74 years ago this week, the US dropped two atomic bombs on almost a quarter of a million innocent civilians.

First use of nukes by the United States is "on the table." That is the official policy of the United States government. Last week's Democratic debates made clear that is unlikely to change under the leadership of either party.

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Updated August 6, 2019 - 9:06 PM EDT
Trump Imposes Economic Embargo on Venezuela
N. Korea Test Fires Missiles, Threatens 'New Road'
  Moon Calls for 'Peace Economy' With North Korea, Slams Japan
India Revokes Kashmir's Autonomy
  India Imposes Kashmir Lockdown, Puts Leaders 'Under House Arrest'
Putin: We'll Respond to US Missile Developments
  Australia Won't Host US Missiles, Prime Minister Says
Syria, Russia Scrap Idlib Truce, Resume Airstrikes
  Syrian Rebels Ready to Join Turkish Invasion of Syrian Kurdistan
US Envoy Praises Progress' in Taliban Talks
  Afghan Official: Policeman Opens Fire on Colleagues, Kills Seven
UN Agencies in Yemen Plagued by Corruption
Air Strike on South Libyan Town Kills at Least 43
item Antiwar.com vs. the Decline of American Journalism  by Justin Raimondo
item Finally Time for DNC Email Evidence  by Patrick Lawrence
item American Conservatives Are the Forgotten Critics of the Atomic Bombing of Japan  by Barton Bernstein
item Congress Spending Surge Is National Suicide  by Ron Paul
item After Failures War Is No Longer an Option for Israel  by Elijah Magnier
item Why an 'AI Race' Between the US and China Is a Terrible Idea  by Sam Biddle

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With China, Russia in Mind, Pentagon Adding Stealthy Cruise Missiles
China Urges US to Stop Interfering in Hong Kong
North Korea Says Joint Drills Violate Agreements With US, South Korea
US Treasury Names China as a Currency Manipulator
Saudi Arabia's 'Strategic Plan' to Take Turkey Down
Iran Says Will Not Tolerate 'Maritime Offences' in Persian Gulf
Iran's Zarif Says US Can't Build Gulf Coalition as Allies 'Ashamed'
Berlin: Don't See Germany Taking Part in US Naval Mission in Strait of Hormuz
UK Joins United States for Maritime Security Mission in Persian Gulf
Hoyer and 41 Democrats Visit Israel on AIPAC-Affiliated Junket That Violates 'Spirit as Well as the Letter of the Law'
PA to Grant Building Permits for West Bank Area Under Full Israeli Control
Israel Approves 700 Palestinian Construction Permits in Effort to Expand Control Over West Bank
Israel Gives Notorious West Bank Checkpoint 'Orwellian Makeover' With Face-Recognition Tech
Orthodox Church Files New Suit in Jerusalem Property Battle
Belgium Joins Group of European Countries in Suspending Funds to UNRWA Pending Ethics Investigation
Likud MKs Embarrassed by Loyalty Oath to Netanyahu
Israel's Far Right Slate Makes Annexation Official Policy Ahead of September Election
Israeli Forces Crack Down on Palestinian Prisoner Hunger Strike, Says Prisoner Group
Iraq Daily Roundup: Mass Anfal Grave Yields 91 Bodies; 15 Killed in Iraq
Iraqis Choose Refugee Camps Over Ruined Homes
Syria Kurds Warn of Turkish Attack Despite US Mediation
Russia Says Attack on Its Syria Base Injures 4
Turkey Urges US to End Support for Kurdish YPG as Ankara Mulls New Syria Offensive
Yemen/Saudi Arabia
Yemen's Houthis Launch New Drone Attacks on Saudi Airports
Saudi Arabia Women's Rights Reforms May Still Be Thwarted by Custom
Balkan Countries Boost Their Air Defense Capabilities, Albeit for Different Reasons
German Air Force Unable to Train Pilots Because of Shortage of Planes
US Plans 'Sweeping' Measures Against Venezuela, Bolton Says
Bolton Warns China, Russia Not to Double Down on Support of Maduro
The 'Citgo 6' Remain Imprisoned in Venezuela
Honduran President Accuses Groups of 'Assault on Power'
The War at Home
Trump to Launch Crackdown on Violent Video Games After Mass Shootings
Ex-Bragg Soldiers Sentenced for Embezzling Funds During Afghan Deployment
Huge Study Explores Genetics of PTSD in More Than 165,000 US Veterans
Air Force Commander Apologizes for Calling Airmen Who Commit Suicide 'Chickensh*t'
India Isolates Kashmir by Shutting Down Comms as Big Change Announced
Protests Across Pakistan Over India's 'Illegal' Move in Contested Kashmir
India's Removal of Kashmir Special Status May Face Legal Challenges
UN Chief Urges Restraint by India, Pakistan Over Kashmir
US Closely Following Events in Kashmir, Expresses Rights Concerns: State Dept.
MOFA Sees 'Major Progress' in US-Taliban Talks
Blast in Herat Kills Four Civilians
China/Hong Kong
Hong Kong Unrest Spreads as Leader Warns City on Brink
Huawei's Internet Deal With Canada Will Expand Chinese Presence in Polar Regions
China Suspends Purchases of US Farm Products in Retaliation for 'Serious Violation' of Trade Deal Between Xi Jinping and Donald Trump
Myanmar Army Business Interests Fund Atrocities, UN Says
UN Urges Sanctions on Myanmar Army Businesses, Says Foreign Partners Could Be Complicit
Turkmenistan's Leader Appears at Hell's Gate to Dispel Rumours of Own Death
Putin Urges Arms Talks With US After Nuclear Pact Demise
Huge Blasts as Russian Arms Depot in Siberia Explodes
Sudanese Rebels Criticize Power-Sharing Deal
What Does Sudan's Constitutional Declaration Say?
Ugandan Presidential Hopeful Says Ally Dead After Abduction, Torture
Outrage in Gambia Over Release of Ex-President's Assassins
Nigeria to Allow Detained Shi'ite Muslim Leader to Seek Medical Treatment Abroad
Algeria Court Orders Detention of Former Ministers on Corruption Allegations
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