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Updated November 8, 2019 - 9:12 PM EST
US Claims Iran Preparing 'Nuclear Breakout'
  Officials 'Deeply Concerned' About Iran Holding IAEA Inspector
Syrian Oil Revenue To Go to Kurdish SDF, Not US
  US Syria Envoy Slams Trump, Says US Didn't Prevent Turkish Invasion
Saudis Hired Twitter Employees to Spy on Critics
  How Saudi Arabia Infiltrated Twitter With Bribes and Bling
Trump Opposes Turkey Sanctions, Genocide Recognition
Deal With S. Yemen Separatists Upsets Hadi Supporters
UN Suspects UAE Carried Out Refugee Massacre in Libya
Iraqi Riot Police Torch Protest Sites, Shoot Demonstrators
item Trillion-Dollar Question: Will Trump Really End the 'Endless Wars'?  by Daniel Depetris
item When Is a Whistleblower, Not a Whistleblower?  by Renee Parsons
item Biden Has Defended US Allies' Use of Lethal Force Against Civilians  by Stephen Zunes
item Watching My Students Turn Into Soldiers of Empire  by Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.)
item A Tight Grip on Our Nuclear Toys  by Robert Koehler
item Will Julian Assange Die in Prison?  by Barbara Boland

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Gabbard: Dems 'Certainly Not' Anti-War Anymore
Bolivian Mayor Beaten, Dragged Through Streets
Glenn Greenwald Slapped Live on Air by Brazilian Journalist
BDS Movement Growing in US Universities: Israel Campus Coalition
Israel's Planned Jerusalem Cable Car Irks Palestinians
Erdogan Says US Not Fulfilling Syria Promises, Ahead of Trump Talks
Turkey, US Had Military, Intel Coordination Before Baghdadi Operation: Turkish DM
French Cement Maker Has Charge of Crimes Against Humanity in Syria Lifted
Iraq Daily Roundup: 16 Killed; Security Forces Use Live Rounds Against Protests
'Only the Flag in My Hand': Riot Police Torch Sit-In Tents in Basra as Protests Continue
Lebanon to Run Out of Gasoline Due to Shortage of US Dollars
Impoverished and Ignored, Tripoli Rises to Become Heart of Lebanon's Protests
Netanyahu: Europe 'Must Stop Stalling,' Confront Iran Over Its Nuclear Program
UN Inspector Set Off Explosives Test: Iran
UK Lowers Security Level for Its Ships in Strait of Hormuz
Middle East
Palestinian Authority Sues Lawyer for Anti-Normalization Facebook Post
Erdogan Says Turkey Will Let Refugees Into Europe if EU Does Not Support It
Houthi Missile Strike on Yemen Military Base Kills Six, Forces Hospital Closure
Nigeria Soldiers Killed in ISWAP Ambush Near Damboa in Borno State
Australia's Perenti Says 19 of Its Employees Killed in Burkina Faso Attack
UN Report Finds Jordan, Turkey, UAE Violated Libya Arms Embargo
War Crimes Judges Jail Congolese Warlord Ntaganda for 30 Years
Tunisia's Main Parties Refuse New Govt Led by Moderate Islamists
South Sudan President, Ex-Rebel Leader Agree to Delay Unity Government
The War at Home
US Charges NY Company With Illegal Chinese Equipment Sales
Trump Tech Chief Criticizes Chinese Surveillance in First Major International Remarks
Michigan Man Accused of Funneling Trade Secrets to His Brother in Iran
Video of Mass Arrest of Marines at Camp Pendleton on Charges of Human Smuggling
Germany Commits to NATO Spending Goal by 2031
Escape Tunnel Under Berlin Wall Opens to Public
Russia Has Retaliation Ready if US Quits Open Skies Treaty: RIA
Kosovo Set for Two-Party Govt Coalition: Final Election Results
Macron Says NATO Is Experiencing 'Brain Death' Because of Trump
Bosnia Outraged After Macron Calls It a 'Ticking Time-Bomb'
Catalan Leader Denies Ties to Jailed Radical Separatists
China/Hong Kong
Hong Kong Student Dies After Fall During Protest Clash
China Says It Has Agreed With the US to Cancel Existing Tariffs in Different Phases
Charges: Chinese Surveillance Goods Illegally Sold to US
In Joint Case With US, China Jails Nine Fentanyl Smugglers
Boy, 16, Is First to Be Convicted of Possessing Laser Pointer at Hong Kong Protests
University of Hong Kong Student Jailed for Six Weeks for Carrying Retractable Baton for Self-Defense
North Korea
North Korea Slams Door on Japan PM Abe Visit, Calls Him an 'Idiot'
North Korea Claims It Has Developed AI-Powered Face Recognition
Three Judges Killed at Taliban Checkpoint in Afghanistan, Officials Say
ISIS Militants Disguised in Women Dress Arrested in Eastern Afghanistan
The Afghan Officials' Families With Luxury Pads in Dubai
Votes of 8,494 Poll Stations to Be Recounted: Afghan IEC
Military and Police Raids Against Trade Unions in the Philippines
Privacy Concerns as India Readies Facial Recognition System
Cambodian Rival Stopped From Going Home to Challenge Autocrat Hun Sen
Bodies and Buses Burned in Deadly Night of 'Revenge' in Juarez, Mexico
UN Assembly Condemns US Embargo on Cuba, for 28th Time
Bombing That Killed Eight Kids Leaves Colombia President on Edge
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