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Updated December 2, 2019 - 8:59 PM EST
Taliban: Resume Talks Where They Left Off
  US Drone Strike Kills Family of Six in Afghanistan's Khost Province
  'Mother of All Bombs' Caused Illness, Ruined Farmland: Residents
After Iraq PM's Resignation, Next Steps Unclear
  Iraq Protesters Want to Overthrow Entire Political Class, Not Just PM
Assange to Testify on Being Recorded in Embassy
  'Psychologically Tortured' Assange Is a Victim of British 'Rogue State'
69 Killed in Two Days of Fighting in North Syria
Saudi-Houthi Talks Raise Hope for Peace, Sidelining Govt
Trump First to Use PATRIOT Act to Detain a Man Forever
item Potemkin Patrols:
Performing the (Afghan) Wars
 by Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.)
item The Catalan Leadership Is Serious About Independence  by Thomas Harrington
item The OPCW Manufactured a Pretext for War  by Bernhard
item Bloomberg's Awful Foreign Policy  by Daniel Larison
item What's Next for Bolivia After Military Coup?  by Reese Erlich
item Empire, Intervention, and the Intentional Sacrifice of US Soldiers  by Jacob G. Hornberger

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Appeal to Archbishop of Canterbury to Support Release of Julian Assange
Microsoft Funds Facial Recognition Tech Secretly Tested on Palestinians
Facebook Issues Post 'Correction' After Singapore's Demand
EU Antitrust Regulators Say They Are Investigating Google's Data Collection
Hong Kong
Tens of Thousands Return to Hong Kong Streets as Radicals Trash Shops With Mainland China Links
Zhuhai Police Hold Anti-Terror Drills at Hong Kong Bridge Port
Hong Kong Residents Claim Public Health Risk From Tear Gas
Hong Kong Man Hit Over Head With Drain Cover While Clearing Protesters' Barricades
Poor, Disabled, Old: The Forgotten Voices of the Hong Kong Protests
US Hi-Tech Goods Shipped Through Hong Kong to Face Closer Scrutiny Under New Democracy Legislation
Have Hong Kong Protests and Police Tear Gas Taken a Severe Toll on the Environment and Wildlife?
China Wants US Tariffs Rolled Back in Phase One Trade Deal
China Launches Facial Recognition for Mobile Phone Users
A Year Since the Arrest of Huawei's Meng Wanzhou, US-China Relations Remain Frayed and Strained
Taliban Ambush Leaves 12 Dead in Northern Afghanistan
Afghan Politicians Working on Plan to End Election Crisis
Afghanistan's Marjah District Cleared of 'Insurgents' After Four Years
NATO Chief Welcomes 'Contacts' Between US, Taliban
Afghan Army Commander Killed in Helmand Roadside Explosion
Taliban Should Take US Ceasefire Opportunity: President's Spokesman
Special Police Units Start Work in Kandahar
Australian Taliban Hostage Timothy Weeks Believes US Navy SEALs Tried to Rescue Him Six Times
Indonesia/Papua New Guinea
Refugees on Their Own Land: the West Papuans in Limbo in Papua New Guinea
DR Congo
Suspected Islamist Rebels Kill 14 in Eastern DR Congo
DR Congo Army Says It Killed Top Rebel Leader as Civilian Toll Rises
Crowd in DR Congo Lynches Two People as UN Envoy Visits
At Least 14 Killed in Attack on Burkina Faso Church
Tunisians Protest in Southern Town After Man Sets Himself Alight
Sudanese Protesters Demand Justice for Killed and Missing
Incumbent Party Wins Namibian Election Amid Corruption Scandal
Pro-Vote Algerians March Against 'Foreign Interference' Ahead of December Polls
US Military
US Army Special Forces Train With Autonomous Robots
Navy's Plan to Build More SEAL Platoons Stalled Amid Discipline Problems
Iraq Monthly Roundup: 373 Killed During November
Death Toll Rises as Iraqi Protesters Regroup Despite Brutal Crackdown
'Not Enough': Iraqis Maintain Anti-Regime Protests Despite PM's Resignation
Protests Breathe New Life Into Iraq's Communists
Iranian Opposition Leader Compares Supreme Leader to Toppled Shah
Six European Countries Join Barter System for Iran Trade
Iran Navy Commander Previews Potential Joint War Games With Russia and China, Say Reports
Lebanese Army Separates Rival Protests Near President Palace
Detained Lebanese Protester Released After Claims of Police Harassment Sparks Outrage
Gunmen Kill Yemeni Security Official in Aden
Labour Chief Corbyn Would Stop Saudi Arms Sales for Use in Yemen
Yemenis Harvest Coffee Amid War Challenges
British Man Languishing in Yemen Prison Despite Local Officials Ordering His Release a Year Ago
Israel Approves New Settlement, Orders Hebron Market Bulldozed
Netanyahu-Led Bloc Races to Gather Support for Fresh Bid at Forming Government
Palestinian Teen Shot Dead by Israeli Army in Occupied West Bank
Jordanian Prince Secretly Meets Israeli President Amid 'All-Time Low' in Relations
The al-Qaeda-Inspired 28-Year-Old Militant Who Launched London Bridge Attack
ISIS Claims Responsibility for Deadly London Bridge Attack
Loud Sonic Boom From RAF Jets Shakes Houses Across North London
Police: No Evidence of Terror Motive in Hague Stabbings
Russia Tests Hypersonic Missile in Arctic
Ukrainian Lawmaker's Son Killed in Attack in Kiev
Germany Denies It Will Ban Hezbollah in Its Entirety
ISIS Detainee Arrested on Her Return to Ireland From Turkey
Malta Businessman Charged With Complicity in Journalist's Murder
Greece to Ask for NATO Support Over Turkish-Libyan Military Pact
WW2 Bomb Defused in Turin, Italy After Thousands Evacuate
20 Dead After Mexico Cartel Attack Town Near US Border
Nine Are Trampled After Police Enter Poor Sao Paulo Neighborhood
Venezuela's Guaido Rocked by Corruption Claim on Allied MPs
Protests in Colombia Spark Backlash on Venezuelan Migrants
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Maj. Danny Sjursen, USA (ret.)
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Jerusalem, the Capital of Apartheid

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