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Updated June 4, 2019 - 9:54 PM EDT
How US 'Good Guys' Wiped Out an Afghan Family
  One Bomb, 11 Children Killed, and the Evidence That Implicates US
Mossad Intel Linked Iran to UAE Tanker Sabotage
  Pentagon's Phony Iran 'Evidence': New Rationale for US Intervention?
  US Suspends Funding for Twitter Account on Iran That Trolled Critics
N. Korea: Fake News on Both Sides Is the Norm
  US: Checking N. Korean Airspace Safety Would Violate UN Sanctions
Israel Continues Airstrikes on Syria, Killing 15
  Russia Defends Idlib Offensive After Trump's Comments
Sudan Military Storms Hospital, Expels Wounded
  Sudan: 35 Killed as Military Storms Sit-In
Sweden Won't Extradite Assange in Rape Probe
House Panel Would Ban Low-Yield Nuke Development
Pompeo Reversal: Peace Plan May Be Biased Toward Israel
item The View From Tehran: America's Sordid History of Meddling in Iran  by Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.)
item The Iran Hawks' Creepy Smear Campaign  by Daniel Larison
item Libertarians Forged an Alliance With Brazil's President Bolsonaro. A Deal With the Devil?  by Jim Epstein
item China and the New Cold War  by Justin Raimondo
item Do Trump's Hawks Speak for Trump?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
item Opposing Assange's Extradition Is Essential – Even if You Dislike Him  by Jon Wiener

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Mexican Economy Minister Says Impact of Tariffs Would Hit All 50 US States
Google Maps: Palestinian Cities Are Ghost Towns Between Settlements
Malaysia's Mahathir Revives Gold Standard Debate
Chevron Asks Trump Administration for Venezuela Sanction Relief
Navy, Air Force Conduct Simulated Strikes on Iran's Doorstep
US Aircraft Carrier Deployed Over Iran Remains Outside Gulf
Iran Calls US Sanctions 'Economic War', Says No Talks Until They Are Lifted
China Reiterates Support for Iran's Nuclear Deal
As Yemenis Prepare for Eid, Even Celebration Is a Struggle
Starving Yemenis Find Food Source in Massive Locust Outbreak
Iraq Daily Roundup: Turkish PKK Operations Continue; 11 Killed
Turkish Troops Penetrate 30 Km Into Iraq Territory
Baghdad Green Zone Set to Open Around the Clock
Iraq Sentences Two More Frenchmen to Death for ISIS Membership, Now 11 Total
Russia Blocks UN Criticism of Attacks in Northwest Syria
How Russia Defends Its Syrian Air Base From Attacks
This Is What Israel's 'Relaxation of Movement Restrictions' for Ramadan Looks Like
Kushner: Palestinians Not Yet Capable of Governing Themselves
Trump Tempers Optimism on Middle East Peace Plan
Even Some Trump Allies Want Kushner to Ice His Peace Plan
Trump Urges Israel to 'Get Their Act Together' Amid Election Turmoil
Attacker Blows Himself Up After Killing 3 Troops in Lebanon
Tunnel Crossing Between Lebanon and Israel Went 22 Storeys Deep
Bahrain Says Following Opposition Social Media Could Result in Legal Action
Sudanese Opposition Says Halting All Contact With Military Council
Sudan's Military Scraps Agreement With the Opposition, Calls for Elections Within Nine Months
Sudanese Military Council Says Criminals, Not Protesters, Targeted, Talks to Resume Soon
Thousands Block Roads in Khartoum's Twin City of Omdurman
Sudan Protest Leader Says to Step Up Civil Disobedience After 'Coup'
'Flights Grounded' in Khartoum After Sudan Sit-In Massacre
ISIS Fighters Attack Nigeria Military Bases in Lake Chad Area
20 Militants Killed in Nigeria
Central African Republic
Russian Troops to Join UN Force in Central African Republic Soon: Ministry
The War at Home
Nearly All US Visa Applicants Now Required to Submit 5-Year Social Media History
Amazon Offered Job to Pentagon Official Involved With $10 Billion Contract It Sought
No Evidence Yet That a Marine Who Fired His Weapon Was Attacked While Deployed to the US/Mexico Border
House Defense Bill Doesn't Include Pentagon Proposal to Make Sexual Harassment Stand-Alone Military Crime
House Panel Seeks to Prevent Trump From Retiring Aircraft Carrier Early
Shaw Air Force Base Mourning Third Airman Death in Two Weeks
Military Service Member Assigned to Border Mission Found Dead, Foul Play Not Suspected
Soldier Who Died While Deployed to the US/Mexico Border Identified
Taliban Takes 25 Members of Peace Movement Apparently for Talks
US Drone Strikes Cause Afghan Taliban to Turn on Vaccine Workers Amid 'Spy' Claims
Bus Bomb Kills at Least Five in Afghan Capital
Afghans Call on Taliban to Agree on Ceasefire During Eid
China Warns Students, Academics of Risks of Going to US
China Tests New SLBMs in Waters Near North Korea
Kim's Sister Back in Public Eye at North Korea's Mass Games
South Korea Kaesong Executives to Meet With US Lawmakers
Two Militants Killed in Kashmir
Thai Anti-Military Activist Injured in Street Assault
British Airways Resumes Flights to Pakistan After 11 Years
Sri Lanka Muslim Officials Quit in Solidarity With Minister Accused of Islamist Ties
Indian Air Force Plane Carrying 13 Missing After Taking Off From Assam
US to Sell 34 Surveillance Drones to Allies in South China Sea Region
UK Soldiers Used Colleague as Human Battering Ram Which Left Him With Spinal Injury, Court Told
Britain Listens to the United States on Huawei, Hunt Says
Merkel's Government Facing Collapse as Her Coalition Partner Resigns Over Election Disaster
US State Dept OKs Possible Sale of F-16 Fighters to Bulgaria
'We're Ready to Welcome You' NATO Tells North Macedonia
Trump: Russia Told US 'Most of Their People' Have Left Venezuela
Dole Fruit Trucks Burned in Honduras as Protests Spread
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Justin Raimondo
China and the New Cold War

Maj. Danny Sjursen, USA (ret.)
The View From Tehran: America's Sordid History of Meddling in Iran

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Why Won't Maduro Let US Humanitarian Aid Into Venezuela? History.

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America's War Culture

Lucy Steigerwald
Plans To Memorialize a War Without End

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War-Fighting and the Loss of Liberty

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Jerusalem, the Capital of Apartheid

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