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Updated November 7, 2019 - 9:20 PM EST
US to Build Two More Bases in Syrian Oil Region
  Pentagon: Revenue From Syrian Oil Will Go to Kurdish SDF, Not US
  US Officials Believe Turkey Violating Agreement on Use of US Arms
  US Troops at Syria Oil Fields Waiting on Rules of Engagement
  30 Kurdish Fighters, Turkey-Backed Rebels Killed as Battles Flare
Iraq PM Orders Harsher Tactics Against Protests
  At Least 97 Killed in 2nd Wave of Protests in Iraq: UN Report
  Iraqi Security Forces Break Up Protests in Battle of the Bridges
Iran to Resume Uranium Enrichment at Fordow
US Arms Arrive in Yemen Despite Congress Opposition
Pompeo in Germany, Will Threatens to Pull US Troops
Google Is Eager To Increase Helping Pentagon War Plans
item Trump's Trade War Has Consequences  by Jon Basil Utley
item Microsoft Should Not Fund Israeli Spying on Palestinians  by Ramzy Baroud
item Trump's 'Take the Oil' Strategy in Syria Is a Mistake  by Paul R. Pillar
item The Rule of Law or CIA Coup?  by Scott Horton
item The New Middle East That's Coming  by Conn Hallinan
item The Murderous Modern State  by David S. D'Amato

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Former Twitter Employees Charged With Spying for Saudi Arabia
Israeli Spyware Targeted Americans
Govt Officials Around the Globe Targeted for Hacking Through Whatsapp
US Sets Sights on Shipping Companies for Sanctions Evasions
Iraq Daily Roundup: 11 Killed; Mass Arrests of Activists
Inside the Baghdad Tower Taken Over by Protesters
Protests in Iraq Reveal a Long-Simmering Anger at Iran
Nationwide Protests Have Cost Iraq $6 Billion
FIFA Says Iraq Unsafe to Host World Cup Qualifying Games
'I Wiped Out Half a Family' – Dutch F-16 Pilot Grapples With Guilt After a Bungled Bombing Mission in Iraq
Israel Aiding Syria's Kurds, Advocating for Them With US
Trump Discusses 'Ending Hostilities Against Kurds' With Erdogan
Erdogan Says Turkey Has Captured Baghdadi's Wife in Syria
US Senators Press for Sanctions on Turkey if It Is Violating Syria Ceasefire
Chemical Weapons Organization Poised to Release Report on Syria Gas Attacks
Saudis in Talks With Yemen Rebels, Saudi Official Says
Yemeni Officials: Rebels Missile, Drone Attack Kills Eight
Garbage Crisis Brings Cholera to Yemen's Historic Taez
Iran Briefly Held IAEA Inspector, Seized Travel Documents: Diplomats
Lavrov Blames US for Events Surrounding Iran Nuclear Deal
Trump Administration Sends Mixed Signals on Lebanon Military Aid
Lebanon's Roadblocks Forced Apart as Protesters Focus on Telecoms
Israel Gantz Lashes Out at Netanyahu for Refusing Compromise in Angry Tweet
Israel Reportedly Aiming to Sign Treaty With Gulf States at White House
Israel's Controversial New Cable Car Will Ferry Tourists Over Palestinian Homes
Report: Trump Said Israel Should Pay for PA Security Assistance Instead of US
Enfeebled Israel Lobby Strikes Back on Military Aid
Israel Releases Two Jordanians After Months in Jail Without Charge
Palestinian Authority Calls Israel and ISIS 'Twins'
Head of UN Palestinian Refugee Agency Quits Amid Misconduct Inquiry
More Democrats Are Talking About Conditioning Aid to Israel, but Activists Want to See Some Action in the Senate
Middle East
Turkey's Erdogan Confirms Upcoming Visit to Washington After Call With Trump
UAE Launches 'Edge' Conglomerate to Address Its 'Antiquated Military Industry'
Palestianian Refugee Attacker Stabs Eight at Popular Jordanian Tourist Site
General Dynamics Is Missing $1.5 Billion Due to a Canadian-Saudi Spat
'Significant Number' of Police Sent to Spain's Catalonia Ahead of Election
UK Won't Act on European Arrest Warrant for Catalan Separatist
Despite US Sanctions Warning, Serbia to Buy Russian Missiles
