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Updated November 20, 2019 - 8:55 PM EST
Iranian Intel Leaks and the US Folly in Iraq
  Over 100 Protesters Reported Killed in Iran Protest Crackdown
  US Sending 3,000 Troops to Saudi Arabia to 'Deter' Iran
  Iran Expected to Buy Fighters, Tanks as UN Arms Embargo Lifts
Israeli Warplanes Kill at Least 23 in Syria Attacks
  Turkey Says Kurdish YPG Killed Three in Rocket Attack
US Ends Talks as S. Korea Balks at $5B Demand
  China Signs Defense Pact With South Korea as US Angers Seoul
Sweden Drops Assange Rape Investigation
  How Assange, His Doctors, Lawyers, Visitors Were Spied on for the US
House Votes to Reauthorize PATRIOT Act
Veterans Tell Congress: End the Forever Wars
Ghani: Afghan Forces Have 'Obliterated' ISIS
Bolivia Deploys Armored Vehicles as Tensions Escalate
item General Shows Trump Maps of Oil Fields to Keep US Troops in Syria  by Joziah Thayer
item Gitmo Detainee: I Survived CIA Torture. Everyone Else Can Catch the Movie.  by Ahmed Rabbani
item Secret US Intel Files Provide Verdict on Argentina's Dirty War  by Peter Kornbluh
item What Was It All For: Iranian Intel Leaks and the US Folly in Iraq  by Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.)
item 25 Times Trump Has Been Hawkish on Russia  by Caitlin Johnstone
item How Media Bias Allows Israel to Get Away With Murder in Gaza  by Ramzy Baroud

More Viewpoints

ICC Could Investigate UK for 'Covering Up War Crimes' in Iraq, Afghanistan
White House Holding Up Lebanon Aid: Official
Pentagon Fails Its Second Audit – but Not as Badly
Zelensky Says Ukraine Getting 'Tired' of Trump Scandal
The War at Home
Rand Paul Names 'Whistleblower' Eric Ciaramella, Demands He Testify Before Congress
Navy Wants to Eject From SEALs a Sailor Cleared by Trump, Officials Say
UN 'Concerned' About Trump's Exoneration of Three US Servicemen
Trump Attacks Pence Aide Who Called Ukraine Call 'Inappropriate'
US Lawmakers Spar Over Surveillance Flight Treaty With Russia
Lockheed Wins $3.3 Billion Air Force Contract for Satellite Anti-Jamming Support
In Israeli Settlement, Bottles Uncorked to Toast Trump Decision
Trump's Gifts to Israel: Jerusalem, the Golan, and Now the Settlements
'No Legal Validity': Palestinian Leaders Dismiss US Settlement Position
'A Green Light' for Annexation: Palestinians Fear Fallout of US Backing Israeli Settlements
Netanyahu Trying to 'Spark a Civil War' in Israel, Says Palestinian Joint List Leader Odeh
UN, Red Cross Say Israeli Settlements Are Still Unlawful
Netanyahu Calls for Unity Government That Would Annex Jordan Valley
Israeli Air Defenses Intercept Four Rockets Fired From Syria
Russia Calls US Backing for Israeli Settlements Blow to Peace Process
President Ghani Commends Afghan Forces for Clearing Nangarhar of ISIS
Taliban Free US and Australian Hostages in Prisoner Swap
US Sees Hope for Wider Afghan Peace in Release of Two Hostages
Haqqani Prisoners Released From Bagram in Exchange, Under 'House Arrest' in Doha
US Treasury: Afghanistan-Based Organization Aiding ISIS
The Women Removing Landmines in Afghanistan
Hong Kong
US Senate Unanimously Passes Hong Kong Rights Bill
More Than 8,000 Petrol Bombs Primed for Hong Kong Streets Found in 'Weapons Factory' at Chinese University
Military Air Force Demonstration Activity at the Wonsan-Kalma Airfield, North Korea
Philippines' Duterte Blasts 'Scatterbrain' VP, Says She Cannot Be Trusted
Sri Lanka Gets Its First President With Military Credentials
'Fully-Fledged War Crimes': Fresh Haftar Airstrikes Batter Libya
Burkina Faso Accuses Mali of Unauthorized Military Operation on Its Soil
Gunmen Ambush Burundi Soldiers Near Rwanda Border, Defense Ministry Says
Egypt Is Targeting Families of Exiled Dissidents at Home, Says Human Rights Watch
Mob Enters Managua Cathedral, Attacks Hunger Strikers, Damages Property
Siege of Nicaragua's Catholic Cathedral Eases as Hunger-Strikers Leave in Fear of Assault
UN Calls on Nicaragua to End Repression After Church Attacks
As US Weighs in on Iran Protests, Critics Highlight American Culpability for Economic Crisis
Three Iran Government Soldiers Killed as Anger Over Petrol Prices Fuels Further Unrest
UN 'Alarmed' Dozens May Be Dead in Iran Protests
France Regrets US Decision on Fordow, Rebukes Iran
Russia Condemns US Decision to End Sanctions Waiver on Iran's Fordow
Iraq Daily Roundup: Three Killed; Six Bodies Found in Mass Grave
Iraqi Protesters Block Gate to Khor Al-Zubair Port
'This Is My Sacrifice': Thousands Maimed in Iraq Protests
Car Bomb Kills Many Turkey-Backed Rebels in Northern Syria
Syrian State Media Reports Blasts Near Damascus Airport
Russia Balks at Turkish Idea of New Syrian Military Operation
Syrian Sufis Fear Extremists Fighting Alongside Turkish Army
US Citizen ISIS Member Wants to Know Why He Can't Go Home
Russian Mercenaries 'Torture and Behead' Syrian Refugee in Gruesome Leaked Video
Erdogan Says He Told Trump Turkey Will Not Give Up Russian S-400s
Turkey Says It Will Repatriate Most ISIS Detainees by Year-End
Turkey Orders Detention of 133 Military Personnel Over Suspected Gulen Links: Anadolu
More Than 120 Journalists Still Jailed in Turkey: International Press Institute
Middle East
Lebanese Protesters Thwart Attempt to Hold Controversial Parliament Session
Yemen's Houthis Say They Will Release Seized Ships if Korean
High-Profile Saudi Princess Who Criticized Yemen War Goes Missing After Europe Escape Attempt
Russia Repatriates 32 Children of ISIS Members From Iraq
Rostec Exec: American Sanctions Create Unfair Advantage for Weapons Sales
Russia Rejects Ex-US Marine's Appeal for Freedom in Espionage Case
Ukraine Says It's Ready to Accept 'Reasonable Compromise' on Conflict
Ukraine Wants Timeline for Return of Territories From Russia at December Summit
Bosnia Names Serb as PM After Compromise on NATO
Opposition in Georgia Vows Further Anti-Government Protests
German Defense Minister Hits Back at Macron's NATO Criticism
Coca Farmers March, Police Fire Tear Gas in Worsening Bolivia Unrest
Three Dead as Bolivian Military Lifts Fuel Blockade
Bolivian Lawmakers Cancel Contentious Meeting to Discuss Morales' Resignation
Shortages Grip Bolivia as Govt Struggles to Contain Unrest
Venezuela Opposition Cuts Deal to Delay Possible Citgo Seizure
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The Rule of Law or CIA Coup?

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Israeli Soldier Gets Slap on the Wrist for Murder of Unarmed Child

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To Be or Not To Be a Jewish State: That Is the Question

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George W. Bush Is Not Your Republican Friend With Whom You Respectfully Disagree

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War-Fighting and the Loss of Liberty

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Jerusalem, the Capital of Apartheid

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