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Updated December 3, 2019 - 9:11 PM EST
SecDef: Afghan Drawdown Not Tied to Taliban Deal
  US Drone Strike Kills Family of Six in Afghanistan's Khost
Iraqis Hold Talks on a New PM Amid Protests
  Sadr's Bloc Calls for Travel Ban, Trials for Iraqi Officials
South Yemen Separatists Withdraw From Riyadh Deal
  Saudi-Houthi Talks Raise Hope for Peace, Sidelining Yemen Govt
Pompeo: Iran Is 'Common Villain' in All Mideast Protests
Pompeo: US Will Prevent Violence at Latin American Protests
item Trump Was Right Before He Was Wrong: NATO Should Be Obsolete  by Medea Benjamin
item Welcome to Potemkin Village of Washington Power  by William S. Smith
item Iran May Be the Only Winner in Iraq  by Philip Giraldi
item In Hong Kong, It's US vs. China Now  by Patrick J. Buchanan
item Trump's Plan to Fight a Terror War Against the Cartels  by Ron Paul
item NATO Is as Good as Dead  by Scott Ritter

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Confronting the Ugly Legacy of Military Prostitution in South Korea
US Cryptocurrency Expert Arrested After Appearance at North Korea Conference
NATO Secretary General Responds to Sturgeon's Desire to Scrap Nukes
Iraq Daily Roundup: Seven Killed; ISIS Attack on Oil Fields
Iraq Protests Shake Up Govt, but Not Oil That Funds It
Iran Still Selling Oil Despite US Sanctions
Amnesty Says at Least 208 Killed in Iran Protests, Crackdown
Air Strikes Kill 15 Civilians in Northwest Syria: Monitor
'Death Haunts Us': Idlib Residents Flee From the Hell of War to the Unknown
Three Russian Military Police Injured in Bomb Attack on Syrian Border
Jailed Kurdish Leader Taken to Turkish Hospital Days After Falling Ill
Turkey Not 'Blackmailing' NATO Over Baltics Defense Plan: Security Source
US Defense Chief Calls on Turkey to Stop Holding Up NATO Readiness Plan
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Media Summit Held a Year After Khashoggi Murder
Saudi Aramco IPO Sale More Than Double Oversubscribed
Saudi Arabia Becomes First Arab Nation to Head G20 Despite Human Rights Concerns
Oldest Surviving Son of Saudi Arabia Founder Dies
Jordanian Military Drill Simulates Invasion From Its Border With Israel
Why Jordan Conducted a Major Military Drill Against an Israeli Invasion
Israeli Occupation Cost Palestinian Economy $47 Billion in 18 Years, Says UN
Prosecution in Israel Lines Up Over 300 Witnesses in Netanyahu Case
Netanyahu Trial Witnesses May Include Vegas Magnate Sheldon Adelson and Oracle's Larry Ellison
Palestinian Teen Is Shot Dead in Army Attack Near Hebron Settlements
Gaza's Surviving Al-Sawarka Children Struggle After Israel Raid
How I24news Turned Pro-Netanyahu to Secure Broadcast License
Planned Blackouts Hit the West Bank in Response to Rising Debt
Trump Administration Releases $105m in Military Aid for Lebanon After Months-Long Delay
Libya Air Attacks Branded 'Criminal' by GNA as 14 Children Die, UAE Blamed
France Drops Plan to Send Boats to Libyan Navy
East Libyan Forces Blamed for Deadly Air Strikes in Tripoli, South
After Libya Arms Embargo Breaches, UN Security Council Warns Countries to Stop
Majority of French Support Country's Mali Military Operation: Poll
Mexico Hunts Cartel Gunmen After Deadly Firefight Kills 22
Colombian Government Asks Strikers to Call Off Protest, Offers More Dialogue
Convicted Suriname President Says Will Seek Re-Election
The War at Home
US Re-Imposes Steel, Aluminum Tariffs on Brazil, Argentina
US Proposes Duties on $2.4 Billion of French Goods Over Tech Tax
American Muslims to Democrats: 'Palestine Is a Foreign Policy Priority'
Trump Grants Temporary Reprieve for Northern Irish Ex-Militant Facing Deportation
More Than 100 Military Bases Now at Risk of Water Shortages, GAO Finds
Pentagon Report Predicts Rise of Machine-Enhanced Super Soldiers
China/Taiwan/Hong Kong
China Suspends US Military Visits to Hong Kong, Sanctions US-Based NGOs
Donald Trump Says Hong Kong Law He Just Signed Could Complicate Any Trade Deal With China
In Face of China Threat, Taiwan to Invite US Experts to Bolster Defenses
Hong Kong Opposition Lawmakers Launch Bid to Reform 'Draconian and Out of Date' Public Order Ordinance
US Envoy to South Korea Under Fire for Disparaging Remarks on Ally
Eleven North Korean Defectors Detained in Vietnam, Seek to Block Deportation: Activists
Pilot Ejects Safely From F-16 During Landing at Kunsan Air Base
Uncertainty Surrounds Afghan Peace Meeting in Beijing
Afghan Official: Two Intelligence Officials Shot Dead in Kabul
Some Candidates Call for Coalition Government in Afghanistan
Japan to Spend $146 Million on Uninhabited Island for US Military Drills
Pakistani Police Charge Hundreds of Protesters With Treason
Suu Kyi's Loyalists Rally for Myanmar Leader Before Genocide Trial
London Bridge Terrorist's Associate Snared in Post-Attack UK Crackdown
Jewish Chronicle Lied in Reports on 'Labour Anti-Semitism': Regulator
NATO Summit: Alliance Has More Pressing Issues Than Russia Now
FBI Says Russian Faceapp Is 'Potential Counterintelligence Threat'
Putin Signs Off Law to Label Journalists as Foreign Agents
Putin and Xi Oversee Launch of Landmark Russian Gas Pipeline to China
Kosovo: Six Serbs Charged in Moderate Serb Leader's Killing
EU to Check How Facebook, Google Use Data: Spokeswoman
Denmark Completes Contentious Boar-Der Fence Along German Border
Red Cross Slams 'Unacceptable' Politicization of Venezuela Aid
Pompeo Defends Military Restraint on Venezuela
Venezuelan Opposition to Investigate Report of Wrongdoing by Lawmakers
New Zealand
New Zealand to Ban Large Foreign Political Donations
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