Putin: New Weapons Will Offer Russia Reliable Protection
Sweden Charges Man With Spying on Ahwazi Community for Iran
Chilean Police Officers Set on Fire by Molotov Cocktails
Protest-Hit Chile Vows to Punish Any Abuses by Security Forces
Chile Prosecutor Seeks to Investigate 14 Police Officers for Alleged Torture of Protesters
Possible Suspect Arrested in Highway Massacre Case, Mexican Investigators Say
'The Disappeared': Searching for 40,000 Missing Victims of Mexico's Drug Wars
Student Killed as Pressure Mounts in Bolivia Protests
Bolivian Protest Leader Arrives in La Paz To Pressure Morales
Australian Whistleblower Who Leaked Afghanistan Misconduct Secrets to Represent Himself at Trial
The War at Home
Senators Press NSA Official Over Shuttered Phone Surveillance Program
Pentagon Leader Appeals to Trump to Allow Military Justice Cases to Proceed Unfettered
Texas National Guard Deployment to Mexico Border Will End Next Week
Bergdahl Gets Another Chance to Appeal His Sentence
This Is How the US Military's Massive Facial Recognition System Works
Your DNA Profile Is Private? A Florida Judge Just Said Otherwise
Iranians Plead Guilty in US Court After Arrest for Spying on Dissidents
Senate Democrat Introduces Bill to Protect Military Families From Deportation
Search Continues for Airman Who Fell Out of C-130 Over Gulf of Mexico
Sen. Tom Cotton: Trump Could Have US Forces Impose 'World of Hurt' on Mexican Cartels
China/Hong Kong
Knife Attack on Hong Kong Lawmaker Sparks Security Concerns
Chinese Exporters Start to Take Trade War Hit – but US Consumers Also Hurting, UN Study Shows
How AI and Human Rights Have Been Dragged Into the US-China Tech War, Threatening Wider Split
North Korea Slams Planned US Military Drills With South Korea
Moon-Abe Meeting 'Encouraging' for Seoul-Tokyo Ties: Senior US Diplomat
Afghan Govt Has Finalized Participant List for China Meeting
Four Afghan Police Killed in Balkh, Including Commander
Radio Reporter Shot Dead in the Philippine Island of Negros
Philippine Army Says It Thwarted a Suicide Bombing in Town in Restive South
Gunmen Kill 15 in Southern Thailand's Worst Attack in Years
ISIS Blamed for Deadly Attack on Tajik Border Outpost
Sri Lanka Government Pledges to Hold Off Signing US Pact Until After Election
Train Services in Kashmir to Resume From November 11, Say Officials
India Gains $755 Million in Additional Exports to the US Due to US-China Trade War
Bougainville Prepares for 'Peaceful, Credible' but Non-Binding Independence Vote: Papua New Guinea Official
Nigerian Troops Kill 10 Boko Haram Militants in Attack
Some Nigerians Blame Govt, Not Religious Leaders, for Shocking School Abuses
Burkina Faso
At Least 37 Killed in Attack on Canadian Miner Semafo Convoy in Burkina Faso
France Announces Troop Deployment to Burkina Faso
DR Congo
At Least 10 Civilians Killed in DR Congo Village Raid
UN Mulls Slow DR Congo Drawdown Despite Ongoing Bloodshed
Libyan Police Officers Killed in Airstrike on Tripoli Station
Libya Migrant Attack: UN Investigators Suspect Foreign Jet Bombed Center
Trump Says Talks With Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan on Dam Dispute Went Well
UN Urges South Sudan Warring Parties to Fulfill Peace Deal
Algerian Lawyers Reach Agreement With Government to End Strike
French Troops in Mali Kill 'Second Most-Wanted Terrorist in the Sahel'
Former Military Insider Tries to Rally Egypt's Opposition
Doubt Lingers as Sudan PM Promises Peace in Troubled Darfur
Nearly Half of Kenyans Surveyed by Police Watchdog Report Abuses by Officers
Moroccan Lawyer Targeted by Spyware Urges Cyber Protection for Rights Advocates
Colombia Defense Minister Quits Amid Firestorm Over Deaths
US Business Sees Dwindling Prospects in Cuba
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