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Updated August 30, 2019 - 8:59 PM EDT
UAE Carries Out Airstrikes Against Yemeni Govt
  South Yemen Separatists Retake Capital City of Aden
  US Plans Direct Talks With Yemen's Houthis
  Saudis 'Irritated' as UAE Distances Themselves From Longtime Ally
Trump Afghan 'Withdrawal' To Leave 8,600 Troops
  Afghan Ceasefire, US Pullout Prolonging Peace Talks
  Afghanistan: Has It Cost America $500 Billion?
DoJ Finds Comey Leaked, Declines to Prosecute
2020 Dems Took Foreign-Linked Cash in Races
Trump May Block $250 Million in Aid to Ukraine
Syrian Army Gains in NW, Russia Sends Reinforcements
item Saudi Arabia Acknowledges Defeat in Yemen – Starts to Sue for Peace  by Bernhard
item Options for US in Afghanistan? Either a Bad Deal or No Deal at All  by Gil Barndollar
item Israeli Strikes Seek to Bait Iran and Scuttle US-Iran Diplomacy  by Sina Toossi
item Hezbollah Will Respond to Israel: When? How? at What Cost?  by Elijah Magnier
item Behind Israel's Bombing in Iraq's Heartland  by Giorgio Cafiero
item Facial Recognition: Ten Reasons To Be Worried  by Birgit Schippers

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Keeping Russia Out of Western Fold a 'Strategic Error', Macron Says
YouTube Takes Down Infowars Again
Trump Launches Space Command as 11th Combatant Command
Ohio Woman Pleads Guilty to Plotting Terror Attack on Toledo Bar
Why Does DARPA Need a Huge Underground Facility by Friday?
Yemen's President Hadi Calls on Saudi Arabia to Rein in UAE-Backed Separatists
Yemen's President Requests UN to Hold Session on UAE Airstrikes on Yemeni Govt Troops
UAE Defends Its Acts in Yemen as 'Self-Defense'
Yemen President Hadi Accuses UAE of 'Injustice, Aggression' With Aden Airstrikes
Iranian Oil Tanker Turns Around and Heads West From Turkey
Iranian Minister: Europe Has Two Options to Save Nuclear Deal
Iran: Lifting US Sanctions Will Help Salvage Nuclear Deal
Satellite Photos Show Burning Iran Space Center Launch Pad
Germany Welcomes US Readiness to Talk With Iran, Urges All to Play Their Part
North Korea Says It Won't Give Up Arms Modernization
North Korea Changes Constitution to Solidify Kim Jong Un's Rule
Scrapped Intelligence Pact Draws United States Into Deepening South Korea-Japan Dispute
China/Hong Kong
US-Backed Hong Kong Activist Joshua Wong Is Arrested
China Ready to Talk Trade With US With a 'Calm Attitude'
Dow Surges After China Hints It Won't Retaliate for Now in Trade War
US Companies Say Trade War Has Harmed Business in China
Investigative Report Confirms Civilian Casualties in Afghan Forces Operation
Afghan Military Launches Large-Scale Operations in Badakhshan
Kashmir Valley to Remain Under Clampdown for Two More Months
Among the Detained in Kashmir: Children
Myanmar Army Sues Religious Leader Who Told Trump the Military 'Tortured' Christians
Myanmar Jails Filmmaker for Facebook Posts Critical of Military
Violent Protest Erupts in Capital of Indonesia's Papua
Xi, Duterte Fail to Resolve Tense South China Sea Dispute
Pakistan Carries Out Training Launch of Ballistic Missile
Joe Biden's Story
As He Campaigns for President, Joe Biden Tells a Moving but False War Story
Biden Defends His Afghanistan Story After Washington Post Fact-Check: 'I Don't Understand What They're Talking About'
In Deal With Far-Right Leader, Netanyahu Edges Closer to Reelection. Next Up: The Kahanists
Israeli PM, Libertarians Hash Out Weed Deal Ahead of Polls
War and Poverty Drive Gazans to Seek Better Life in Europe Despite Dangers
Merkel Meets Palestinians' Abbas for Talks in Berlin
'This Place Is Only for Jews': The West Bank's Apartheid Springs
Iraq Daily Roundup: 11 Killed in Attacks on Security Personnel
Kurdistan and Iraq Strike Visa Deal, Plan to Drop Entry Fees
Iraqi Shi'iite Militia Tells Trump to Withdraw US Troops or Face Attacks
UN Security Council Mulls Calling for Idlib Truce, Russia Likely to Oppose
Syrian Airstrikes Kill 13, Including Six Children, in Southern Idlib
Syrian Refugees Go Into Hiding as Turkey Begins Crackdown
Powerful Cousin of Assad Placed Under House Arrest in Syria
UN Warns Ceasefire Violations Could Spark Lebanon-Israel War
US Sanctions Lebanese Bank It Says Has Ties to Hezbollah
Turkey to Seek 'Alternatives' to US F-35 Fighter Jet
Belarus Strongman Offers 'New Chapter' in Rare Talks With US
Jailed Ukrainian Filmmaker Brought to Moscow Amid Prisoner Swap Talks: Russian Media
In Global First, UN Body Orders Bosnia to Pay Wartime Rape Victim
Sweden Scraps Automatic Asylum for Syrians After Six Years
Group Threatens to Kill Anyone Who Calls for Mozambique Polls
UN Extends Sanctions Regime in Mali for Another Year
Egypt Says Militant Arrested, Search Underway for 80 Others
Ethiopia to Hold Autonomy Referendum for Ethnic Sidama in November
Ex-FARC Commander Calls for Colombia Rebels to Take Up Arms
Colombia's Duque Seeks Arrest of Rearmed Ex-FARC Leaders
Venezuela's Maduro Says Settlement Talks Could Soon Resume
'They've Been Recording Us,' Mexico President Says as Hidden Camera Found in Offices
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