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Updated November 21, 2019 - 9:59 PM EST
FBI Official Probed for Altering Russiagate Docs
US Denies Plan to Pull 4,000 Troops in S. Korea
  US Envoy: Time Running Out on North Korea Deal
  China Signs Defense Pact With South Korea as US Angers Seoul
  The First Nukes on the Korean Peninsula
Iran's President Claims Victory Over Protests
  Iranian Intel Leaks and the US Folly in Iraq
UK Arms to Saudis Doubled During Yemen War
  Over 130 Attacks on Medical Facilities in Yemen War
Ukraine Investigating Biden-Connected Gas Firm
US Spent $6.4 Trillion on Wars Since 2001: Study
Israeli Warplanes Kill at Least 23 in Syria Attacks
House Votes to Reauthorize PATRIOT Act
Morales Calls for International Help in Bolivia
Netanyahu Charged With Bribery, Fraud, Breach of Trust
item UK Failure in Iraq and Afghanistan Highlighted by War Crime Claims  by Patrick Cockburn
item Pompeo Buries Two-State Solution With New US Policy on Settlements  by Mitchell Plitnick
item Take the Oil? Pull the Troops? What Is Trump Doing in Syria?  by Daniel Depetris
item Prosecution of Assange Calls for the Public Defense of Free Speech  by Nozomi Hayase
item Russiagaters Pivot Focus to Russian State Media  by Dave DeCamp
item Two More US Deaths for Nothing in Afghanistan  by Jacob G. Hornberger

More Viewpoints

Trump Hopes Release of Captives in Afghanistan Prompts Ceasefire
Palestinian Journalist Loses Eye to Israeli Bullet
Al-Shabaab Official Killed in US Drone Strike
After 2 Elections and 3 Tries, Israel Is No Closer to Ending Deadlock
Left, Right, Ultra-Orthodox Unite in Denouncing Liberman's 'Anti-Semitic' Speech
At United Nations, US Faces Strong Opposition to Its Shift on Israeli Settlements
EU Should Recognize Palestinian State After US Backs Israeli Settlements: Luxembourg
Hungary 'Blocks Joint EU Statement' Condemning US Green Light for Israeli Settlements
Iraq Daily Roundup: 19 Killed; Turkish Strikes Hit Non-PKK Targets
Protesters Vow to Block Iraq's Main Port Until Demands Met
'Tuk Tuk' a Newspaper for the Iraqi Protest Movement
Journalist Temporarily Abducted, TV Office Attacked Amid Protests in Iraq
Turkey Increases Anti-PKK Operations by 150 Pct in 3 Years: Minister
Turkey Arrests Lawyer Hired by German Embassy
Turkey Repatriates 15 Foreign ISIS Suspects
Saudi-Led Coalition Says Yemen Houthis Claim of Shooting Down Warplane Is Incorrect
King Salman Says Saudi-Brokered Yemen Agreement Could Be Step Towards Wider Peace Deal
Saudi Arabia
ARAMCO Deploying Saudi-Made Drones to Protect Facilities as Oil-Giant Prepares IPO Launch
Saudi Arabia Rejects US Position on Israeli Settlements
Middle East
Iranian President Calls Petrol Protests 'Enemy Conspiracy'
Inside the Bardarash Refugee Camp in Iraq, Syria's Kurds Await Their Fate
Suspected Islamist Militants Kill 19, Burn Church in Eastern DR Congo
Libyan Government: Haftar Plane Crashes Near Tripoli
US State Dept. Approves $4.25 Billion Apache Helo Sale to Morocco
Zimbabwe Security Forces Attack Opposition Supporters
Egyptian Contractor Mohamed Ali Reveals His Plan to Topple Sisi
Sudan's Top Islamist Politician Sent to Prison Holding Bashir
Algerian Protesters Step Up Pressure With New Demonstration
Evo Morales Offers to Sit Out Bolivia's Next Election
Bolivia Government Proposes Election Bill as Death Toll Mounts
The War at Home
Navy Has No Clue if Its New Ship-Driving Training Works: GAO
Google to Limit Political Ad Targeting Amid Scrutiny
Some Huawei Suppliers Get US Approval to Restart Sales to Blacklisted Firm
Dozens of US Lawmakers Call for Government Surveillance Reforms
Officials Approve Renaming Alaska's Saginaw Bay Over War Reference
SEALs Face Review Following Death of ISIS Militant
Blame Over Justice: The Human Toll of the Navy's Relentless Push to Punish One of Its Own
Right of Return Amendment Doesn't Make It Into California Democratic Party Platform, but It's Finally Being Debated
China/Hong Kong
China 'Not Stepping Up' in Trade Talks: Trump
House Passes Bill in Support of Hong Kong Protesters
Trump Expected to Sign Hong Kong Human Rights Legislation
Hong Kong Department of Justice Asks Court to Suspend Mask Ruling
Rare Day of Calm After Week of Chaos, but 100 Still in Hong Kong Campus Stand-Off
Hundreds Take to Hong Kong Streets in Regular Lunchtime Protest
Hong Kong Security Chief Accused of Hampering Efforts to De-Escalate Standoff
We Cannot Invalidate Differing Votes: Afghan IEC Chairwoman
Wahid Muzhda, Political Analyst, Assassinated in Kabul
Two US Troops Killed in Helicopter Crash in Afghanistan
Afghan Children Are Afraid to Go Outside: Save the Children
Bougainville to Vote on Whether to Become World's Newest Country
Pentagon Chief: US Giving Vietnam Surplus Ship for Coast Guard
Serbia Investigating Alleged Spying Affair Involving Russia
Germany Offers Expert Group in Bid to End NATO Rift
NATO to Spend $1 Billion Upgrading Ageing AWACS Fleet
Bolivia's Ouster of Morales Stirs Tensions in Left-Leaning Nicaragua
Colombia Ambassador Criticizes State Department in Recording
Missing Activist Found Dead in Mexico's Troubled Guerrero
Cuba Accuses US Embassy of Abetting Country's Leading Dissident
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