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Updated August 4, 2019 - 8:55 PM EDT
Iran Seizes Another Foreign Oil Tanker
No Air Strikes in Northwest Syria After Ceasefire
  US Officials Claims ISIS Only Defeated Where US Troops Are Present
US Headed Toward Blockade of Venezuela
  A Blockade of Venezuela Must Be Opposed
After INF, US Seeks Funding for Missile Tests
  A Nuclear Weapons Treaty Just Died
John Ratcliffe Withdraws Name for Top Intel Post
Al-Qaeda Attacks Yemen Military Base, Kills 19 Soldiers
US Imposes New Russia Sanctions Over Skripal Poisoning
item US Troops Are Back in Saudia Arabia – This Will End Badly  by Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.)
item Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and the Unraveling of US Empire  by Kevin Zeese & Margaret Flowers
item Flying High: The Rise of Jamie Fly at Radio Free Europe  by Curt Mills
item A Nuclear Weapons Treaty Just Died  by Scott Ritter
item How Biden's Secret 2002 Meetings Led to War in Iraq  by Jim Bronke
item Expert Letter on Deescalating With Iran  National Iranian-American Council

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Trump Says Up to China to Deal With Hong Kong 'Riots'
Bombs Hit Bangkok During Major Security Meeting
Mike Gravel Drops Out of Presidential Race
Pentagon Testing Mass Surveillance Balloons Across the US
The War at Home
Arizona Man Learns Mom's Body Sold to Military, Detonated in Experiment
Facebook Could Soon Be Snooping on Your Encrypted Whatsapp Messages Under Plans to Moderate Content
Apple, Google Pause Reviewing Audio Recordings From Voice Assistants
Hacked Emails Show GOP Demands on Border Security Were Crafted by Industry Lobbyists
Trump Says He May Name Sue Gordon Acting Director of National Intelligence
US Military
Pentagon Tops $2 Trillion in Costs to Field Major Arms Programs
Top Navy SEAL Warns Commanders of 'Order and Discipline Problem'
Navy Drops All Charges Against Eddie Gallagher's Platoon Commander
Army Spending a Half-Billion to Teach Soldiers to Fight in Sewers and Subway Systems
Zarif Sanctions Show Washington Is 'Not Interested in Diplomacy'
Japan Won't Contribute Ships to US Middle East Maritime Force: Mainichi
51 Palestinians Injured in Weekly Anti-Israel Protests in Eastern Gaza
Israeli Soldiers Killed His Disabled Brother in Gaza. Now They Killed Him.
EU Now Funds Israel's War Ministry
Pro-Israel 'Hasbara' Group Shuts Down Offices Amid Financial Crisis
Middle East
Iraq Daily Roundup: Turks Strike PKK Again; 14 Killed in Iraq
Explosive Device Rips Through Car in Syrian Capita
Gargash: UAE Is Redeploying Forces in Yemen With the Agreement of Saudi Arabia
Turkey Laments Exclusion From US Training on F-35 Jets
Clashes in Palestinian Camp in Lebanon After Man Shot Dead
Libya: Three UN-Recognized Government Troops Killed
EU Supports UN Ceasefire Proposal in Libya
Libyan Government Says It Will Shut Down Three 'Inhuman' Migrant Detention Centers
Americans Still Dying
Stryker (OH) Honors Airborne Soldier Killed in Afghan Insider Attack
'Worst Day in Our Family's History,' Uncle Says of Chicago (IL) Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
Chesaning (MI) Native Killed in Storm During Army Reserve Training
US Kills INF Treaty
US Formally Withdraws From 1987 Nuclear Pact With Russia
Russia Urges Moratorium on Missile Deployment After US Quits INF Treaty
UK Blames Russia for Nuclear Treaty Collapse, Says Threatens European Security
NATO Says Russia to Blame for Collapse of INF Weapons Treaty
Poland Says Russia Responsible for Nuclear Treaty Collapse
China Is Reticent About New Nuclear Missile Treaty as INF Ends: Germany
Will We See a New Arms Race? That Depends on Russia, Says NATO Chief
North Korea Confirms Another Test of Rocket Launcher System
North Korea Launches Were New Ballistic Missiles: South Korea
Trump Sure Kim 'Does Not Want to Disappoint His Friend, President Trump!'
Trump: North Korean Missile Tests May Defy UN, but Not His Agreement With Kim
South Korea Vows Countermeasures as Japan Downgrades Trade Status
Trade War: China Urges US Back Down After Trump's $300 Billion Tariff Threat
China Wants Trade Talks but if US Wants Fight It Will Fight
Trump Says China Has to Do a Lot to Turn Things Around in Trade Talks
Afghan Official: Taliban Strike Police Checkpoint, Kill 10
12 Chechen Fighters Affiliated With al-Qaeda Killed in Afghanistan
India Accuses Pakistan-Backed Militants of Targeting Hindu Pilgrims in Kashmir
India Troop Buildup, Tourist Advisory Up Kashmir Tension
Sudan Protesters in 2nd Day of Talks Over Deal With Military
Sudan Detains Nine Soldiers After Protesters Killed
Interim President Extends State of Emergency for One Month
Maduro Says He 'Repudiates' Trump Statement on Possible Venezuela Blockade
US to Outline Plans to Help Venezuela After Maduro Leaves
Venezuela Government and Opposition Continue Talks in Barbados, Says Mediator Norway
Venezuela Govt, Opposition Reiterate Desire to Resolve Crisis
Bolton, Ross to Give US 'Big Presence' at Venezuela Summit in Peru: US Official
US Bars Two Venezuelan Officials From Traveling to US
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