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Updated December 5, 2019 - 9:41 PM EST
Trump Mulls 14,000 More Troops for Mideast
  Top Pentagon Official Warns Iran May Attack US Targets
  US Officials Accuse Iran of Secretly Putting Missiles in Iraq
  Trump Brags He Made Saudis Pay for US Troops
Trump Threatens Germany on Military Spending
  Trump Cancels NATO News Conference After Summit Turns Sour
  Ending Rift, Turkey Agrees to NATO Baltic Defense Plan
  NATO Names China as New Target, Alongside Russia
Trump Seeks $250 Million More in Lethal Aid for Ukraine
  Hungary to Block Ukraine's NATO Membership Over Language Law
US Envoy Looks to Accelerate Afghan Peace Talks
Many Americans Would Try to Avoid the Military Draft
US Sailor Fatally Shoots 2 at Pearl Harbor Shipyard
item The Pentagon's Destruction of the Bill of Rights  by Jacob G. Hornberger
item 'Gaza Fights for Freedom': An Antidote to Israeli Propaganda  by Belen Fernandez
item US Role in the Bolivian Coup May Take Decades to Be Revealed  by Patrick Lawrence
item A Manifesto for Restrainers  by Stephen M. Walt
item After 12 Years, LobeLog Bids Farewell  by Jim Lobe
item New Poll Reveals Americans Demand a Pivot to Restraint  by Daniel R. DePetris

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US House Passes Xinjiang Bill, Prompting Threat From China
Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Flock to the Hong Kong Protest Movement
US Cryptocurrency Expert Charged With Helping North Koreans Evade Sanctions
Brazil Could Lose Its UN Vote Due to Debt
Putin Says US Ramping Up Military Forces for Space
Torture & Guantanamo
An Illustrated First-Person Guide to the CIA's Torture Program
Alleged USS Cole Plotter Is Still Fighting to See Records of His CIA Torture
'Degrading': Aging Detainees Describe Health Care Woes at Guantanamo 18 Years After 9/11
Seton Hall Law Report Documents US Torture Program as Described by Both the Torturers and the Victims
US Military
An Internal Investigation Spurred by a Nude Photo Scandal Shows Just How Deep Sexism Runs in the Marine Corps
Amazon Cloud Boss Chides Pentagon for Awarding Microsoft Lucrative Contract
Air Force Base Families Sue Their Private Housing Provider for Mold Problems
China Denounces 'Political' Attack on Huawei by Pompeo
China 'Could Target Trade Talks and US Companies' Over Xinjiang Human Rights Bill
Former US Envoy Says Chinese Officials Anticipate 'Partial Decoupling' of the Nations' Economies
North Korea Warns Trump It Will Use 'Corresponding' Force if Attacked
South Korea, China Agree to Step Up Exchanges to Re-Set Ties After Missile Defense Row
Afghanistan Probe Appeal Begins at Hague International Court
Afghans Demand Justice Amid Attempt to Probe War Crimes at ICC
Trump Lawyer Argues Against Afghan War Crimes Investigation
Five Afghans and Japanese Aid Worker Killed in Jalalabad Attack
Japan Doctor Killed in Afghanistan Provided Care for Decades
Indian Govt Report: 17 Adivasi Falsely Dubbed Maoists, Shot Dead in 2012 Massacre
Morocco and Spain Arrest 4 Suspected ISIS Supporters in Joint Raids
Doctors Treating Ebola Flee DR Congo's East Amid Deadly Violence
Sudan and US to Exchange Ambassadors in Sign of Warming Ties
Macron Conditions Troop Presence in Sahel on West African Clarifications
Missing $48 Billion Would Be 'Game-Changer' for Palestinian Economy
Israeli Army Lied About Numbers of Orthodox Jewish Soldiers
Israel's Plan to Build New Settlement Atop Hebron Market Evokes Painful Memories
Rivlin Will Consider Pardon if Netanyahu Resigns, Confesses
After 20 Years, Palestinian Mother and Son Reunited in Egypt
Israel Bars Malaysian Diplomats From Visiting Palestinian Territories Over PM Mahathir's Anti-Occupation Remarks
Iran Says Still Ready for Talks if US Lifts Sanctions
Netanyahu Presses Pompeo for More Pressure on 'Tottering' Iran
Iran, Azerbaijan Discuss Defense, Security Cooperation
Aden: Second Assassination of Security Official in 48 Hours
Yemen's Houthi Rebels Claim Downing of 2 Spy Drones Near Saudi Border
Iraq Daily Roundup: Six Killed; Najaf Police Release Casualty Figures
Muhasasa, the Political System Reviled by Iraqi Protesters
Middle East
Trump Meets With Erdogan as Other World Leaders Scold Turkey
Saudi Aramco Pursues War Insurance After Attacks
'Like Killing Them Again': Syrians Fear History Lost as Twitter Plans Account Purge
Protest Erupts in Lebanon Following Reports About Poverty-Related Suicide Cases
France Adopts Resolution Equating 'Anti-Zionism' With 'Antisemitism'
Ukraine President Wants All-For-All Prisoner Exchange With Russia
Germany Expels Two Russian Diplomats Following Slaying in Berlin
Greece Threatens to Expel Libya Envoy Over Turkey Deal
US Says Working With Mexico on Tools to Fight Drug Cartel Threat
Colombia: Thousands March in Third National Strike in 2 Weeks
Latin America, US to Ban Travel Within Their Borders for Venezuela's Maduro, Allies
Blinded by Rubber Bullets, Chilean Student Becomes Rallying Point for Protesters
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