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Updated June 7, 2019 - 8:54 PM EDT
US General: Iran an 'Imminent Threat' to US Forces
  US Officials Say Iran Missiles Were on Boats for 'Offensive' Attacks
  New US Sanctions Target Iran's Petrochemical Industry
  Trump Hotel Hosted Wealthy Iraqi Sheikh Seeking Iran Overthrow
  UAE Probe Blames 'State Actor' for Oil Tanker Attacks
Yemeni Houthis 'Seize 20 Posts' in Saudi Arabia
  Senators Looking to Block Arms Sales to Saudis
  Sen. Paul to Force Votes To Block Trump's Bahrain, Qatar Arms Sales
Trump to Declare Emergency to Impose Tariffs
Pompeo Admits Venezuela Opposition Not United
Saudis Approved Sudan Assault on Protesters
Libyan Unity Govt Seeks US Backing After Trump Message
Fla. Law Will Censor Criticism of Israel in Public Schools
item How Our Obsession With Evil North Korea Fed Fake News  by Harry J. Kazianis
item Don't Be Fooled: Media Still Selling Out Assange  by Jonathan Cook
item Police Move Against More Journalists for Publishing Classified Material  by Joe Lauria
item Of Crimes and Pardons  by Rebecca Gordon
item Congress: Stop Funding Duterte  by Drew Elizarde-Miller
item Tulsi Gabbard Pushes No War Agenda – and the Media Is Out to Kill Her Chances  by Philip Giraldi

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Trump Steps Back From Plan to Pardon War Criminals
Journalists in Jail? Australia Weighs Implications of Police Raids on Media
Huawei CFO Extradition Hearing to Begin in January
First-Ever UK Human Rights Report Accuses Israel of 'Continued Violations'
Surveillance Tool Coming to US Skies: Balloons
German Foreign Minister Headed to Iran to Save Nuclear Deal
Japan PM to Visit Iran to Cool US Tensions
Iraq Daily Roundup: Cleric Among 12 Killed
Turkish Defense Minister Vows to Eliminate Terrorists in Northern Iraq
Iraqi Authorities to Start Identifying Remains From Mass ISIS Graves
Israel Cuts Back Gaza Fishing Zone Following Incendiary Balloon Launches
Palestinians Pledge to Cancel Leaked Ministerial Raises, Says UN Envoy
Middle East
Jihadists Kill 21 Government Forces in Syria's Northwest: Monitor
Palestinian Refugee Hero Who Tackled Suicide Bomber Could Get Lebanese Citizenship
Sudanese Vow to Keep Up Protests After Crackdown
UN Pulls Staff From Sudan Amid Growing Global Concern
African Bloc Suspends Sudan, Demanding End to Military Rule
UK Summons Sudan Envoy to Raise Concerns About Khartoum Violence
Russia Says 'Extremists' in Sudan Must Be Subdued
ISIS Claims Car Bombs at Libya's Eastern Forces Camp in Derna
Eastern Libyan Forces Attack Tripoli Airport for Second Night
Malawi Police Fire Tear Gas at Protesters Seeking Mutharika Exit
Malawi President Accuses Opposition of Wanting to 'Overthrow Govt by Force'
Egypt: Troops Kill 14 Militants Day After ISIS Attack in Sinai
Algeria Interim Leader Calls for 'Dialogue' Over Election
Putin Threatens to Drop New START Nuclear Treaty
Russia's Rosneft Boss Slams US 'Energy Colonialism'
Putin Says Japan's Military Cooperation With US Is Source of Concern
UK Says New Ties Possible Only if Russia 'Changes Behavior'
Mexico Offers to Send National Guard to Southern Border to Stem Migration
Mexican Foreign Minister Cites Advances in US Immigration Talks
Guatemala Denies That US Military Will Help Patrol Border
US Military
Nevada National Guard Identifies Soldier Killed in Tank Rollover
Pentagon Ends Reviews of Niger Ambush That Killed 4 Soldiers, No Major Disciplinary Action
Soldiers in US Army Have Worse Heart Health Than Civilians, Study Shows
Troops Deployed to Border Take Over Mobile Security Mission
Trump Admin Considering Using Military Base to Hold Up to 5k Undocumented Children
US Military Personnel Ordered to Paint Border Barriers to Improve 'Aesthetic Appearance'
The War at Home
US House Panel Chairman Says He'll Seek to Block Any Tariffs on Mexico
Trump to Decide on $300 Billion China Tariffs After G20 Meeting
Huawei Warns US Would Hurt Itself by Cutting Off Tech Ties
Lawmakers Question FBI's Facial Recognition Program
Bernie Sanders Links Hitler's Murder of Sanders' Family to His Fight Against Occupation of Palestinians
China/Taiwan/Hong Kong
China Says Seriously Concerned About US Arms Sales to Taiwan
US Arms Sales to Taiwan in Past Decade
China Says Will Fight to the End if US Escalates Trade Tensions
Why Hong Kong's Extradition Law Changes Are Fuelling Fears
Hong Kong Lawyers Protest Polarizing Extradition Bill in Rare March
India/Pakistan/Sri Lanka
India to Enhance Commitment to Sri Lanka: India's Foreign Secretary
No Meeting Planned Between India, Pakistan PMs at Regional Summit: India Foreign Ministry
Gunmen Kill 2 Pakistani Troops Deployed for Eid in Southwest
Afghanistan: 84 People Rescued From Taliban Prison in Faryab
Kazakhstan Set to Confirm Veteran Leader's Choice for President
As a Result of US Sanctions, Venezuela Loses $1.4 Bln of Gold to Banks for Guarantees
US Tightens Venezuela Oil Sanctions, Indicates More Actions to Come
US Envoy Says Russia Still Stands With Maduro, Contradicting Trump
Putin Says US Military Intervention in Venezuela Would Be a Disaster
Maduro Axes Electricity Minister Amid Ongoing Venezuela Blackouts
Lima Group Rejects Venezuela Maduro's Call for Early Legislative Elections
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