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Updated October 17, 2019 - 8:44 PM EDT
Turkey, US Agree 120-Hour Ceasefire in N. Syria
House Dems Vote To Condemn Syria Withdrawal
  Pelosi and Schumer Exit Trump Meeting on Syria, Claim 'Meltdown'
  Trump Warns Turkey's Erdogan Not to 'Be a Tough Guy'
US Destroys Former Syria Base, Exits More Cities
  Turkish Invasion Sparks NATO Crisis but Eviction Is Unlikely
America Sold $55 Billion in Weapons in FY19
  3 Ways the Pentagon Wants to Make Buying American Weapons Easier
US Envoy: Syria Pullout Doesn't Effect Iran Strategy
  US Confirms Secret Cyber Attack on Iran After Saudi Refineries Hit
Fed Survey: US Economy Hurt by Trade Battles
North Korea: Kim's Horse Photos Portend a 'Great Event'
Rare US Admission of Guilt for Killing Afghan Child
item What the Media Aren't Telling You About Turkey and the Kurds  by Marc Joffe
item Israel Prepares to Turn Bedouin Citizens Into Refugees in Their Own Country  by Jonathan Cook
item Remember the FBI's Promise It Wasn't Abusing the NSA's Data on US Citizens?  by Kieren McCarthy
item To End the Wars, Attack the Right From the Right  by Scott Horton
item Trump's Syria Conundrum Is a Sign That US Has Too Many Alliances  by Ted Galen Carpenter
item Turkey's Syria Invasion Rapidly Backfiring for Ankara  by Patrick Cockburn

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Giuliani Pressed Trump to Eject Turkish Opposition Figure Gulen From US
Barbara Barrett Confirmed as Next Air Force Secretary
Hong Kong's Snowden Refugees Appeal to Trudeau Ahead of Canadian Election
Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Europe's 'Double Standard' in Arms Sales
US Leaves North Syria
US Coalition: Forces Have Left Syrian Cities of Raqqa, Tabqah, Lafarge Factory
How the US Military Will Carry Out a Hasty, Risky Withdrawal From Syria
Trump Says Turkey's Syria Offensive 'Not Our Problem', PKK Worse Than ISIS
Trump Letter to Erdogan: 'Don't Be a Fool'
Russians Share Videos From Hastily Abandoned US Base in Syria: 'Manbij Is Ours!'
US Troops Left Behind Dick Drawings for Russians in Syria
Sen. Paul: Trump Was Wise to Move US Troops From Turkey-Syria Border
On Syria, Trump Accuses Graham of Wanting 'To Stay in the Middle East for the Next Thousand Years'
Kurds Say They Are Suspending Fight Against ISIS as Syrian Forces Enter Kobane
SDF Commander: Trump Did Not Oppose Deal With Damascus to Fend Off Turkish Offensive
Anti-Assad Protests Break Out in Eastern Syria Following SDF-Regime Agreement
Kremlin: Turkey's Syria Operation Should Not Damage Political Process
Two Belgian ISIS Militants Escape Camp in North Syria: Belgium
Turkey Arrests 24 Over Criticism of Syria Offensive
Turkey's Military Ties to US and NATO Remain Strong: US Army Leaders
Trump Expresses Confidence When Asked if Nuclear Weapons at Incirlik Are Safe
Trump's New National Security Adviser Dispatched to Turkey to Halt Assault on Syria
Arms Sales Bans Will Not Impact Turkey's Defense Industry: Turkish Industry Head
Liz Cheney's Turkey Sanctions Bill Would Ban US Arms Sales
Turkey Says It Will Retaliate Against US Sanctions Over Syria Offensive
Catalan Demonstrators Clash With Police in Third Day of Protests
Russia Removes US Diplomats From Train Near Secret Test Site Accident
France and Germany Sign Deals on Space and Arms Exports
Central America
US Gives Security Support to Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador
Haiti President Breaks Silence, Says Will Not Resign
Iraq Daily Roundup: Seven Killed, Including Kurdish Journalists
France's Le Drian to Go to Iraq to Discuss Trials for Jihadists From Syria
Students in Iraqi Village Studying in Tents Due to Turkish Bombs Targeting PKK
Kurdish Journalist Shot Dead in Northeastern Iraq
Vital Medicines Run Out in Gaza
Partying on Ethnically Cleansed Bedouin Land
Israel Detains and Interrogates Al-Aqsa Mosque Preacher
Israel Re-Opens Natural Springs in West Bank but Bars Palestinian Locals From Visiting
Middle East
Yemeni Govt, Separatists Seen Inking Deal to End Aden Standoff
Pakistan Says Saudis, Iran Willing to Pursue Diplomacy
China/Hong Kong
China Warns of 'Countermeasures' Over US Bill Supporting Hong Kong Protesters
China Says US House Should Stop Interfering in Hong Kong
No Invitation From China for US Officials to Travel to Beijing for More Talks, Steven Mnuchin Says
Three Killed, 43 Injured in East Afghanistan Car Bomb Blast: Official
More Afghans Migrating to Europe From Iran Than Syrians: Report
As Militants Kill in Kashmir, People Are Afraid to Go to Work
Three Militants, Two Civilians Killed as Violence Spreads in Kashmir
Papua New Guinea
US Edges China Out of Race to Fund Bougainville Independence Vote
Africans Fail to Get UN Support for AU-UN Envoy for Libya
Libyan Official: Tripoli Is Restricting Our Oil Revenues
Nine Killed in Guinea Protests This Week: Hospital Staff
Police Free Hundreds of Males, Some Chained and Beaten, From Nigerian School in Third Raid This Month
Mystery as Plane Carrying Russian Arms Smugglers Crashes in DR Congo
Moroccan King Pardons Journalist in Abortion Case
Key Rebel Group Halts Direct Peace Talks With Khartoum
Somalia: Puntland to Deploy More Troops to Curb Illegal Fishing
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