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Updated December 31, 2019 - 9:23 PM EST
Protesters Smash Into Iraq US Embassy Compound
  US Sends More Marines, 2 Apache Helicopters to Reinforce Embassy
  Trump Blames Iran for Protesters' Attack on US Embassy in Iraq
US-Iraq Ties at Stake After Deadly US Airstrikes
  US Says Attacks on Iraqi Militia a 'Warning' to Iran
  Iraq's Sadr Willing to Work With Rivals to Oust US Troops
  Iraqi PMU Leader Vows Retaliation for US Airstrikes
US Conducts Record Number of Somalia Strikes
  US Air Strikes Target Al-Shabaab After Mogadishu Bombing
Terrorist Attack in Russia Averted After US Tip-Off
  Russia, Ukraine Clinch Final Gas Deal on Gas Transit to Europe
Taliban Sends Mixed Signals on Ceasefire Plans
Turkey May Send Allied Syrian Fighters to Libya
item Here Are Five Ways to Support Chelsea Manning in 2020  by Ella Fassler
item Push to Quash Criticism of Israel Is a Push to Quash Free Speech  by Saree Makdisi
item When in Doubt, Blame Imaginary 'Isolationism'  by Daniel Larison
item Saudi Verdict on Khashoggi Is a Mockery of Justice  by Giorgio Cafiero

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Footage Reveals 'Syrian Mercenaries' in Libya
How Did the Israel Boycott Campaign Grow in 2019?
Pompeo to Reaffirm US Support on Visit to Ukraine
AF Base Sets Restrictions on Personal Weapons
Three-Fold Rise in Attacks on Children in War Areas Since 2010
Iraq Daily Roundup: 84 Killed; US Conducts Strikes Against Militia
Trump Aides Call US Strikes on Iraq and Syria 'Successful,' Warn of Potential Further Action
After Iraq and Syria Air Strikes, US Officials Concerned About Retaliation and Iran Tensions
Iraq's Grand Ayatollah Sistani Condemns US Air Strikes on Militia
State Department Faults Iraq for Failing to Protect US Troops
US 'Disappointed' in Baghdad's Condemnation of American Attacks on Iraqi Militia
Operations Resume at Nasiriya Oilfield Closed Over Protests
Iran Denies Involvement in Attack on US Forces in Iraq
Russia Warns Iran Nuclear Deal in Danger of 'Falling Apart': Report
Iran Seizes Ship in Arabian Gulf for Apparent Fuel Smuggling
Regional Reaction to Strikes
US Attacks Shia Militia: Iraq, Syria, Iran, Russia, Israel React
Lebanon's Hezbollah Condemns US Air Strikes in Iraq
Bahrain Expresses Support for US Strikes on Kataib Hizbollah Facilities in Iraq, Syria
Turkey Arrests 100 ISIS Suspects in Raids in Six Provinces
Turkish Opposition Says It Opposes Libya Troop Deployment Bill
Israel to Impose British Mandate-Era Curfew on Palestinians of Jerusalem
Israeli Convicted of Assault for Spitting on Polish Envoy
Palestinians Injured After Israeli Settlers Raid Nablus Tomb
Israel to Withhold $43 Million of Palestinian Tax Funds
Shelling of Yemen's Hodeidah Grain Stores Halts WFP Milling
US Military
Memo Reveals Pentagon Again Tried to Decommission the Carrier Truman, Cut an Air Wing
This Former Army Guardsman Wants Your Pictures of T-Wall Art
14 Afghan Troops Killed in Jawzjan
Fate of Taliban Prisoners Discussed in Talks
Inside the US Military Raid Against Its Own Security Guards That Left Dozens of Afghan Children Dead
Privacy Fears as India Police Use Facial Recognition at Rally
China's Top Negotiator Liu He to Visit Washington for Phase One Trade War Deal Signing This Week, Source Says
Indonesia Protests to China Over Border Intrusion Near South China Sea
Trump, Putin Discussed Russia Attack, Arms Control, Relations: White House
Spain's State Attorney Recommends Release of Jailed Catalan Leader
Montenegrin Protesters Clash With Police Over Religion Law
Four Men Arrested Across England Over Suspected Terror Plot
Erdogan: Turkey to Speed Deployment of Troops to Libya
Bizarre Airstrip Is Being Built Right Between Apartment Towers Near Libyan Capital
Sudan Sentences 29 to Death for Torturing, Killing Protester
Islamists 'Hack Civilians to Death' in Eastern DRC Attack
Guinea-Bissau Presidential Candidate Embalo Claims Victory, Opponent Says Wait
Mexico Has Not Named Bolivian Ambassador 'Persona Non Grata': Official
Bolivia Expels Mexican, Spanish Officials as Diplomatic Standoff Heats Up
Spain Says to Expel Three Bolivian Diplomats in Tit-For-Tat Move
Colombia Proposes to Resume Aerial Spraying of Coca Fields
Nicaragua Frees Protesters Who Aided Mothers on Hunger Strike
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