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Updated July 31, 2019 - 8:58 PM EDT
South Korea Says North Fired More Projectiles
Trump Disappoints Hawks With More Iran Waivers
  Germany Won't Join Strait of Hormuz Fleet
  Iran Says US Rejected Offer as 'Not Seeking Dialogue'
  No, Israel Did Not Attack Iranian Targets in Iraq
NATO, Afghans Kill More Civilians Than Taliban
  Dozens of Civilians Killed as Afghan Bus Hits Roadside Bomb
  State Dept Wasted Millions on Security Compound in Afghanistan
Judge Dismisses DNC Lawsuit Over RussiaGate
Pentagon Happy About New Defense Budget
General: US Needs More Military Power at South Pole
US Denies Plan to Withdraw From Nuclear Test Ban Treaty
Video: Google Plan to Prevent 2020 'Trump Situation'
Brazilians Show Support for Glenn Greenwald
item Tanker Seizures and Resurgent Imperialism  by Craig Murray
item The New Quincy Institute Seeks Warmongering Monsters to Destroy  by Kelley Beaucar Vlahos
item Israel's Latest Attempt to Erase Palestine  by Ilan Pappe
item The Antiwar Right and the New Cold War  by Patrick J. Buchanan
item Congo War Threatens Progress Against Ebola  by Morgan E. Hunter
item America Gone Rogue  by Christopher Teel

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Pro-Saudi Think Tank in Washington Shuts Down
Australia Says US Plans to Build Military Infrastructure
The 2020 Candidates Are Ignoring Guantanamo
UK Defense Exports Set New Record in 2018
Libya Foes Step Up Air War as Ground Battle Stalls
State Dept. Clears $1.5 Billion in Arms Sales for Egypt, South Korea, Canada
The War at Home
US Could Decide on Licenses for Companies to Sell to Huawei by Next Week: Ross
Huawei Says Sales Up 23% Despite US Controls
Pentagon Workers Bought Thousands of Chinese Electronics Vulnerable to Hacks and Spying
Korean Fat Leonard? Feds Probe New US Navy Corruption Case in Asia
Prosecutors in Gallagher Case Received Awards
Somali Refugees Arrested on Terrorism Charges
Trump Pick for Pentagon Post Calls Sexual Assault Claim 'Completely False'
China/Hong Kong
China Says Most People in Xinjiang Camps Have 'Returned to Society'
Turkey to Send Observation Team to China's Xinjiang for Uighur Turks
Trump Warns China Not to Wait for 2020 US Election to Make Trade Deal
Vietnamese Fishermen Call for Action Against China
New Protest Erupts as Hong Kong Charges 44 Activists With Rioting
UN Says Almost 4,000 Afghans Killed or Wounded in First Half of 2019
Three Afghan Children Killed in Kandahar Roadside Bomb Blast
Peace Efforts, Security Issues Affect Afghan Election Campaign
Blast in Pakistani City Quetta Kills Five
India and Pakistan Trade Kashmir Fire, Killing Two
Killings Escalate in Central Philippines
Philippine Defense Chief Hits China for South China Sea Acts
Top Diplomats Gather in Bangkok for Key Asia-Pacific Talks
Trump Sends Kim Photos From DMZ Visit; Nuclear Talks Stalled
Sri Lanka to Offer Free Visas on Arrival to Boost Tourism
Myanmar Lawmakers Debate Proposals to Curb Military Political Power
Ukraine Seizes Russian Tanker Over Naval Clash: Prosecutor
Russian Rights Activist Hit With Heavy Fine for Protest
Greece Says Turkey's Drilling Off Cyprus Puts Security at Risk
Zarif Calls on Trump to Reject Hawkish Allies' Thirst for War
US Urges Germany to 'Help Secure' Strait of Hormuz
BP Has No Plans to Take Its Tankers Through Hormuz
Iran, Russia Plan Joint Military Drills in Strait of Hormuz
Rivals Iran and UAE to Hold Maritime Security Talks
Sixty-Eight Percent of Americans Would Reject Trump's Mideast 'Deal of the Century'
Israel Approves Plan to Build 700 Palestinian Homes in Area C
Israeli Police Deny Summoning
4-Year-Old Palestinian Boy for Questioning After Uproar
Cancer Patients in Gaza Suffer Painful Treatment Journey
Rabbinical Court Officials Tried to Promote Beneficial Legislation in Coalition Talks
Iraq Daily Roundup: More Dumped Bodies Turn Up in Hilla; Seven Killed in Iraq
Turkish Airstrikes Fuel Fires in Northern Areas of Iraqi Kurdistan
Iraq Says Nineveh Ex-Governor Embezzled $10m in Displaced Aid
Middle East
Deported From Turkey, Syrians Return to Unfamiliar Country
Remote Weapons System Not Used in the Yemen War, Australian Defense Firm EOS Says
Nigerian Police Seek to Arrest Members of Banned Shi'ite Group
Sudanese Rally Against Deadly Crackdown on Student Protest

Algeria's Army Chief Rejects Pre-Conditions for Talks

Renamo Fighters Disarming as Part of Mozambique Peace Deal
Moroccan King Pardons Thousands, Including 'Hirak' Protesters, to Mark 20 Years on the Throne
Tanzanian Police Arrest Prominent Investigative Journalist
Venezuela Leadership Negotiations to Resume This Week
Russia To Skip International Talks on Venezuela in Lima
Uruguay Government Torn Over Venezuela 'Dictatorship' Row
Nicaragua Grants Citizenship to Embattled Ex-Salvadoran President
New Zealand
New Zealand's Indigenous Maori Protest Over 'Stolen Children'
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