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Updated September 11, 2019 - 9:49 PM EDT
On 9/11, Media's Betrayal of American Soldiers
  Veterans Reach Their Tipping Point Against Our Post-9/11 Wars
  Post-9/11 Vets Bear More Mental, Physical Battle Scars
John Bolton Is Gone and Good Riddance
  Oil Market Upbeat, Iran War Risk Shrinks After Bolton Axed
  At Least 10 Names Being Discussed to Replace John Bolton
Stronger Than Ever, Taliban Vows to Fight On
  Mattis: US Needs More Boots on the Ground in Afghanistan
Lawmakers Aim to Twist Trump's Arm on Yemen
Turkey Accuses US of 'Stalling' Syria Safe Zone
US Drops 80,000 Pounds of Bombs on Small Iraq Island
Netanyahu Vows to Annex Jordan Valley if Re-Elected
US Joins Israel in Accusing Iran Over Nuclear Program
North Korea Ready for New Talks, Continues Rocket Tests
FBI Ordered to Expunge Threat Assessment of
item John Bolton Is Gone and Good Riddance  by Daniel L. Davis
item Trump Foreign Policy as Theater of the Absurd  by Philip Giraldi
item Observe 9/11 Anniversary by Calling for an End to the Afghan War  by Marjorie Cohn
item The Media's Betrayal of American Soldiers  by Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.)
item Ending War, American-Style  by Andrew Bacevich
item Trillion-Dollar Military Not Enough for the War Party  by Ryan McMaken

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New US Sanctions Target Hamas, ISIS, Other Groups
Biden Advisor: Biden 'Misspoke' on Early Opposition to Iraq War
Rachel Maddow Sued by One America News for 'Russian Propaganda' Remark
Israeli Spyware Firm Adopts 'Human Rights Policy'
Bolton's Departure Shows Failure of US 'Maximum Pressure' Against Iran : Rouhani Adviser
Oil Falls on Possibility of Iran Exports Resuming After Trump Fires Hard-Line Adviser
Israeli Politician Yair Lapid: Trump Should Not Meet With Rouhani
UK Accuses Iran of Selling Oil From Seized Tanker to Syria
US to Monitor Iranian Oil Shipments, Will Eye Chinese Purchases
Iranian Football Fan Dies After Setting Herself on Fire Protesting Women's Football Ban
Saudi Arabia
Turkish Newspaper: Khashoggi Recorded Asking Killers Not to Suffocate Him
Saudi Arabia Plans to Enrich Uranium for Its Nuclear Power Reactors
Inside Saudi Arabia's Instagram Influence Operation, Where Bloggers Get Lavish Vacations to Help Clean Up the Country's Bloody Reputation
Occupation Good for Palestinians, Says Israeli Opposition Chief
All Peace Deals to End if Netanyahu Annexes Jordan Valley: Palestinian President
Israeli Leaders Promote West Bank Annexation in Wake of Soldier's Killing
Any Israeli Attack Will Be Met With Response: Nasrallah
Arab League Says Netanyahu's Plan Will Undermine Peace Process
Danger From Above: Gaza Farmers Struggle to Save Crops From Israeli Planes
Iraq Daily Roundup: Six Killed; Coalition Carpet Bombs ISIS Target
31 Iraqi Pilgrims Die in Stampede During Ashura Commemorations
Air Strikes Hit Syria Ceasefire Zone
Syria's Raqqa Still Finding the Dead, 2 Years After ISIS Fall
Erdogan Says Turkey Cannot Handle New Migrant Wave From Syria
US Considering Sanctions Over Turkey's S-400 Purchase
Turkey Expands Its Military Base and Influence in Qatar
Next EU Chief Says She Does Not See Turkish Progress in EU Entry Bid
Middle East
Hezbollah Says It Downed Israel Drone to Boost Deterrence
Bahrain Lodges Arab League Complaint on Al Jazeera Over Al-Qaeda Assassins Expose
Venezuelan Military Conducts Drills on Colombian Border to 'Intercept Invasion'
Guatemala Deploys 2,000 Troops After Deadly Attack on Soldiers
Mexico to Press US on Halting Illegal Flow of Weapons: Mexico FM
The War at Home
As Frustration With Bolton Mounted, Trump Reached Out to McMaster
Rand Paul: Trump Firing John Bolton Was 'Necessary'
CIA Slams CNN's 'Simply False' Reporting on Alleged CIA Spy's Extraction From Kremlin
Air Force Investigating White Phosphorous Rocket Spill on Tucson Road
Thanks to Border Wall, 'All-Out Brawl' Looms Over Pentagon Spending Bill
Senators Introduce Bill To Allow Service Members to Sue for Military Medical Malpractice
Govt-Taliban Talks Should Begin as Soon as Possible: UN Rep
Blast Heard Near US Embassy in Kabul on 9/11 Anniversary
Pakistan Warns of Genocide in Kashmir, Expects No Talks With India
Kashmiris Allege Night Terror by Indian Troops in Crackdown
China Angered After German FM Meets Hong Kong Activist
Indonesian Police Say Exiled Separatist Fomenting Papua Unrest, 85 Arrested
Russia Confirms Alleged US Spy Worked in the Kremlin
Kremlin Says Alleged US Spy Did Not Have Access to Putin
Anti-Kremlin Candidate Wins Moscow Assembly Seat With Help of Army Votes
Ukraine Ruling Party Gets Promised Impeachment Law Through Parliament
EU Creates Defense and Space Branch 'To Complement NATO'
Bulgarian NGO Official Charged With Spying for Russia
Northern Ireland Police Recover IED in Derry City Search
Italy Joins Britain's Tempest Combat Aircraft Program
Estonian Robot Fires Javelin Missile Using Norwegian Remote Launcher
Banned Nigerian Shi'ite Group Says Police Killed 12 in Religious Marches
Hundreds of Nigerians to Take Free Evacuation From South Africa
Burkina Faso Police Killed in Soum Ambush
'Will We Eat Democracy?': Tunisians Frustrated as Elections Approach
Egypt Arrests Muslim Brotherhood Members Suspected of Planning Attacks
Algerian PM to Resign, Paving Way for Vote After Protracted Protests
Libya's Only Civilian Airport Closed After Haftar Missile Strike
Sudan's Prime Minister to Join Peace Talks in Juba With Rebels
Cameroon Leader Says Government Will Organize Talks to Solve Separatist Crisis
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