74 years ago this week, the US dropped two atomic bombs on almost a quarter of a million innocent civilians.

First use of nukes by the United States is "on the table." That is the official policy of the United States government. Last week's Democratic debates made clear that is unlikely to change under the leadership of either party.

Americans must be informed of this truth, and must be informed to act. Antiwar.com works to inform Americans of these truths.

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Updated August 7, 2019 - 9:03 PM EDT
US, Turkey Reach Deal on Safe Zone in N. Syria
US Seizes Ship Delivering Food to Venezuela
  US To Target Countries That Support Maduro
  Trump Imposes Economic Embargo on Venezuela
Taliban Says Resolved Differences With US
  Afghan Official: Policeman Opens Fire on Colleagues, Kills Seven
UN Accuses Yemen Forces of Attacking North
  Aden Attack Exposes Splits in Yemen's Anti-Houthi Alliance
  Yemenis Accuse Aid Agencies of Widespread Corruption
Pakistan PM Warns India of War Over Kashmir
New Cybersecurity Non-Profit Full of Russiagaters
Chelsea Manning May Remain in Jail for Another Year
China Might Escort Its Ships in Gulf Under US Proposal
Israel Approves Over 2,300 New Settlement Homes
item Hiroshima Unlearned: Time for the Truth About US-Russia Relations  by Alice Slater
item Is Manila Worth American Lives?  by Doug Bandow
item Warmongering Neocon Free Beacon Glorifies Hiroshima Bombing  by Caitlin Johnstone
item The INF Treaty Dies: What Happens Next?  by Gilbert Doctorow
item In the World of Truth and Fact, Russiagate Is Dead  by Craig Murray
item Unqualified UN Ambassador Is the Perfect Weak Link  by Barbara Boland

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How a 'Currency War' Could Weaken US Economy
World Free of Nukes Urged at Hiroshima Ceremony
Are Israel's Spies Stealing Your Data?
NATO Says Not Preparing for Unlikely US Withdrawal
US Intel Black Budget: $80 Billion for 17 Agencies
The War at Home
House Members Are Again Pushing a Bill That Would Censor Palestine Advocacy on College Campuses
New York Judge Says University Must Allow Students to Form Pro-Palestine Group
Metadata Trap: US Surveillance State Against Whistleblowers
US Ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman Submits Resignation
Amazon Is Coaching Cops on How to Obtain Surveillance Footage Without a Warrant
NTSB Releases Its Analysis of the USS John S. McCain Collision
Trump Promises More Aid for Farmers in 2020 as China Trade War Drags On
Ex-FBI Agent Strzok Sues Agency Over Firing for Anti-Trump Texts
Inside Compound Where Lockheed Martin Builds the THAAD Missile
Bolton Reminds Kim of Missile Pledge After North Korea Warns of 'New Road'
North Korea's Kim Says Missile Launches Are Warning to US, South Korea Over Drill
Esper: US Won't 'Overreact' to North Korean Missile Launches
Japan Says No Threat to Its Security From North Korean Projectile Launch
South Korea to Remove Japan From Trading White List
China/Hong Kong
US Sends Carrier Through Disputed South China Sea Amid Tensions With Beijing
China Responds After US' Currency Manipulator Designation
China Calls on US Politicians to Stop Colluding With Hong Kong Separatists
Hong Kong Activists Say Will Not Back Down on Demands
China, Pakistan Slam India's Move to Change Kashmir's Special Status
Experts Question Legality of India's Changes in Kashmir
400 Politicians, Aides, Separatist Under Arrest as Valley Turns Into Massive Prison
India Seeks Security to Diplomats in Pakistan
India's Lower House Ratifies Bill to Split India-Held Kashmir
Pakistan PM Khan Says Plan to Approach UN Security Council Over Kashmir Issue
Taliban Threaten Afghan Election, Hail Progress on Pact With US
Afghanistan's Desperate Battle to Control a Dam in Taliban Country
IED Blast in Kabul Leaves Five Dead
Myanmar Says UN Calls for Sanctions, Arms Embargo a Bid to Harm Country
UN Report: UK Firm Veripos Sold Technology to Myanmar Military
Officials: Shi'ite Killed, 13 Wounded in SW Pakistan Bombing
Philippine Navy Warns of Chinese Investment on Strategic Islands
Japan PM Says WWII Labor Row Is Biggest Issue With South Korea
Australian Spy to Plead Guilty in East Timor Bugging Case
Vietnam Police Disperse Protest at Chinese Embassy Over South China Sea Standoff
Israel Separates Two Bethlehem Towns With 'Massive' Metal Barrier
Israeli Police Plant Gun in Palestinian's Home for TV Docudrama
Netanyahu Ally Rewards Saudi Grand Mufti With Invitation to Israel
Israel's Foreign Minister Met With 'High Ranking' UAE Official to Discuss Normalizing Gulf Ties
War With Iran Is the Mother of All Wars: Iran President
Iran Says 'Favors' Talks With US, Despite FM Zarif Snubbing Trump
Iran's Detention of UK-Flagged Tanker Unacceptable: Owner
Iran Asks UN to Push Back Against US Sanctions on Zarif
PKK-Affiliate Group Reports Deaths From Recent Clash With Iran Guards
Iraq Daily Roundup: Turkish Operation Against PKK Continues; 16 Killed in Iraq
Iran-Linked Militia Ignores Iraq Army Demand for Handover of Positions
Seven Civilians Killed in Syria After Failed Idlib Truce: Monitor
Russia Says Attack on Its Syria Base Injures Four
Turkey Readies for Action as US Talks on Syria Safe Zone Struggle
Turkey Will Pay Higher Price Later if Does Not Act in Syria: Erdogan
Turkish Court Prohibits 136 Websites: Monitor
Erdogan Says Trump Will Not Allow Ties to Be Held 'Captive' to S-400 Row
Saudi Arabia Sends Military Reinforcements to Aden
Groups: Yemen Airport Closure 'Death Sentence' for Thousands
Lebanon to Expand Land, Sea Deployment of Army
Haftar Forces Destroy 'Turkish Plane' in New Round of Libya Airstike
Eastern Libya Force Strikes Misrata Air College
Libya's UN-Backed Govt Steps Up Defense Spending as War Drags
Pact Is Reached in Mozambique but Prospects for Peace Still Uncertain

Zimbabwe to Legalize Growing of Industrial Hemp

Ukraine Calls for More Peace Talks After Four Die in Eastern Donbass
More British Complicity Exposed in Latest 'CIA Torture Unredacted' Report
Venezuela Says New Trump Executive Order Formalizes 'Blockade'
Bolton Says Sanctions Will Cut Off Maduro Financially, Warns Russia
New Venezuela Sanctions Protect Citgo, Encourage Debt Talks: Opposition
Cuba to Defend Itself in US Court Over Exxonmobil Lawsuit
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