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Updated November 19, 2019 - 9:42 PM EST
Iranian Intel Leaks and the US Folly in Iraq
Veterans Tell Congress: End the Forever Wars
Pompeo: Israeli Settlements Don't Violate Int'l Law
Amnesty: Iran Protests Leave 'Over 100 Dead
  Iran Guards Warn of 'Decisive Action' if Unrest Continues
  US Ending Sanctions Waivers on Iran's Fordow Nuclear Site
North Korea: No Interest in Talks Just So Trump Can Brag
  US Breaks Off Talks as South Korea Balks at $5 Billion Demand
Swedish Prosecutors Drop Assange Rape Investigation
Turkey Threatens to Launch a New Syria Offensive
Bombs, Missiles Falling at Record Pace in Afghan War
Interim Bolivia Officials Threaten to Arrest Opposition MPs
item What Was It All For: Iranian Intel Leaks and the US Folly in Iraq  by Maj. Danny Sjursen
item North Korea Is Calling, but Donald Trump Is Too Busy to Answer  by Harry J. Kazianis
item Trump Isn't Serious About Removing US Troops From the Middle East  by Daniel R. DePetris
item If Not Now, When; If Not US, Who?: Support Antiwar.com!  by Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.)
item Yes, but Isn't There a Bigger Issue Here?  by Ronald Enzweiler
item George Kent's Myth of Ukraine's Modern-Day 'Minutemen'  by Michael Tracey

More Viewpoints

Twitter's Saudi Spy Network Leaves Activists Living in Fear
US Govt: NSA Won't Collect Phone Location Data
Buttigieg Says He's Open to Sending Troops to Mexico
WikiLeaks Founder Assange Has Unsuitable Computer in Jail, Court Told
The War at Home
US Has World's Highest Rate of Children in Detention: UN Study
Anti-Iran Advocacy Group Foundation for Defense of Democracies Registers to Lobby
Former Army Infantry Officer Accuses Pentagon of Throwing Him Under the Bus
Esper Says Military Justice System Ready to Hold Troops Accountable Following Trump Pardons
Elizabeth Warren Ducks Call to Support Palestinian Children
US Blacklists Companies, People for Support of ISIS
China Warns US Not to 'Escalate Tensions' in South China Sea
US Extends License to Allow Sales to China's Huawei for Another 90 Days
China Attacks Western Reporting on Xinjiang as 'Pure Fabrication'
China Will Not Tolerate Any Taiwan Independence Incidents: Defense Spokesman
Agriculture Orders and Intellectual Property 'Still Big Barriers to US-China Trade Deal' : Chinese Observers
Hong Kong
Anti-Mask Law to Quell Hong Kong Protests Ruled Unconstitutional by High Court
Asian Airlines Slash Flights to Hong Kong as Unrest Escalates
Hong Kong Police Arrested Nearly 4,500 People Since Violence Erupted Over Extradition Bill in June
Chemicals Missing From Laboratories of Hong Kong's Universities Could Threaten Public Safety, Officials Warn
Former Afghan President Karzai Condemns Trump's Pardons in War-Crimes Cases
Govt Accused of Using Afghan Forces Against Protesters
Back-To-Back Blasts Hit Afghan Capital; at Least Four Wounded
Vote Recount Disrupted in 'Nine Provinces': Afghan Chief Executive's Team
Police Round Up Students in India's Capital as Fee Protests Grow
Indonesia Arrests Dozens After ISIS-Linked Suicide Bombing
US Threatens Egypt With Sanctions Over Purchase of Russian Fighter Jets
Imprisoned Egyptian Activist and Daughter of Brotherhood Leader Faces 'Premature Death'
Libya Air Raid on Biscuit Factory Kills Seven Including Foreign Workers
Russians Arrested as Spies in Libya Worked for Russian Firm Wagner, Official Says
UN Envoy Slams Foreign Interference, Air Strikes in Libya
European Missions Urge Release of Kidnapped Libyan Lawmaker
Mali Army Says 24 Soldiers, 17 Militants Killed in Attack on Northern Patrol
France and Sahel Partner Forces Conduct 'Unprecedented' Operation in Burkina Faso and Mali
Test for Ethiopia's Reforms as Sidama People Vote on Autonomy
Niger's Main Opposition Leader Returns to Jail With Eye on Presidential Bid
Palestinians Slam US Policy Reversal on Israeli Settlements
EU Says Israeli Settlement on Palestinian Territory Is Illegal
Jordan Warns of 'Dangerous Consequences' of US Shift on West Bank Settlements
US Embassy in Jerusalem Issues Travel Warning After Pompeo's Settlement Announcement
US Reversal on Settlements Draws International Outrage
Report: US May Adopt West Bank Plan for 250,000 Palestinian Jobs, Bible Tourism
Netanyahu Says Palestinian MPs Seeking to 'Destroy' Israel in 'Racist' Tirade
How EU Foreign Policy Chief Spent 5 Years Pandering to Israel
'We Are All Muath': Palestinian Journalists Show Solidarity With Photographer Shot in the Eye
Iraq Daily Roundup: Five Killed; Protesters Capture Baghdad Bridge
Activists Block Iraq's Main Port, as Protests Hit Southern Cities
Air Strikes Kill Nine in Rebel-Held NW Syria
Syrian Pilots Killed When Barrel Bomb Being Loaded Onto Chopper Explodes
A Syrian Military Helicopter Crashes in Hama Airport and Its Passengers Are Killed
Trinidad Govt Acknowledges Over 70 Trinidadian Children at Syrian Camp
Lebanese Protesters Plan Human Chain to Block Parliament
One Month On, Lebanese Protesters Cling to Their Demands
Lebanese Banks, 'Guarded by Troops', to Reopen but With Strict Withdrawal Limits
Yemen's Houthi Rebels Seize Three Ships Including Saudi Vessel in Red Sea
Russia Offers Maria Butina a Job at Human Rights Commission
Russia Begins Return of Seized Ukrainian Gunships
Dozens of Babies and Toddlers of Jailed ISIS Terror Suspects Are Flown to Moscow From Iraq
Catalan President Begins Trial for 'Disobedience'
Tear Gas, Water Cannon Used to Disperse Peaceful Rally in Georgia
UK Tories to Ban Councils From Boycotting Products From Israel Under Manifesto Plans
Opposition Wins No Seats in Belarus Election, Lukashenko Vows to Stay Put
Bolivia's Interim President Cancels Trip Due to 'Credible Threat' as Crisis Roars On
Evo Morales Says 32-Year-Old Senator Is Bolivia's Rightful President
Venezuelan Opposition Struggling for Momentum Against Maduro
Spain Orders Extradition of Missing Venezuelan Ex-Intelligence Chief to US
Chile's Pinera Vows Action Over Security Force Abuses
At Least 4 Wounded by Gunshots During Protest in Haiti
Colombia Authorizes Riot-Control Measures Ahead of Protests
'A Tissue Paper Shield': Expert Slams Canada's Lack of Protections for Whistleblowers
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Jerusalem, the Capital of Apartheid

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