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Updated November 24, 2019 - 9:53 PM EST
WikiLeaks: Syrian Chemical Report Was Doctored
  Russia Exposes Operational Details on Israeli Hits in Syria
Belief in American Exceptionalism Declines: Poll
  JFK Files: Spy in Cuba Knew Castro, Che; Used NYT as Cover
Iraq Riot Police Attack Protesters Kill at Least 10
  UK and US Ran Secret Desert Prisons in Iraq After 2003 Invasion
UN Envoy: Momentum Grows To End Yemen War
  UNICEF: 12 Million Yemeni Children Need Urgent Help
Navy Chief Fired Over SEAL War Crimes Case
UK Refuses to Return Its Last African Colony
Trump Withholding Military Aid to Lebanon
North Korea Says Nothing Gained From US but Betrayal
item Can the Religious Left Take Down Nuclear Weapons?  by Sam Husseini
item How the US Facilitated a Quiet Iranian Invasion of Iraq  by Robert W. Merry
item Repeal the Nearly Two-Decade-Old War Authorizations  by Matthew Hoh
item Pitfalls of a Pit Bull Russophobe  by Ray McGovern

More Viewpoints

UAE in Weapons Making Push as Allies Restrict Sales
'It Was a Coup. Period': Tulsi Gabbard Slams US Interference in Bolivia
FBI Lawyer Who Altered RussiaGate Docs Sent Anti-Trump Message
1.2 Billion Records Exposed Online in a Google Server
US Loses Military Drone Over Libya
The War at Home
US Supreme Court to Hear Trump Appeal in 'No-Fly List' Suit by Three Muslims
Democrats Push White House on Plans to Exit Open Skies Treaty
Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Help Police Access Digital Evidence During Investigations
John Bolton Claims White House Blocked Access to His Twitter Account After Departure
FCC Blocks Funding for Chinese Telecoms Huawei and ZTE for US Networks
US Navy Secretary Backs SEAL's Expulsion Review, Despite Trump Objection
Report Calls Out the US Navy for Surveillance and Targeting Shortfalls
US Army Cadets Told Not to Use Tiktok in Uniform
Ex-CIA Officer Jerry Chun Shing Lee Gets 19 Years in Prison for China Spy Conspiracy
Iraq Daily Roundup: 16 Killed; Protest Clashes Continue
Iraqi Security Forces Kill Three Protesters in Baghdad: Reports
Baghdad Tunnel Becomes a Museum for Protest Movement
Iraq's Khor Al-Zubair Petroleum Terminal Reopens After Protests
Kurds Could Start Oil Deliveries to Baghdad in 2020: Iraqi Minister
Sistani Says Electoral Reforms Only Way to Resolve Crisis
Yemen/Saudi Arabia
UAE-Backed Yemen Separatists Refuse to Withdraw From Aden
Experts Dispute Canada's Claim of No Link Between Saudi Arms Sales and Human Rights Abuses
US Carrier Strike Group Enters Persian Gulf, Raising Iran Tensions
Iran Holds Pro-Government Rallies After Crackdown on Protesters
Iran's Revolutionary Guards Arrest About 100 Protest Leaders
US Seeks Iran Protest Crackdown Videos
US Sanctions Iranian Minister Over Internet Blackout
Trump Condemns 'Tremendous Violence' Against 'Great Iranian People'
US Judge Orders Iran Pay $180 Million to Reporter Over Detention
Hezbollah Accuses US of Meddling in Lebanon's Crisis
Russian Ambassador to Lebanon Accuses US of Disruptive Role Behind Protests
Lebanese Protesters Pack Streets to Mark Independence Day
Middle East
Five Killed in Syria Airstrikes as Rebels Deny Responsibility for Aleppo Bombing
With Young Prince and PR Push, Saudi Arabia Ready to Take Over G20 Reins
Turkey Arrests Senior ISIS Member Behind Bomb Attacks in 20 Countries
13 More Bodies of Soldiers Found Days After Mali Attack
Algerians Rise Up Against Upcoming Presidential Poll Despite Crackdown on Protests
Hunger Strikers Evacuated From Church, End Protest
Once Allies, Nicaragua's Elite Aim to Unseat Ortega
Netanyahu Won't Go Quietly and Will Opt for the Burning Torches
Unemployment Goes From Bad to Worse in Gaza
Israel Soldiers Detain 13-Year-Old Palestinian, Lead Him Around Hebron Blindfolded
Israeli Settlers Torch Palestinian Cars in Occupied West Bank
Beleaguered Jerusalem Neighborhood Refuses to Be Cowed
China Slams 'Provocative' US Warship Navigation Operations in Disputed Waters
Canada's Defense Minister Says China Is Not an Adversary
Senior China Diplomat Urges US to Meet China Halfway, Improve Relations
Hong Kong
Trump Says He May Veto Bill Protecting Human Rights in Hong Kong to Pave Way for China Trade Deal
Trump Said Hong Kong Would Be 'Obliterated' Without Him
Hong Kong Court Reinstates Mask Ban Before Citywide Election
Hong Kong Protesters and Pro-Police Group Clash During Lunchtime Demonstration
US Confirms Freed Taliban Hostages on German Soil
US Senators Seek Oversight of Afghan Peace Settlement
Trump Urges Cambodia to Return to 'Democratic Path' After Crackdown
South Korea: BTS K-Pop Band Members Must Do Military Service
Foreign Minister Against Unilateral Removal of Nukes From Germany
Mayor in Germany's East Steps Down After Far-Right Threats
Cypriots From Both Sides Rally for Reunification
Denmark Repatriates Orphaned Baby From Syria
EU Countries Fail to Agree on Privacy Rules Governing Whatsapp, Skype
French Jihadist Gets 28 Years for Prison Attack
Three Dead in Colombia Protests: Defense Minister
Colombia Protests Prompt Teargas, Curfew, Border Closures
DoJ Buried Allegations Cheney's Halliburton Subsidiary Paid Bribes for Venezuela Contracts
US Treasury: Citgo Assets Won't Be Claimed
After Venezuelan Opposition Call for Mass Rallies, Street Protests Underwhelm
Cuba Lays Out Rules Governing Surveillance, Informants
Pompeo Condemns Cuban Accusations Against Top US Diplomat in Havana
Bolivia's Interim Govt Accuses Morales of Terrorism and Sedition
Journalist Briefly Abducted in Mexico's Veracruz State
Chile's Interior Minister: Turning Down Heat on Streets Won't Make US Less Accountable
Americans Still Dying
Ft Worth (TX) Soldier Dies in Helicopter Crash in Afghanistan

Keaau, Hawaii Army Pilot Killed in Helicopter Crash in Afghanistan

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