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Updated September 5, 2019 - 9:58 PM EDT
Israeli Officials Seriously Consider Attacking Iran
  US State Dept Offers $15 Million for Info on Iran Revolutionary Guards
  Iran Talks of Improved Uranium Centrifuges, Raising Pressure for Deal
  US State Department Offers Bribes to Iranian Ship Captains
As US-Taliban Deal Nears, Opponents Out in Force
  Pentagon Chief Provides Few Details on Pending Afghanistan Deal
Saudi Arabia Deploys More Troops to S. Yemen
  Yemen Government Rules Out Talks With Southern Separatists
Fed. Judge: FBI Watch List Violates Constitution
Hong Kong Leader Withdraws Extradition Bill
US-Assisted Raid in Somalia Killed Two Civilians
US Surrounding Venezuela With Deployment in Guyana
item War in All but Name as US State Department Offers Bribes to Pirates  by Thomas Knapp
item Netanyahu's Elections Gamble Will Be Costly for Israel  by Ramzy Baroud
item Could Brexit Leave UK Vulnerable to Pressure From US Hawks?  by Barbara Boland
item Mueller Used 9/11 To Unleash the FBI on Americans  by Daniel Bates
item What We Still Do Not Know About Russiagate  by Stephen F. Cohen
item UN Report Finds US Likely Guilty of War Crimes in Yemen  by Ilana Novick

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Snap Election on Horizon After UK Lawmakers Vote to Block 'No-Deal' Brexit
Police Raid Australian Official's Home After Media Intimidation Raids
Canada Denies It Will Take in 100,000 Palestinians
Iran: US Sanctions on Its Space Agencies 'Ineffective'
US vs. Huawei
Huawei Says US Bid to Remove Lawyer Is Part of 'Agenda'
Huawei Accuses US of Cyberattacks, Coercing Employees
The War at Home
Millions of Facebook Users' Phone Numbers Found in Unsecured Database
Google's YouTube to Pay $170 Million Penalty for Collecting Data on Kids
Rising US Exports Shrink Trade Deficit; China Imports Fall
Alleged ISIS Sniper Charged by DoJ
TSA Reverses Ban on 'Star Wars'-Themed Thermal Detonator Coke Bottles
US Military
Pentagon Pulls Funds for Military Schools, Daycare to Pay for Trump's Border Wall
Pentagon Shelves Neutral Particle Beam Research
Pentagon, NSA Prepare to Train AI-Powered Cyber Defenses
Passing the Paramilitary Torch From the CIA to Special Operations Command
Afghanistan Presidency 'Concerned' About US-Taliban Peace Deal
Khalilzad Expects Afghan Govt to Finalize Negotiating Team
US Holds Talks With European Allies on Afghan Peace Deal
Russia Seeks To Study US-Taliban Draft Agreement
Eight Foreign Nationals Were Killed in Taliban Attack in Kabul
2009 Airstrike by a US F-15, Which Killed Scores of Afghan Civilians, Still Haunts Germany Today
Kashmiri Teenager Dies of Pellet, Tear Gas Shell Wounds
India Names Leaders of Two Pakistan-Based Groups as Terrorists
Saudi, UAE Diplomats Arrive in Pakistan to Discuss Kashmir
India 'Sowing Seeds of War' in Kashmir: Pakistan Spokesman
Russia, India Agree to Boost Joint Military Production, Trade
Pakistani Police Raid Militant Hideout Near Quetta; Six Killed
Lack of Extradition Process From Hong Kong to China Flagged by Anti-Money Laundering Body
North Korea Tells United Nations to Cut International Aid Staff
Philippines' Duterte Wants 1,700 Freed Inmates Locked Up
Indonesian Rights Lawyer Named Suspect After Sharing Posts on Papua
Trump Says Meeting With Rouhani Possible at UN General Assembly
US Will Not Provide Waivers for Iran Credit Line Plan: Senior US Diplomat
US Offered Ship Captain Money in Bid to Seize Iranian Tanker in Persian Gulf
Iran Has Released Seven Crew Members of Seized Tanker Stena Impero: Sweden Foreign Minister
US Blacklists 'Oil for Terror' Ship Network as It Raises Pressure on IRGC
Captain of Controversial Iranian Tanker Wants Out
No Trade Mechanism Until Iran Passes Terrorism Financing Laws: French Diplomat
Russia, India Back Legitimate Trade Ties With Iran: RIA Cites Joint Statement
ICC Judges Demand New Probe Into Israeli Flotilla Attack
Netanyahu's Pre-Election Visit to Hebron Sparks Protest
Reading, Writing, and Racism: 'Nation-State' Law Now Official Israeli Curriculum
Bomb Attack Kills, Injures Three Soldiers in Turkey
Erdogan Says It's Unacceptable That Turkey Can't Have Nukes
Middle East
Iraq Daily Roundup: 13 Women Found in Mass Grave
Kurdish Official: Syria's 'Safe Zone' Off to a Good Start
Russian TV Reporter Walks Around Deserted IDF Post Hit by Hezbollah Missiles
Russia, OPEC Sources Say Saudi Shake-Up Won't Affect Oil Pact
Russia Jails Protester for Three Years for Violence Against Police
Pilots of Russian SU-25UB Bomber Killed in Stavropol Crash
UN Warns of Burundi Atrocities as 'Divine' Ruler Eyes 2020 Election
Son of Late Egyptian President Morsi Dies at Age 24 of Sudden Heart Attack
Nigeria Boycotts Africa Economic Summit in Capetown Over Anti-Foreign Riots
Venezuela Military Exercises on Border a 'Threat': Colombia Minister
Colombia Rebels' New Offensive Brings Back Bad Memories for Businesses
US to Give Additional $120 Million to Help Venezuelan Migrants
Guatemala Declares State of Emergency After 3 Soldiers Killed
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