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Updated September 20, 2019 - 8:52 PM EDT
US Forces Heading to Saudi Arabia To Defend Oil
  Pentagon to Give Trump Iran Military Options
  Iran Officials Warn Against US Military Attack
  UAE Joining International Maritime Mission Against Iran
  Attacks Expose Flaws in Saudi Arabia's Expensive Military
  China's Giant $400 Billion Iran Investment Complicates US Options
US Drone Strike Kills 30 Afghan Farm Workers
  Taliban Truck Bomb Kills at Least 20 in Southern Afghanistan
  US Cuts $160 Million in Afghan Aid, Citing Corruption
Israel's Liberman Denies Gantz Coalition Deal
Hurdles Abound in $700 Billion US Defense Bill
Trump Pressed Ukraine to Investigate Biden's Son: WSJ
Federal Court: US 'Enhanced Interrogation' Is Torture
item What Trump's Missteps on Iran Have Wrought  by Reese Erlich
item Safe Haven Argument for Staying in Afghanistan  by Jacob G. Hornberger
item Even 'Limited' Nuclear War Could Cause 90 Million Casualties in a Few Hours  by Matthew Gault
item Can Trump Still Avoid War With Iran?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
item The Imperial Debris of War  by Stephanie Savell
item Will Russia Be Driven From the West?  by Stephen F. Cohen

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Edward Snowden: France Rejects Asylum Request
Tillerson: Netanyahu Played Trump With Misinformation
France, Germany Closing in on Arms Exports Pact
Amnesty Chief Says US Strike Would Worsen Mideast Suffering
US Issues Visas for Iran's Rouhani, Zarif to Travel to UN Meeting
Military Strike Against Iran Would Result in 'All-Out War': Foreign Minister
Pompeo Inadvertently Admitted the Iran Crisis Is a 'Direct Result' of Trump's Actions
As Chance of Trump, Rouhani Meeting at UN Fades, Talk Turns to Security Council
Saudi Arabia
France Says Houthi Claim of Saudi Attack Lacks Credibility
Russia Urges Persian Gulf Countries to Start Talks to Defuse Tensions
Saudi Minister Says Complacency Towards Iran Will Encourage Further Hostilities
US Consulting With Saudi Arabia on Ways to Counter Threats From North
Pakistan PM Expresses Full Support to Saudi Arabia After Attacks on Oil Facilities
Yemen Explosion Kills Six Government Troops, Saudi Officer
Four Killed in Bomb Attack on Passenger Bus in SE Yemen
Yemen's Govt Appoints New Central Bank Governor in Aden
Weakened Netanyahu's Offer of Unity Govt Rebuffed by Gantz
Tibi Thanks 'Magician' Netanyahu for Driving Up Arab Vote
Israel Justifies Fatal Checkpoint Shooting of Palestinian Women as Video Causes Outcry
Netanyahu Praises Trump as US Announces Sanctions Hike on Iran
Israeli Court Approves Use of Palestinian Bodies as Bargaining Chips
Iron Dome Activated Near Gaza Border in False Alarm
Iraq Daily Roundup: Three Killed Across Iraq
item Iraqi Kids Test Positive for Depleted Uranium Remnants Near Former US Air Base
Iraq Will Not Join Maritime Mission in Persian Gulf, Rejects Israel Participation
Germany Sends 70 Tons of Weapons to Kurdistan Peshmerga
Russia, China Veto UN Resolution Calling for Ceasefire in Syria
Syrian State Media Says Drone Destroyed Over Damascus Countryside
'Islamic State' Refugee Camp in Syria Filled With ISIS Supporters
Pentagon Official: Makeshift Jails for ISIS Adherents in Syria 'Not Sustainable'
US Expects UN Help With Turkey's Resettlement of Syrian Refugees Into Border Zone
Lebanese Military Eyes Enhancing Cooperation With UN Peacekeeping Forces
Lebanon Court Acquits One Australia Bomb Plot Suspect
US-Sanctioned Lebanese Bank Self-Liquidates
The War at Home
New National Security Adviser Recently Considered War to Free Prisoners in Iran
Trump Mocks Sen. Graham's Calls for War, Asks How Iraq Worked Out
Trump Adviser Says US President Ready to Escalate Trade War if No Deal Agreed Soon
House Armed Services Panel Gets Classified Briefing on Saudi Attacks
US Says New Jersey Man With Long Hezbollah Ties Indicted on Terrorism Charges
'We Were Wrong': Koch Network Plans New Strategy Against Trump China Tariffs
Marines Arm Drone Vehicle With .50-Cal Machine Gun for Urban Fight
Afghanistan Braces for Deadly Attacks as Taliban Vow to Disrupt Presidential Election
Khalilzad Testifies Before US Congress in Classified Briefing
Afghan President Sees His Chance After Collapse of US-Taliban Talks
Security Report on Afghan Polling Centers Sparks Backlash
Amnesty Accuses Hong Kong Police of Arbitrary Arrests, Torture
Arrests of Pro-India Politicians Leave India With Few Allies in Kashmir
Government Report Reveals Pakistan's Progress on Military Acquisitions Amid Financial Woes
Egyptian Officials: Sinai Blast Kills One, Injures Two Forces
Egyptian Activist Wael Ghonim Says Security Forces 'Kidnapped' His Brother
At Least 28 Displaced People Killed in Northern DR Congo
ISIS Claims Attack in Burkina Faso That Killed 24 Soldiers
Nigerian Army Says NGO Aided Terrorists, Forces It to Close Office
Third Algerian Pro-Democracy Figure Detained in a Week, With Two Protesters Killed by Police
Ukraine Military Aid Extension Passes US House After White House Delay
Belgian F-16 Crew Ejects, One Dangles on Power Line Until Saved
Italy 'Willing to Join' European Military Intervention Initiative, Government Says
US Expels Two Members of Cuba's UN Delegation, Citing 'Influence Operations'
Neurotoxin May Have Caused Diplomats' Illness in Cuba: Canadian Study
Venezuela's Rival Factions Take Power Struggle to UN After Talks Fail
Medicinal Cannabis Could Bring in $6 Billion a Year, Colombia Says
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