74 years ago this week, the US dropped two atomic bombs on almost a quarter of a million innocent civilians.

First use of nukes by the United States is "on the table." That is the official policy of the United States government. Last week's Democratic debates made clear that is unlikely to change under the leadership of either party.

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Updated August 5, 2019 - 9:39 PM EDT
Iran Seizes Another Foreign Oil Tanker
  Iran's Foreign Minister Was Invited to Meet Trump in the Oval Office
  Defense Chief Sees 'Rising' Support for US Fleet in Strait of Hormuz
US, Taliban Seek to Work Out Afghan Peace Deal
  UN: July Afghan Casualties Highest Since 2017
  Trump Seeks Political Way to Reduce Troops in Afghanistan: Pompeo
Syria, Russia Scrap Idlib Truce, Resume Airstrikes
  US Officials Claims ISIS Only Defeated Where US Troops Are Present
Pentagon Chief Wants More Missiles in Asia
Freshman Reps Heading to Israel on AIPAC Trip
Deadly Car Explosion Hits Central Cairo
State Dept: Al-Qaeda Is Strong as It Has Ever Been
item Justice or Militarism: US Army Regulations Might Be Stricter Than the NYPD  by Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.)
item America's Other Original Sin  by Andrew J. Bacevich
item Why the End of the INF Treaty Will Not Start a New Arms Race  by Bernhard
item The Military-Industrial Jobs Scam  by Ben Freeman, Nia Harris, and Cassandra Stimpson
item Afghanistan: In Search of Monsters To Not Destroy  by Thomas Knapp
item Zarif Sanctioned: Does Trump Still Want Talks With Iran?  by Matthew Petti

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Warren's Pledge to Avoid First Nuclear Strike Sparks Intense Pushback
What the Collapse of Top Pro-Israel Group Means for the Future of Hasbara in US
Military-Style Surveillance Technology Is Being Tested in American Cities
Trump Once Again Warns He Could Kill Millions of Afghans
The War at Home
FBI Faces Skepticism Over Its Anti-Domestic Terror Efforts
Pentagon Chief Denies White House Hand in 'War Cloud' Contract Probe
Florida Program Puts Commandos Back in Uniform and Out on the Streets as Law Enforcement Officers
Anduril, Palmer Luckey's Secretive Defense Company, Is Booming Under Trump
Navy Security Forces Shoot, Kill Junior Sailor After High-Speed Chase at US Base
Dozens Sue Company for Selling Corpses to Army for Blast Testing
Coastguardsmen Banned From Visiting Marijuana Dispensaries
More Than Two Dozen Missing Korean War Troops Just Identified From Returned Remains
At Least Two Killed in Afghan TV Bus Bombing in Kabul
Taliban's Designated Deputy Governor for Panjshir Killed
MoD Rejects Existence of 'Ghost Soldiers' in Afghan Army
Former Army Special Forces Soldiers Sentenced for Embezzling Funds While Deployed to Afghanistan
Takhar Province Needs Reinforcements to Push Back Taliban
Thousands of Tourists Flee Kashmir After Security Alert
Lockdown in Indian Kashmir as Thousands More Troops Sent
India Denies Pakistan's Claims of Illegal Bombs Amid Renewed Tensions Over Kashmir
Pakistan Calls for Trump Mediation on Kashmir as Region Remains Tense
Kashmir Turmoil Rises as India Restricts Movement, Regional Leaders Fear Arrest
Kashmir Parties Call for Safeguarding Autonomy
China/Hong Kong
China Hits Back at Donald Trump's Fentanyl Claim, Saying US 'Only Has Itself to Blame' for Opioid Crisis
Hong Kong Government: Protests Are Pushing City to 'Extremely Dangerous Edge'
Protesters Paralyze Hong Kong With City-Wide Strike
Hong Kong Police Make Fresh Arrests, City Braces for Further Protests
Seoul Says US, South Korea Preparing Joint Military Drills
Snubbed by North Korea, Pompeo Hits Other Asian Turbulence
South Korea Warns Japan of Security Pact Risk, Calls for 'Cooling-Off' in Trade Row
'Comfort Woman' Statue Pulled From Japan Exhibit After Threats
Exiled Thai Critic Attacked With Chemicals in Japan
Maldives Police Arrest Ex-Vice President After India Denies Entry
Thai Dissident Band in Laos Flee to France for Political Asylum
Mexico: Three Journalists Killed in One Week
Honduran President Denies US Court Files Linking Him to Drug Trafficking
French Police Fire Teargas, Water Cannon at Protest Over Dead Festival-Goer
Palestinians Prefer 'Wait-and-See' Approach to Trump Peace Plan: Poll
Netanyahu Alleges 'Plot' to Unseat Him by Liberman, Lapid, and Right-Wing Figures
Israel's Likud Rules Out Netanyahu Stepping Aside
Netanyahu Reportedly Requests Meeting With Jordan's Abdullah, Is Rejected
Israeli Ambassador to Panama, a Druze, Decries Treatment at Ben Gurion Airport
Iran Says Will Take 'Third Step' to Reduce Nuclear Deal Commitments
Iranian Fighter Jet Crashes in Southern Province, Two Onboard Safe: Mehr
WFP, Yemen's Houthis Agree Deal That Could Lift Partial Aid Suspension
Yemeni Officials: Forces Pursue al-Qaeda Militants, Eight Dead
Roadside Bombing Kills Two Yemeni Security Members
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Political Prisoner Dies After Authorities Refuse Urgent Medical Care
After 21 Months in Detention, Saudi Arabia Temporarily Releases US Citizen Ahead of Trial
Iraq Daily Roundup: Mass Anfal Grave Yields 91 Bodies; 15 Killed in Iraq
Christians Evacuating Their Iraq Villages Due to Turkish Bombardments
US State Department Welcomes News of Ceasefire in Northwest Syria
Explosion Kills 31 Pro-Government Fighters at Syrian Air Base
Ceasefire Gives Wary Syrians in Idlib Respite From Strikes
Turkey to Launch Offensive in Kurdish-Controlled Area in Northern Syria: Erdogan
US Launches Last-Ditch Effort to Stop Turkish Invasion of Northeastern Syria
US Officials to Meet With Turkey Amid Tensions Over Syria: Report
Syria Ceasefire Pressures Turkey to Create Demilitarized Zone
Clashes Erupt in Lebanon's Largest Palestinian Refugee Camp After Man Shot Dead
Sudanese Factions Agree Plan to Pave Way for Transitional Government
Sudan Protesters, Army Agree on Constitutional Declaration
Sudan Celebrates Political Agreement Even as Many Challenges Lie Ahead
UAE Diplomat Says Sudan Turning Page on Muslim Brotherhood Rule
Algerian Protesters Pledge Civil Disobedience in Mass Rally
Libya's Mitiga Airport Reopens to Air Traffic After Shelling
Russian Police Detain Over 800 in Opposition Crackdown in Moscow
Russian Police Detain Prominent Opposition Activist Before Protest
Russia Investigates Alleged Money Laundering by Anti-Kremlin Opposition
New US Sanctions Won't Hurt Russian Financial System: Russian Finmin
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