Justin Raimondo, RIP

On Thursday, June 27, Justin Raimondo passed away after a long battle with lung cancer. He was 67. Justin was a lifelong fighter for peace and liberty. In 1995, he co-founded Antiwar.com with Eric Garris. He served as Antiwar.com's editorial director and top columnist, writing over 3,000 articles for the website. He can never be replaced and will be missed by countless numbers of fans and followers. Read his Antiwar.com obituary here. More remembrances are under the photo below.

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Updated July 3, 2019 - 8:43 PM EDT
Iran Rejects US Accusation It Long Violated Deal
  Bolton Pushing Trump to Force Iran Out of Deal Before 2020 Election
  Israel Says Preparing to Join US War Against Iran
Voters Back Trump's Decision Not to Strike Iran
  Iranians Say US Sanctions Hurt People, Not Government
Trump Would Leave Intel Officers in Afghanistan
US Negotiator Signals Flexibility on NKorea Talks
Venezuela's Guaido: No Good Time for Negotiations
Sen. Menendez Wants Probe of US Arms Found in Libya
item If War Breaks Out With Iran, Won't Be an Accident  by Phyllis Bennis
item North Korea Nuclear Freeze? Finally, a Realistic Proposal  by Thomas Knapp
item The Solution to Trump's Iran Mayhem  by Jacob G. Hornberger
item We're Not the Good Guys  by Tom Engelhardt
item Remembering Justin Raimondo  by W. James Antle III
item Realism Resurgent: The Rise of the Quincy Institute  by Curt Mills

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US Navy SEAL Found Not Guilty of Murder in War Crimes Trial
US Warned Israel Over Deals With China, Top Pentagon Official Tells Haaretz
European Powers Won't Trigger Iran Deal Dispute Mechanism for Now: Diplomats
Iran Says Several Suspected US Spies Face Possible Death Sentences
2 Militants, 2 Guards Killed in Shootout in Iran's West
Trump Should Realize That Iranians Unite When Bullied, Says Iran Parliament Speaker
Saudi Arabia
Reconsider Saudi G20 After Khashoggi Killing, UN Expert Says
Houthi Rebels Attack Saudi Airport With Drone
Israeli Government Minister Takes Credit for 27 US States Passing Anti-BDS Laws
Israeli Settlement Tunnel in Jerusalem 'Damages 80 Palestinian Homes'
Liberman: Military Preparation Schools Are Turning Into Religious Militias
Oman Denies Mossad Chief's Claim It's Establishing Diplomatic Ties With Israel
Graham: 'I Will Not Invest a Dime' in Mideast Peace Plan That Results in One State
Iraq Daily Roundup: Turkish Jets Resume Strikes; Five Killed in Iraq
Turkey Continues Bombing Iraqi Kurdistan Amid Iraq's Strong Objection
Iraq Sets Up 'Loophole' in US Sanctions to Buy Iranian Energy
US-Backed SDF Signs UN Plan to End Use of Children in Syrian Conflict
Syria Calls Israeli Strikes 'State Terrorism'
As Turks Clash With Syrians, a Dangerous Spark Is Lit in Istanbul
Turkish Police Arrest Five for Anti-Syrian Incitement Following Riots
Turkey Orders Arrest of 122 Military Personnel Over Suspected Gulen Links
Trump Predicts 'Good Things' From His Unexpected Meeting With North Korea's Kim Jong-Un
North Korean Defections to South Rise
China/Hong Kong
Pentagon Says China Missile Test in South China Sea 'Disturbing'
White House's Navarro Says China Trade Deal Will Take Time
Hong Kong Police Tactics Baffle the Experts as Legislature Is Trashed
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Police Chief, Ex-Defense Secretary Arrested Over Bombings
Sri Lankan PM Opposes President's Move to Hang Drug Convicts
Protesting Candidates Go on Hunger Strike Near Afghan Presidenti's Office
Former Colombian Defense Minister Juan Carlos Pinzon Warns of Security 'Backslide'
Venezuelan Teen Blinded by Police Rubber Bullets at Protest
Justin Raimondo Remembered
Associated Press: Gay Rights, Antiwar Activist Justin Raimondo Dies
San Francisco Chronicle: Justin Raimondo, Longtime Antiwar Activist and Writer
CounterPunch: Godspeed Justin Raimondo, You Brilliant Son of a Bitch
Kelley Vlahos: How Justin Raimondo Made Me a Braver Writer
National Review Obituary of Justin Raimondo
W. James Antel III: Remembering Justin Raimondo
Renowned Anti-War Writer Justin Raimondo Passes Away at 67 (LibertyConservativeNews.com)
Pat Buchanan on Justin Raimondo’s Passing
Norm Singleton: Remembering Justin Raimondo
In Memoriam: Justin Raimondo (Chronicles Magazine)
Lew Rockwell on Justin Raimondo's Passing
Justin Raimondo: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know (Heavy.com)
The War at Home
Trump 'Demands US Military Chiefs Stand Next to Him' at 4th of July Parade
Pence's Abrupt Travel Cancelation Sparks Speculation
How US Chipmakers Pressed Trump to Ease Huawei Ban
Facebook Campus Given All-Clear After Sarin Scare
Air Force Jet Hits Bird, Drops 3 Dummy Bombs Over Florida
Bowe Bergdahl's Lawyers Press Appeal Citing Trump Comments
ISIS Claims Killing of Chechnya Police Officer in Grenade and Knife Attack
Fourteen Russian Sailors Killed in Submarine Fire: Ministry
Norway Says Not Detecting High Radiation After Russia Sub Fire
European Union
Size Matters: France Deflates EU Enlargement Aspirations
Trump Administration Threatens EU With Billions in Tariffs in Major Trade War Escalation
European Parliament Opens, Short of Three Barred Catalans
Ukraine, NATO Allies Conduct Black Sea Drills
Ukraine Says European Observers Not Welcome at July Polls
Hungarian Parliament Passes Bill Tightening State Grip Over Scientists
Deadly Air Attack Hits Tripoli Migrant Detention Center
UAE Denies Ownership of Weapons Found in Libya
In Battle for Libya's Oil, Water Becomes a Casualty
Limited US Military Assistance to Resume to Some Somali Troops
Gunmen Kill 18 in Attack on Niger Military Camp
Algeria Parliament President Bouchareb Resigns
Australian Counter-Terror Police Say They Foiled Sydney Attack Plot
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