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Updated September 21, 2019 - 5:33 PM EDT
US Forces Heading to Saudi Arabia To Defend Oil
  Trump: No Plans to Attack Iran Now, But Would Be Easy Decision
  Trump Announces 'Toughest Sanctions Ever' on Iran
Saudis Launch New Offensive Against Hodeidah
  Yemen's Houthis to Stop Attacks, Hope Saudis Do Likewise

Iraq's Stability Struggles Amid US, Iran Tensions

  Bus Bombing Kills 12 People Near Iraqi City of Kerbala
Israel's Liberman Denies Gantz Coalition Deal
  A Historic First? Israel's Arabs Could Lead Parliamentary Opposition
US Defends Attacking Afghan Farm Laborers
US Airstrike Kills Alleged ISIS Fighters in Libya
Trump Pressed Ukraine to Investigate Biden's Son: WSJ
Russia Slams US Plan to Destroy Russia's Air Defenses
item How Dare Samantha Power Scrub the Yemen War From Her Memoir  by Shireen Al-Adeimi
item Israelis Have Made Their Verdict Clear: Netanyahu's Time Is Up  by Jonathan Cook
item With Friends Like Israel, Who Needs Enemies?  by Mohamed Mohamed
item No War for Saudi Oil!
 by Mel Gurtov
item Will Americans Let Trump Start a War for Saudi Arabia?  by Medea Benjamin & Nicolas JS Davies
item The Real Reason the US Is Staying in Afghanistan  by Ronald Enzweiler

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US Orders Two Universities to Recast Tone on Israel
Iranian Students Barred From Boarding US-Bound Flights
Small but Rare Protests in Egypt After Online Call for Dissent
Secret FBI Subpoenas Scoop Up Personal Data From Scores of Companies
The War at Home
Leaked Army Document Reveals the Whole 'One Weekend a Month' Reserve Thing Is Kinda B*llshit
The NSA Is Running a Satellite Hacking Experiment
13 Marines Charged With Smuggling Immigrants From Mexico
Letter Detailing Civilian Presence Failed to Prevent Deadly Afghan Drone Strike
ISIS 'Recruiting in Helmand,' Afghan MPs Claim
US Voters Split on Whether Taliban Peace Talks Would Help National Security
As Taiwan Loses Influence, China Gains Ground in Race With US
Global Stocks Fall as China Cancels US Farm Visits, Yields Dip
North Korea Chief Negotiator Welcomes Trump's Call for 'New Method' at Talks
Bombing Kills Two Pakistani Soldiers Near Afghan Border
Families Struggle to Meet Kashmiris Lodged in Indian Jail
Trump to Meet With Ukraine President at UN Next Week
Russia, in Rare U-Turn, Frees Jailed Actor After Outcry
Slovak Street Protests Return as Investigation Into Murdered Journalist Builds
Thousands Gather in Tbilisi for Protest Against Georgian Govt
Northern Ireland Police Recover Mortar Component After Day-Long Operation
Cuba: Diplomat Expulsions, Gas Crisis Part of US Offensive
Cuban 'Sonic Weapon' Sickness Caused by Pesticides?
Amid Crippling Sanctions, Cuba Deploys Oxen, Wood-Fired Ovens to Overcome Fuel Crisis
Colombian FARC Leader Wants Peace Deal Respected to Undercut Dissidents
Mexico and Uruguay Urge Dialogue as Venezuela Crisis Deepens
El Salvador Signs Asylum Cooperation Deal With US
Americans Still Dying
Decorated Tennessee Green Beret Killed in Combat in Afghanistan
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Still Owes US $181 Million for Yemen Refueling
Media Visit Saudi Oil Plant Damaged in Strike Blamed on Iran
Boeing Awarded $157 Million Contract for Saudi F-15 Original Manufacturer Training
Iran's Zarif Questions US Coalition Plans for 'Peaceful Resolution' in Middle East
Iran Central Bank Head Says New Sanctions Show US Failure
Hezbollah Says Iran Would Destroy Saudi Arabia in Any War
Netanyahu to Gantz: Let's Form a Unity Government
Gantz: I Will Form a Broad, Liberal Unity Government
Outgoing Trump Peace Envoy Meets Netanyahu but Not Gantz Amid Election Deadlock
Israel's Netanyahu Clings to Power as Coalition Talks Loom
Ridding Himself of Opponents Kulanu and Zehut, Netanyahu Ended Up Losing 300,000 Votes
Survey Shows Most Palestinians Tiring of Abbas
Russia Downs Israeli Drone Attempting to Attack in Syria
Turkey Stations Doctors Near Syrian Border for Possible Military Operation
Iraq Daily Roundup: Bus Bombing Near Holy City; 30 Killed Across Country
Turkish Court Orders Rearrest of Jailed Kurdish Politician
Burkina Faso: ISIS Claims ISWAP Conducted Koutougou Attack That Killed 24 Soldiers
Nigerian Army Claims NGO Aids Boko Haram and ISWAP, Shuts Maiduguri and Damaturu Offices
Algerians Say No to Elections Held by 'Guerrilla Government'
Australian Court Finds Second Man Guilty of Plotting to Blow Up Airliner
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Kurt Vonnegut's 'Billy Pilgrim' Turns 50 by Bill Kauffman
The Mad Scientist Behind America's Mind-Control Quest With LSD
How US Foreign Policy Spawned Terror and Trump Rod Such
How Dare Samantha Power Scrub the Yemen War From Her Memoir
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