2019 - 9:02 PM EDT
'Bloody Massacre': Sudan Forces Kill at Least 30
Sweden Won't Extradite Assange in Rape Probe
US Warplanes Destroy 3 Oil Tankers in Syria
  Israeli Airstrikes Kill 10 in Syria After Rocket Fire
Pompeo, Rouhani Trade Barbs on Possible Talks
  US Suspends Funding for Twitter Account on Iran That Trolled Critics
China Says War With US Would Be a Disaster
  China State TV Journalists in US Denied Passes to Cover Congress
  China Says It Doesn't Want to Replace US as 'Boss of World'
NK Envoy Appears in Public After 'Purge' Rumors
  SecDef: N. Korea an 'Extraordinary Threat;' No Need to Restore Drills
Netanyahu Promises Permanent Occupation
  IDF Storms Al-Aqsa Mosque at End of Ramadan
  Israel Relied on NSA During 2006 Lebanon War: New Snowden Docs
Assange Won't Face Charges Over Role in CIA Leak
item This Is Why America Is Persecuting Julian Assange  by Patrick Cockburn
item Was Brennan's 'Intelligence Bombshell' the Steele Dossier?  by Andrew C. McCarthy
item It's Time for American Jews to Recognize the Nakba  by Abe Silberstein
item The Navy's War vs. Bolton's War  by Michael T. Klare
item Don't Believe the War Hype on Iran  by Daniel R. DePetris
item FDD Aligned With State Dept To Attack Iran Diplomacy Supporters  by Eli Clifton

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How Did Russiagate Begin?
by Stephen F. Cohen
NCIS Witnesses Refuse to Take the Stand in SEAL War Crimes Case, Judge Mulls Dismissing All Charges
Trump Digs in on Mexican Import Tariffs Despite Uproar
Marine Says He Fired Weapon on Mexican Border After Being Attacked
Sheldon Adelson Accosted in Tel Aviv, Cursed and Told 'You Live Too Long'
Trade Wars
Mexico, US Business Groups Urge Trump to Back Down on Tariff Threat
China Releases Official Document That Blames America for the Trade War
China Says US Can't Use Pressure to Force Trade Deal
Trump to End Trade Privileges for India on June 5
Huawei Is Too Close to Chinese Government: US Defense Chief
Huawei 'Not a Military Company': China Defence Minister
Defense Could Be Cut Off From Critical Materials as Trade War Rhetoric With China Grows
China Says US Actions on Taiwan, South China Sea Threaten Stability
Twitter Apologizes for Blocked China Accounts Ahead of Tiananmen Anniversary
China Investigates Fedex for Huawei Cargo Error
Taliban Leader Pledges to Keep Fighting in Eid Message
Four Bombings in Afghan Capital Kill Two, Injure Dozens
US Envoy for Afghanistan on 2-Week Peace Mission
India Says Diplomats, Embassy Guests Harassed by Pakistani Security in Islamabad
Bomb Attack Kills Soldier on Patrol in Northwest Pakistan
New Papua New Guinea Leader a Wildcard in Pacific Power Play
Kazakhstan Detains 3 Women Protesters for Extremism Ahead of Vote
Boeing Insitu Scaneagle Drones Sold to Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam
Trump Tells Britain to 'Walk Away' if EU Does Not Yield on Brexit
Corbyn Accuses Trump of Interfering in UK Politics With Johnson Comments
Dzerzhinsk Explosion: Blast at Russian Explosives Factory Injures 79
Protesters Tear Down Zhukov Bust in Ukraine
Northern Ireland Police Discover Bomb Under Officer's Car
Hundreds of Anti-Israel Protesters, Counter-Protesters Face in Berlin
Police, Protesters Clash in Demo Against Albania PM
Major Russian Defense Contractor Pulls Out of Venezuela
Canada Suspends Operations at Embassy in Venezuela
Mexico Eyes Steps to Cut Immigrant Flows to US Border, Official Says
Cubans Awaiting Visas to Reunite With Family Remain in Limbo
Trump to New El Salvadorian President: US 'Ready to Work' With You
Syrian Town of Azaz Hit by Deadly Car Bombing, 14 Dead
Explosions Rock Syria's Northern City of Raqqa, Killing 10
Turkey, Russia Face Conflicts Over Syria's Push Into Idlib
Kurdish Authorities to Release 800 Syrians From Al-Hol Camp
Stop the Carnage: Doctors Call for End to Syria Hospital Airstrikes
Iraq Daily Roundup: Mass Graves Found; 40 Killed or Found Dead
ISIS Widow Reveals She Helped CIA in Hunt for Baghdadi
US Figure of Casualties in Iraq and Syria Hides True, 'Devastating Scale' of Civilian Deaths, Says Amnesty
Exxonmobil Staff to Return to Work in Iraq: Ministry
Iraqi Court Sentences Two French Men to Death for Being ISIS Fighters
B-52, Aircraft Carrier in Mideast Over Iran Conduct Exercise
Iran Warns Any Clash in the Gulf Would Push Oil Prices Above $100
Hezbollah Chief Warns War Against Iran Would 'Engulf Region'
Saudi King: Iran-Backed Groups Threaten Global Oil Supplies
Iran Arrests 2 European Diplomats at Mixed-Gender Party
EU Angered by Israeli Theft, Resell of Aid for Palestinian Schoolchildren
Sisi Says Egypt Will Not Accept Anything Against Palestinian Wishes
Israeli Order Against Human Rights Watch Director Frozen
Mecca Summit Hits Out at US Jerusalem Move
Lebanon Army Chief Angry at Budget Measures
Inside the US Push to Get a Deal on the Lebanon-Israel Border
Middle East
Yemen's Houthis Launch Drone Attack on Saudi-Led Coalition Military Parade in Aden
Jordanians Worry That the 'Deal of the Century' Will Come at Their Expense
Qatar Says It Has Reservations About Arab Statements on Iran
US and Turkey to Form 'Working Group' on S-400 but No Breakthrough Yet
Saudi Sisters Recount How App Kept Them Down – Until They Tricked It
Security Forces Try to Disperse Sudanese Sit-In Protesters
Sudan Recalls Ambassador to Qatar for 'Consultations'
Sudanese Forces Violently Crack Down on Nile-Side Neighborhood
Algerian Council Scraps July 4 Presidential Election
Funeral of Algerian Activist Draws Thousands After Prison Death
Every Night, Jail Becomes Home for Leading Egyptian Dissident
Eighteen Hurt as Two Car Blasts Target Libya Military Unit
Botswana Ex-President Condemns 'Autocratic' Successor
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