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Updated August 28, 2019 - 9:52 PM EDT
Pentagon Opposes Israeli Attacks on Iraq
  Iraqi Intel: Israeli Attacks Launched From Syrian Kurdish Bases
  Armed Group Threatens US Military, Civilian Sites in Iraq
Fighting in Syria's Idlib Kills at Least 60 Fighters
  Kurdish YPG Withdraws From Strip Along Syria-Turkey Border
Yemen Govt Taking Coast Areas From Separatists
  25 Soldiers Killed in Houthi Attack on Govt Forces in N. Yemen
Israel, Saudis Move to Preempt Trump Bid for Iran Talks
Trump's Troop Statement Delays US-Taliban Deal: Sources
item The Revolving Door Between Government and Cable News  by J.D. Tuccille
item How Saudi Arabia and Israel Undermine the War on Terror  by Ali Rizk
item Everything You Think You Know About Christian Zionism Is Wrong  by Raphael Magarik
item Is Hong Kong China's Version of the Ukraine Crisis?  by Lyle J. Goldstein
item Are Yemen's Houthis the Future of War?  by Michael Horton
item Long Before Epstein: Sex Traffickers & Spy Agencies  by Elizabeth Vos

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Saudi Ruler Sends Brother to US as Trump Wavers on Iran, Yemen
Jeffrey Epstein's Lawyers Skeptical of Suicide Ruling
Chad Court Jails 243 Rebels Over Incursion From Libya in February
US Advisor Bolton Arrives in Ukraine for Talks
The War at Home
US Army Is Increasing Its Re-Enlistment Bonuses Again
Pentagon in Talks With Australia on Rare Earths Plant: Official
General Dynamics Awarded $45 Million Underwater Drone Contract With Navy
Oracle Appeals Decision on $10 Billion Pentagon Contract
Palestinian Set to Begin Classes at Harvard Is Questioned About His Religion and Friends' Political Posts, Then Deported
China/Hong Kong
After 24 Hours, China Still Unaware of Calls Mentioned by Trump
Trump Shifts Tone on China but Not Tactics as Deal Grows Distant
China Says US 'Maliciously Hyping Up' South China Sea Issue
China to Hold New Military Exercises in East China Sea Near Taiwan
Hong Kong Violence Becoming More Serious, but Government in Control, Says Lam
Chinese Military Runs Intimidating Simulation Drills in Shenzhen, Across From Hong Kong
China's Crackdown on Dissent Claims Free-Market Think Tank
University Lecturer Killed in Afghanistan Blast
Army Ranger Killed in 2018 Raid Was Shot by Afghan Commando
Pakistan Considering Closing Air Space to India: Minister
Students Rally in Pakistan-Held Kashmir Against India
US State Department OKs Missile Sale to Japan Worth $3.3 Billion
Russia Denies Visas to Two US Senators, Amid G7 Tensions
John Bolton Opposes New Venezuela Elections Unless Maduro Leaves First
Macron Must Take Back 'Insults' for Brazil to Accept G7 Amazon Aid: Bolsonaro
Three Girls, Ages 4, 13, and 14, Killed by Gang of Gunmen in Mexico Border City
Iranian President: First Lift Sanctions, Then Let's Talk
Iran Could Restore Oil Output to Pre-Sanctions Level Within Three Days: Minister
Iran Sentences Three to Long Prison Terms on Spying Charges
Iran Jails Iranian-British National for 10 Years for Spying for Israel
Iran Journalist Flees Zarif Delegation to Stay in Sweden
Gaza in State of Alert After Blasts Kill Two Policemen
State Department Removes 'Palestinian Territories' From Website
Bahrain Backs Israeli Airstrikes on Iranian Forces as 'Self-Defense'
Feiglin Rejects Netanyahu's Offer to Quit Race
UN Palestinian Refugee Agency Seeks Donations as Funding Slips
Iraq Daily Roundup: Five Security Personnel Killed in Attacks
Russia 'To Help Iraq Battle Israeli Air Strikes'
Judge Orders Iraq to Pay Millions to Slain Contractor's Firm
Syrian Rebels Push Back Against Army Advances in Idlib
Russia, Turkey Agree Steps to Tackle Militants in Syria's Idlib: Putin
Hezbollah Plans 'Calculated' Response to Israel
Lebanon Deported Nearly 2,500 Syrian Refugees in Three Months: Amnesty
More Than 1,000 Detained in Relation to Dismissal of Pro-Kurdish Mayors in Turkey
Aid Groups Warn Kenya's UN Bid to Sanction Al-Shabaab Will Hurt Millions in Somalia
Thousands Flee Deadly Violence in Cameroon's Separatist Regions
Sudanese Face Daunting Challenges on Path to Democracy
Amid Safety Fears, Burundi to Repatriate 200,000 Refugees From Tanzania
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