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Updated September 10, 2019 - 8:45 PM EDT
 National Security Adviser John Bolton Fired
Trump: Afghan Peace Talks 'Are Dead'
  Media Backlash on Trump Almost Meeting Taliban at Camp David
  Trump Hawks Resisted Meeting With Taliban at Camp David
  Mattis: US Needs More Boots on the Ground in Afghanistan
  Airstrike Kills Seven Civilians in Maidan Wardak Province
Trump Says Could Meet With Iranian President
  Israeli PM Claims He Found Iran Nuclear Site, but No Evidence Exists
Advisor: Biden 'Misspoke' on Early Opposition to Iraq War
70% of Americans Say Arms Sales Make US Less Safe
'Mystery Airstrikes' Kill 18 Iraqi Fighters on Syria Border
Bill Defeated Allowing Cameras at Israeli Polling Stations
item Will NPR Officially Change Name to National Propaganda Radio?  by Edward Curtin
item South Korea and Japan: A Mutual Loathing the US Can't Fix  by Doug Bandow
item The Stubborn Persistence of Failed Maximum Pressure Against Iran  by Paul R. Pillar
item Will Trump Bring Peace to Afghanistan?  by Reese Erlich
item Britain Is Behind the Slaughter in Yemen  by David Wearing
item A Luxury Facility for Military Contractors Endangers Afghan Civilians  by M.H. Arsalai & M.K. Momand

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Real US Debt Levels Could Be a Shocking 2,000% of GDP, Report Suggests
Swedish Prosecutor Reviewing Witness Accounts in Assange Case
France Says 'Time Has Come' to Ease Tensions With Russia
'Give Me Headphones and Coffee, I'll Chop His Body Up': Khashoggi's Murderer
US Military Likely to Ramp Up Operations Against Taliban: US General
Heavy Clashes Ongoing in Takhar Province of Afghanistan
Afghan President Renews Calls for Peace, Demands Ceasefire
Yumgan District Under Afghan Forces Control After Four Years
UN Chief: ISIS Remains Resilient in Afghanistan
Statement of Islamic Emirate Concerning Tweet of Donald Trump About Negotiations
Dead Mobile Phones, Longing and Tears in Kashmir
UN Rights Chief Asks India to Ease Kashmir Lockdown
China/Hong Kong
China Will Not Tolerate Attempts to Separate Hong Kong From China: State Media
Hong Kong August Visitors Plunge 40% Year on Year, Hotels Half-Full: Finance Chief
North Korea Willing to Resume US Talks This Month, but Calls for New Approach
South Korea Military Says North Launches Two Projectiles
Dennis Rodman, Who Hangs With Trump and Kim, Says Korea Peace Deal 'Could Still Work'
Algerian Authorities Accused of Clamping Down on Protesters
Egypt Wants Sudan Off US Terror List
Nigeria to Repatriate Hundreds of Citizens From South Africa
Colombia to Tell UN That Venezuela Harbors 'Terrorists'
Venezuela's Maduro May Push Anti-Trump Petition at UN, US Believes
EU Stresses Support for Cuba Even as US Hikes Sanctions
Hondurans Feel Fate of Their Unpopular President Lies in US
Death of an Activist: Unsolved Murder Exposes Fraught Outlook in Mexico
The War at Home
DHS Wants to Collect More Social-Media Records
Valerie Plame Shows Off CIA Driving in New Campaign Ad
As China Trade War Escalates, 2020 US Democrats Scramble Over Their Message
Giuliani Tears Into Democrats After House Opens Probe Into Whether He Pressured Ukraine to Target Biden
Netanyahu Party Exposed Personal Details, Political Affiliation of Millions of Israelis
Israeli Forces Arrest Palestinian Children in Violent West Bank Raids
Likud MK to Arab Lawmaker: The Jews Are a 'Special Race'
Israeli Soldiers Critically Wound Palestinian Man Near Ramallah: Medics
Israel Says Rockets Fired From Syria but Fell Short
Gantz Raises Alarm Over Possible Violence at Polls After Camera Bill Fails
Palestinian President Says US Fails to Respect International Law
Video: Going to School Under Israeli Occupation
Supreme Court Allows Israel to Continue Holding Bodies of Killed Palestinians
Israel Accused of Negligence Over Death of Cancer-Stricken Palestinian Prisoner
Palestinian Movement Hamas Demands Release of Senior Official Detained in Saudi Arabia
'The Most Vegan Army in the World': How Israel Co-Opts Veganism to Justify Palestinian Oppression
Lebanon's Hezbollah Downs Israeli Drone in Southern Town
Former Hezbollah Official Found Dead in Beirut Flat
Roadside Bomb Blast Kills Two Children in Southern Yemen
Weapons Store Explosion Leaves Six Citizens Killed in Hodeidah
US Eyeing Sanctions Over Turkey's S-400 Buy: Mnuchin
Turkish Soldier Killed in PKK Attack
Middle East
Iraq Daily Roundup: 22 Killed, Another Warehouse Explodes
Persian Envy: Saudi Arabia Wants to Also Enrich Uranium: Energy Minister Abdulaziz Bin Salman
US Says It Is Concerned About China's Purchases of Iranian Oil
Thousands of Undocumented Bodies Recovered in Latest Raqqa Mass Grave
Strong Showing for Opposition in Moscow City Election
Google, Facebook Rebuff Russia Over Political Advertising Accusation
Australia Blocks Access to Eight Websites Showing Video of New Zealand Mosque Attacks
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