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Updated November 6, 2019 - 8:28 PM EST
Trump OKs Wider War for Syrian Oil Mission
  Syrian Forces Arrive at Oil Field Claimed by President Trump
  Crowd Pelts With Stones Turkish-Russian Patrol in Syria
Iran Would Talk to Saudis With or Without Mediator
  Media Hype Has Nations Expressing Concern About Iran's Enrichment
Trump Offers to 'Wage War' on Cartels in Mexico
Yemen Govt, Separatists Reach Power-Sharing Agreement
A View From the Bridge: Iraq's Protesters Under Fire
Pro-Establishment Hong Kong Legislator Stabbed
item The Switch: 'Liberal' Thought Police and Endless War  by Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.)
item Christian Tourism to Israel: Buyer Beware  by Lawrence Davidson
item Civilian Casualties Skyrocketing in Afghanistan – The CIA Is Partly To Blame  by Dan Spinelli
item Bases, Bases, Everywhere, and Not a Base in Sight  by Nick Turse
item Mexico: One Failed US War Doesn't Justify Another  by Thomas Knapp
item Israeli Companies Take Corporate Welfare From Virginia Taxpayers  by Grant F. Smith

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Did Russia Really Win the War in Syria?
by Lyle J. Goldstein
ABC Stopped Jeffrey Epstein Report 'Amid Palace Threats'
Former Israel Commander Says Israel's 'Unjust' War in Palestine Fuels 'Anti-Semitism Around the World'
Egypt's President Lavishly Praises Trump on Social Media
Chile's Protests Shrink in Size After Nearly 3 Weeks
Netanyahu Mulling Direct Election for PM if Coalition Talks Fail, Likud Lawmaker Says
Israel 'On Its Way to Third Election', Senior Political Official Says
Israel's Top Court Clears Way for Deportation of Human Rights Watch Official
EU Slams Israel for Building Thousands of New Settlement Homes
This Israeli City Has 25% Arab Residents, but Won't Open a School for Them
Iraq Daily Roundup: 19 Killed; Military Base at Port Occupied by Protesters
Iraq Cuts Internet Again Amid Renewed Protests
Iraq Denies Split of Ambassadors and Diplomats in Support of Protests
Iraq Announces Return of Over 45,000 People to Military Service
Middle East
Why Palestinians in Lebanon Are Wary of Joining Protests
Iran Bans Cooperation With British Council, Warns of Prosecution
US, YPG Troops Guard Oil Fields in Northeastern Syria: Video
Wrestling Stars 'Held Hostage' in Saudi Airport
UAE Bolsters Regional Intervention by Establishing One of the Middle East's Largest Arms Company
Kremlin Says Troop Withdrawal Delays in East Ukraine Are Cause for Concern
UK to Extend Ukraine Training Mission Operation Orbital by Three Years
Spain Re-Issues International Arrest Warrants for Three Catalan Separatists
Russia Jails Jehovah's Witness Follower for Six Years on Extremism Charge
Serbia's Opposition Protest at State TV Studios, Forcing President to Use Side Door
Fake US Soldiers 'Verboten' at Berlin's Checkpoint Charlie Amid Reports They Harassed Tourists
Top Jihadist Leader Killed in the Sahel: France
Libya's East-Based Army Launches Airstrikes Around Capital
Nigerian Police Free 259 People From Islamic Institution
The War at Home
White House Denies Claim That Jared Kushner Gave Saudi Ruler Permission to Arrest Khashoggi
Rand Paul Defends Troop Withdrawal in Syria, Afghanistan: 'Can the People Who Live There Not Do Anything?'
Senate Eyes Nixing 'Forever Chemicals' From Major Defense Policy Bill
Trump Ally Alan Dershowitz and Ex-FBI Director Louis Freeh Are Lobbying for an Israeli Billionaire the US Has Accused of Corruption
Sexual Assault More Likely Than Combat to Result in PTSD
Pentagon Publishes AI Guidelines
Mother of Navy Recruit Who Died in Boot Camp Claims Service Ignored Clear Health Risks
China/Taiwan/Hong Kong
Effort in US Congress to Rein in China on Hong Kong Protests Faces Obstacles
Effort in US Congress to Rein in China on Hong Kong Protests Faces Obstacles
China Says Will 'Fully Respect' Taiwan's Way of Life
Water Cannons Deployed as Hong Kong Protesters Wearing 'V for Vendetta' Masks Test New 'Flash Mob' Tactic
China Agrees to Host Meeting on Afghan Peace: Sediqqi
Afghan Border Forces on Alert Near Durand Line
Afghan Official: Kabul to Probe Pakistan Security Complaint
Islamists to Continue Pakistan Protests Until Imran Khan Resigns
Pakistan, Afghanistan Accuse Each Other of Harassing Diplomats
North Korea Criticizes Hostile Policy as US Diplomat Visits South Korea
South Korea Offers to Visit Stalled Joint Tour Resort in North
Several Officers Killed in Attack in Southern Thailand's Yala Province
Malaysia Detains Two Cambodian Dissidents Headed for Thailand
Philippines' Duterte Appoints Drug War Critic as 'Drugs Tsar'
Fear Grips Kashmiri Village Where Indian Migrant Workers Killed
Bolivian Opposition Leader Calls for 'Radical' Strike Action, Blockades
Bolivia Opposition Leader Blocked From Reaching Capital
US Vows Pressure on Venezuela, Punishes Five Officials
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