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Updated August 2, 2019 - 9:00 PM EDT
Divided Senate Approves Huge Military Budget
US Prepares Troop Cuts in Potential Taliban Deal
  Afghan Troop Numbers Drop in Crackdown on 'Ghost' Soldiers
  State Dept Wasted $100m on Afghan Camp Despite Early Warnings
John Ratcliffe Withdraws Name for Top Intel Post
  Justice Dept Won't Prosecute Comey Over Leaked Memos
  The Rise and Fall of Superhero Robert Mueller
Syria in Ceasefire With Rebel-Dominated Idlib
  Israel Attacks Village in Syria's Quineitra
Houthi Attacks in S. Yemen Kill 51, Saudis Blame Iran
N. Korea Conducts More Short-Range Missile Launches
US Officials Say ISIS a 'Global Threat,' but Focus on Africa
item The Rise and Fall of Superhero Robert Mueller  by Matt Taibbi
item Israel Dodges UN Blacklist Despite Rise in Harming of Children  by James Reinl
item Shady Connections of a Retired US General Who Made It Rain in Iraq  by Zack Kopplin & Irvin McCullough
item Justin Raimondo's Courage Was Contagious  by Allan Stevo
item Can a New Think Tank Put a Stop to Endless War?  by David Klion
item Congress Finally Challenges the Cuba Travel Ban  by Peter Kornbluh

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Hamza bin Laden's Death No Big Blow to Qaeda: Experts
Leader of al-Qaeda Has Serious 'Heart Complaint'
Airwars Assessment: January-June 2019
Edward Snowden's Memoir Is Coming Out Next Month
Pentagon Reports Record Number of Suicides
Iran Says It's Ready for Worst in Battle to Save Nuclear Deal in Standoff With US
Russia Senses US Wants Pretext for Persian Gulf Conflict
US Renews Waivers for Iran Civil Nuclear Projects
Team Trump Turns to Lindsey Graham to Cut an Iran Deal
US Urges Germany to Reconsider Persian Gulf Mission
Shell Not Taking British-Flagged Tankers Through Hormuz
Iran Says Sanctions Show US 'Afraid' of Top Diplomat
Iran President: US Sanctions on Foreign Minister 'Childish'
France Disagrees With US Sanctions on Iranian FM
Netanyahu Appears to Confirm Israeli Missile Fire at Syrian Golan
PLO Says All Agreements With Israel Invalid After Israel's Violation
Palestinian Official Accuses Israel of Preventing Global Organizations in Palestinian Territories
Israeli Forces Kill Armed Palestinian Who Infiltrated From Gaza
Resisting Pressure From Netanyahu, Far-Right Otzma Yehudit Runs Alone
Three Israeli Soldiers Wounded, Attacker Killed After Gaza Border Breach, Army Says
Israel Incites Death Threats Against Human Rights Defenders
Egypt Calls for Palestinian State During Kushner Visit
UAE-Backed Official Killed in Houthi Strike
Houthis Say Launch Missile at Military Site in Saudi's Dammam
Saudi Arabia
Facebook Says It Dismantles Covert Influence Campaign Tied to Saudi Government
Saudis Allow Women to Travel Without Male 'Guardian' Approval
Iraq Daily Roundup: ISIS Attack on Kurdish Forces; 26 Killed in Iraq
Iraq, Iran Swap Bodies of 80 Soldiers From 1980s War
Middle East
UN to Probe Attacks on Facilities in Northwest Syria
Turkey Moves to Oversee All Online Content, Raises Concerns Over Censorship
Somalia Says Mogadishu Mayor Dies After Attack in Office
Somalia's President Gives Up US Citizenship After Criticism
Sudan's Military Junta Blames Protesters for Student Killings
Four Killed in Renewed Sudan Protests, Opposition Medics Say
Ethiopia's PM Says 'People From Abroad' Had Role in June Attacks
Ethiopia's PM Warns of a Longer Internet Cutoff Amid Unrest
