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Updated July 14, 2019 - 8:42 PM EDT
House Sends $733 Bln. NDAA to Uncertain Future
House on NDAA: Repeals AUMFs, Blocks Iran War
  House Votes to End War With Iraq, Prevent War With Iran
  The House Rebukes Trump on Yemen Again
  Poll: Most Americans Say Arms Sales Make US Less Secure
UK Says They Will Release Iranian Tanker
  New US Plan to Protect Oil Tankers From Iranian Attacks Is Risky
US Denies Considering N. Korea Sanctions Relief
  North Korea Constitution Formally Names Kim Head of State
US Silent as Turkey Receives Russian Missiles
  How Turkey Is Keeping the Syrian Civil War Alive
  Syrian Planes Pound Northwest Syria After Heavy Fighting
Somali Forces End Siege at Hotel After Militants Kill 26
UN To Avoid Faulting Saudis in Child Rights Violators List
Pompeo To Make Baghdad Embassy Pullout Permanent
item Iran Keeps Calm While US and UK Continue Their Provocations  by Bernhard
item Are US & North Korea Headed for a Freeze-for-Freeze Nuclear Deal?  by Daniel R. DePetris
item What's Really Going on in Hong Kong?  by Reese Erlich
item NPR, CFR Won't Mention Sheldon Adelson's Influence  by Philip Weiss

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BBC's Anti-Corbyn Hatchet Job Fails to Land Blow
Biden: US Relationship With Israel Must Be 'Ironclad' Regardless of Who PM Is
Court Rules in Favor of Pentagon in Jedi Lawsuit
Pentagon Races to Track US Rare Earths Output Amid China Trade Dispute
Hezbollah Leader Says US Seeking to Talk
Iran Calls on Britain to Release Seized Oil Tanker Immediately
Gibraltar Police Release All Crew Members of Detained Iranian Tanker
UAE and Iran Held Secret Talks: Report
Merchant Ships Urged to Avoid Using Private Armed Teams in Persian Gulf
UK to Send Second Warship to Middle East Amid Rising Tensions
Iran Strikes Opposition Positions on Border With Iraqi Kurdistan
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Dissidents in US Warned by FBI After Khashoggi Killing
Saudi Arms Sales: Court Gives UK Government Right to Appeal Suspension
Palestinian Christian Leaders Protest Sale of Jerusalem Church Land to Israeli Settler Group
UN Investigator: Israel 'Moving Rapidly' Towards West Bank Annexation
Palestinian Child Shot in Head by Israeli Forces in West Bank
Egyptian Mediators Arrive in Gaza to Call for Calm
Middle East
Iraq Daily Roundup: Desert Strikes Target ISIS; 13 Killed Across Iraq
Kuwait Arrests Muslim Brotherhood Members Wanted in Egypt
UN Urges Yemen Houthi Court to Review 30 Death Sentences
Water Supply Halted in Tripoli Over Armed Attack
New Migrants Brought to Bombed Center in Libya
Leaked Report: WWF-Backed Guards Raped Pregnant Women and Tortured Villagers at a Wildlife Park Funded by US Govt
AU Envoy: Sudan Military, Protesters to Sign Political Deal
Suicide Car Bomb Targets Hotel in Somali Port City, Two Journalists Confirmed Dead
Nigeria Shi'ite Group Says Two Killed in Anti-Government Protests
Regional Power Grab Attempt Causes Rare Discord in Ethiopia Coalition
Americans Still Dying
Fortunately, No American Troops Were Reported Killed This Week
Child Suicide Bomber Kills at Least 9, Wounds More Than a Dozen at Afghanistan Wedding
Four Civilians Killed in Special Forces Raid on Health Clinic in Afghanistan
US Won't 'Cut and Run' on Afghanistan, Envoy Vows
Envoys Agree on Instant Start of Intra-Afghan Negotiations
India's Ruling Party to Revive Plan for Hindu Settlements in Kashmir
India Prepares to Land Rover on Moon in Global Space Race
37 Countries Defend China Over Xinjiang in UN Letter
China Says US Should 'Not Play With Fire' on Taiwan
China to Impose Sanctions on US Firms That Sell Arms to Taiwan
Koch Industries Executive Interrogated in China, Report Says
China Imports From US Plunge 31% in June Amid Tariff War
Papua New Guinea Troops Secure Scene of Brutal Highlands Massacre
Indonesia Looks East to Expand Pacific Diplomacy, Trade
Pakistani Judge Who Jailed Former PM Sacked Over Blackmail Claims
Ukraine's Comedian President Invites Citizens to Run in July Poll
Ukrainian Fighter Found Guilty Over Killing of Italian Photographer
UK Spy Agencies Used Details Extracted Under Torture to Detain Libyans, Say Lawyers
Catalonia Leader to Be Tried Over Separatist Propaganda During Election
Sweden Says It Won't Sign UN Nuclear Ban Treaty
Swiss Prosecutor Probes Plane Maker Over Saudi, UAE Business
How Trump Could Use Tariffs to Fight French Digital Services Tax
US Approves $600 Million Sale to Greece of Seahawk Helicopters
Panama to Withdraw Flags From More Vessels That Violate Sanctions
Colombia Asks UN to Keep Supervising Fragile Peace Accord
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