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Updated October 16, 2019 - 9:48 PM EDT
House Dems Vote To Condemn Syria Withdrawal
Russia Takes Over for US as Syria-Turkey Buffer
  US Confirms Forces 'Out of Manbij,' Syrian Troops Move In
  Turkish Assault in Syria Weakens Autonomous Iraqi Kurds
  Fearing US Abandonment, Kurds Kept Back Channels Wide Open
The Problem of 50 US Nukes in Turkey
  Trump Threatens to 'Destroy' Turkish Economy
Ghani, Abdullah Accused of Afghan Vote Fraud
  85 Civilians Killed, 373 Wounded During Afghan Election Campaign
  Unarmed Boy and His Father Were Shot Dead by Australian Soldiers
America Sold $55 Billion in Weapons in FY19
Iran's President Has Video Footage of Tanker Attack
Report: US Offered Partial Sanctions Relief on North Korea
item Time to End Washington's Feckless Regime-Change Policy and NATO, Too  by David Stockman
item Trump Made His Real Syria Mistakes Months Ago  by Daniel Depetris
item Atlantic Council Raked in Funding From Hunter Biden's Ukrainian Employer  by Max Blumenthal
item Price of the Alliance: The F-35 Undermines Korean Peace  by Stu Smallwood
item Death, Bloodshed, and Misery in Yemen  by Kathy Kelly
item Nakoma, the War State and the Giant Concrete Pyramid  by Nick Weber

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Rand Paul: Lindsey Graham: 'Wrong About Almost Every Foreign Policy Decision'
US Struggles to Convince Allies to Ban Huawei
US Army Multimission Launcher 'Off the Table'
US House Approves Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act, With Senate Vote Next
Some Syrians Are Fleeing Turkey's Offensive, Others Are Returning Home
Hundreds of Syrian Refugees Enter Northern Iraq After Turkey Offensive
Turkey Slams 'Dirty Deal' Between Syria's Assad and Kurdish Forces
Russian Forces Sweep Into US Base Abandoned in Syria
Syrian Rebel Force: It Was Mostly Kurdish Militants Who Entered Manbij
Two Killed, 12 Wounded in Turkish Border Town After YPG Attack: Governor
Turkey Detains Four Kurdish Mayors in Dawn Raids
Erdogan Says Alternatives to F-35 Jets Ready, Receiving Offers
Turkey's Low-Altitude Air Defense System Ready for Production
US and Syria/Turkey
Russian and US Defense Ministers Discuss Syria by Phone
US Vice President Pence to Meet With Turkey's Erdogan Seeking Syria Ceasefire
Justice Dept. Indicts Turkish Bank on Charges of Evading Iran Sanctions
Rand Paul on Syria: I Don't See a National Interest, I See a Huge Mess
Global Reaction
Putin Invites Erdogan to Russia as Turkey Advances in Syria
Canada 'Temporarily' Suspends New Weapons Sales to Turkey Amid Syria Offensive
Britain to Halt New Defense Export Licences to Turkey
Iraq Daily Roundup: Six Killed; Another Ammo Dump Explodes
Iraq Forms 'Law-Maintaining' Force to 'Protect' Protesters
Iraq Cut the Internet, and the Economy Suffered
Israel Launches Plan to Force Its Own Bedouin Citizens Into Refugee Camps
Historic Palestine-Saudi Arabia Soccer Game Ends in Scoreless Draw
Middle East
Two Killed During 'Incident' at Saudi Aramco Oil Facility
Ex-Obama Administration Officials Push Democrats in Congress to Defund War in Yemen
EU Sees Spike in Afghan Migrants as Many Leave Sanctions-Stricken Iran
Soldier Among 15 Killed in Shootout in Southern Mexico
Mexican President Defends Security Plan After Police Massacre
UN Peacekeeping Mission to Haiti Ends After 15 Years With Mixed Legacy
3 Ecuador Opposition Lawmakers Seek Refuge at Mexico Embassy
Hong Kong
Chaos as Hong Kong Lawmakers Thwart Leader's Annual Address
Protesters Trample, Burn Lebron James Jerseys in Hong Kong
Hong Kong Leader Rules Out Concessions in Face of Escalating Violence
Kim Vows to Fight US Sanctions, Visits Sacred North Korean Peak
South Korea Unveils Fighter Jet Mock-Up Amid Program Challenges
Police Detain Kashmir Protesters, Rebels Kill Truck Driver
Former Chief Minister's Sister, Daughter Held for Kashmir Protest
Mobile Phones Partially Restored in Kashmir, but Internet Still Down
Blast in Quetta Kills One Policeman, Ten Others Wounded
Indian Military Industry Suffocated by Troubles: China
Papua New Guinea Police Seeking to Arrest Ex-PM O'Neill
Sri Lanka Presidential Hopeful Says Won't Honor Deal With UN
Afghanistan MI-17 Helicopter Crashes in Balkh Province, Killing Seven
Clandestine 'Tsunami' Behind New Wave of Catalan Protests
Clashes Erupt in Barcelona as Catalan Separatists Protest Sentences for Leaders
Jailed Catalan Separatist Leader Says New Referendum Inevitable
Russia's Putin Signs Deals Worth $1.3bn During UAE Visit
Mass Raids Target Russian Opposition Chief
Russian Reporters Receive Threats After Investigating Secret Military Group: Editor
Ukraine Peace Plan in Limbo After Inconclusive Talks
Notre-Dame Plot: Five Women Jailed Over Foiled Car Bomb Attack
Rights Groups Call on Egypt Authorities to Free Journalist
Egyptian Dissident Mohamed Ali Spills Secrets to Middle East Eye
Ethiopia Postpones Autonomy Referendum for Ethnic Sidama
Algerian Court Places Journalist in Custody
Mozambique President Urges Peace, Opposition Warns Against Fraud as Votes Counted
Four Bodies Pulled From DR Congo Presidential Plane Crash Wreckage
Venezuela's Opposition Prepares US Lawsuit to Defend Citgo
Brazil Probes Whether 'Ghost Ship' Carrying Sanctioned Venezuelan Oil Involved in Spill
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