ISWAP Killed 'Dozens' of Nigeria and Chad Troops Near Baga in July 29 Clashes
Border Friction in DR Congo on Anniversary of Ebola Outbreak
US Sanctions Zimbabwean Official Over Post-Election Killings
'Peace Here to Stay' Mozambique President, Opposition Say on Signing Ceasefire
Mauritania's New Leader Takes Oath in 1st Peaceful Transfer
Rwanda Says Its Border With Congo Remains Open
Russia, in Retaliatory Move, to Amend Law to Fine UK Media
Russian 'Mass Unrest' Probe Arrests Five Amid Opposition Crackdown
US Urges Europe to Repatriate, Prosecute Syria Jihadist Fighters
Italy Navy, Air Force Debate Where to Base F-35bs
Lockheed Awarded $800 Million Slovakia F-16 Fighter Jet Contract
The War at Home
UN Chief Says World Will Lose Brake on Nuclear War With End of INF Treaty
Committee on East-West Accord: Interview With Tulsi Gabbard
Kamala Harris' Former Press Secretary Is Communications Director at Twitter
There Was Not One Question About Israel or Palestine During the Democratic Debates
Candidates, Your Views on the Middle East? You Have 30 Seconds.
Jeffrey Epstein Got Sweetheart Plea Deal After Becoming an FBI Informant, Government Records Reveal
US Military
Air Force to Pause Operations After Spike in Suicides
Meet the US's Spy System of the Future – It's Sentient
Navy SEAL Admiral on Recent Alleged Misbehavior: 'We Have a Problem'
Pentagon Puts $10 Billion Jedi Contract on Hold After Trump Suggests It Favored Amazon
Navy Says Pilot in California Fighter Jet Crash Has Died
2nd Rocket Launcher Recovered From US Service Member at Balt/Wash Airport
Pentagon Develops Lasers That Beam Messages Into Your Head Warning 'Stop or We'll Shoot'
Trump Says He Is Not Worried About Short-Range Missiles Fired by North Korea
US Still Hopes for Talks After Latest North Korean Missile Tests
At UN, Britain, France, Germany Urge North Korea to Hold 'Meaningful' Talks With US
North Korean Soldier Defects Across the DMZ, South Korea Says
Seoul Says Hiding North Korean Diplomat Has Left Italy
China/Taiwan/Hong Kong
Trump Says US Will Be 'Taxing' China Until Trade Deal Is Reached
Senior Chinese Diplomat Urges US Caution on Taiwan, Hong Kong Issues
Pompeo Criticizes China After Meeting Top Diplomat in Bangkok
US Confirms Small Soybean Sale to Private Chinese Buyer
China Bans Historical TV Dramas Ahead of 70th Anniversary
China Says Vietnam 'Maritime Problems' Should Not Impinge on Bilateral Ties
Trump Wants to Get Out of Afghanistan 'As Quickly as He Can'
Karzai Doubts US Intention for Peace in Afghanistan
Two Policemen Killed in Kabul Blast
US Army Awards Raytheon $108 Million Contract for Afghanistan Air Force Training
25,000 More Troops Being Moved to Kashmir, Week After 10,000-Strong Push
Lock Them Up: India Marginalizes Kashmiri Separatist Leaders by Detaining Dozens
Two Fake Bombs Found Near Bangkok Forum of World Powers
Pakistani Officials Say Indian National Arrested for Spying
Channelling Trump, Cambodia Says US Officials Can 'Pack Up and Leave'
Trump Says US Blockade or Quarantine of Venezuela Under Consideration
US Commerce Secretary Ross Pledges Support for Venezuela Reconstruction
After Guatemala, US Seeks Migration Deals With Honduras, El Salvador
Brazil's Bolsonaro Appoints Military Men to Investigate Dictatorship Abuses
Vatican Envoy: Nicaraguan Government Says Talks 'Concluded'
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