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Updated June 8, 2019 - 2:37 PM EDT
Deal Allows US Bomb Parts to Be Made by Saudis
  US Official Out After Pushing Illegal Fast-Tracking of Saudi Arms Sales
  Senators Looking to Block Arms Sales to Saudis
  Sen. Paul to Force Votes To Block Trump's Bahrain, Qatar Arms Sales
Trump's Twists on Iran Confuse European Allies
  New US Sanctions Target Iran's Petrochemical Industry
  Iran Rejects French Call for Wider Talks Beyond Nuclear Deal
US Unveils $2 Billion Weapons Deal to Taiwan
  Why Chinese and US Armies Are Fortifying Tiny Djibouti
Syria Flare-Up Kills Over 100 Fighters
  Mystery Fires Scorch Thousands of Acres of Crops in Syria, Iraq
Immigration Deal Suspends Mexico Tariffs
US, Russia Trade Blame After Warships Nearly Collide
item Whitewashing War Crimes Has Become the American Way  by Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.)
item Warren, Biden, and Buttigieg All Hint at Criticism of Israel – But Don’t Voice Any  by Philip Weiss
item Trump's Charges Against Assange Would Criminalize Investigative Journalism  by Bruce Shapiro
item America Falls Out of Love With Mitt Romney's Foreign Policy  by Daniel R. DePetris
item Hacking Dirty Government Secrets Is Not a Crime  by Ted Rall
item Nancy Pelosi Needs to Sue the Trump Admin. Over the Yemen War  by Shireen Al-Adeimi

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Koch Network Open to Democrats as Expands Political Engagement
Labour Narrowly Denies Brexit Party Its First Seat in Parliament
Kosovo President Says Deal on Ties With Serbia Possible This Year
UAE-Backed Haftar Injures Libya Doctors, Horses With Multiple Air-Strikes
Iraq Daily Roundup: Turkish Strikes Against PKK; 13 Killed Across Iraq
Iraq Handing Out Thousands of Death Sentences in Hasty Trials for ISIS Fighters
Pentagon Warns Turkey Will Lose F-35 Advanced Fighter Jets
Turkish Suppliers to Be Eliminated From F-35 Program in 2020
US Has Stopped Accepting Turkish Pilots for F-35 Training Over Russia Defenses
Russia to Start Delivering S-400 Missile Systems to Turkey in Two Months
Israeli Cop Who Opened Fire at Bedouin Village Said He Didn't Fear for His Life, Then Changed His Story
David Schenker, 'Pro-Israel Wonk', Confirmed as Top US Middle East Envoy
Child Killed in Grenade Attack on Singing Concert in Yemen
Gunmen Attack Mosque in Govt-Controlled Province, Kill 5
Middle East
Northwest Syria Battles Rage After Rebel Counterattack
Hundreds Left Homeless After 'Unknown Attackers' Set Syrian Refugee Camp on Fire in Lebanon
Sudan Hospital Traumatized by Bloody Crackdown
UAE Senior Official Supports Investigation of Massacre in Sudan
Sudan: Ethiopia Tries to Mediate After Deadly Assault on Protesters
Sudan Opposition Leader Detained After Meeting Ethiopia PM
Three Protesters Killed in Nigeria's Adamawa State
Eastern Libyan Forces Attack Tripoli Airport for Second Night
Egypt Officials Say Police Kill Eight Militants in Sinai
Chad Jails 11 'Mercenaries' Over East Guinea Coup Bid
Thousands Protest in Liberia Against Corruption, Economic Decline
Australian Broadcasting Corp. Head Concerned by Police Raid
Australian Who Tested Rockets on His Farm for ISIS Gets 9-Year Sentence
Weekend Reviews
Fallujah Forgotten
Max Blumenthal's The Management of Savagery
America in Afghanistan: Foreign Policy Making From Bush to Obama to Trump
The War at Home
Forget About the Moon: Trump Says NASA Should Focus on 'Bigger Things'
Pentagon: 'Huawei Is Too Close to the Government'
Facebook Suspends Pre-Installation of App on Huawei Phones
China/Hong Kong
Putin Stands by China, Criticizes US, in Trade, Huawei Disputes
Gasoline Bombs Set Off Near 2 Hong Kong Police Stations
Peace Marchers Discuss US Troop Withdrawal With Taliban
ICC Prosecutor Presses for Afghanistan Crimes Investigation
Afghan Forces Retake Ghazni's Khwaja Omari District
US Congress Members Want Afghan Women's Presence in Peace Talks
Five Pakistani Shiites Killed in Two Bombings in Southwest Town
Three Pakistani Army Officers, One Soldier Killed in North Waziristan IED Blast
Sri Lanka Leader Rebuffs Probe After Criticism Over Easter Attacks
Police: Two Ex-Cops Among Four Rebels Killed in Kashmir Fighting
Putin Warns Against US 'Economic Egoism'
Russian Anti-Corruption Journalist Detained in Moscow
Kremlin to Britain: We Won't Change Our Behavior
Theresa May Officially Steps Down as Tory Leader
New IRA Says It Planted Bomb Under Northern Ireland Police Officer's Car
Romania, Hungary Trade Barbs After Scuffles at War Cemetery
Explosion in Southern Sweden Town Injures 25, Cause Unclear
Venezuela's Guaido Says No Plans for Further Talks in Norway
Russia's Rostec Says US Tried to Stop Arms Equipment Deliveries to Venezuela
US Will Recognize Expired Venezuelan Passports
Mike Pompeo: 'Sounds Great' if Venezuela's Nicolas Maduro Ends Up in European Villa
El Salvador
New President of El Salvador Wields His Power Via Twitter, Firing Officials
Americans Still Dying
Navy Medical Officer From Virginia Dies Aboard USS Arlington in Rota, Spain
United States Marine (VA) Dies After Training Incident Near Darwin, Australia
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