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Updated January 4, 2020 - 9:49 PM EST
US to Send 3.5K More Troops After Killing General
  Iraq Reports US Airstrike Hit Convoy of Medics North of Baghdad
  Trump Says He Ordered Soleimani Strike to 'Stop a War' Not Start One
  Iraqi Parliament to Hold Sunday Session Amid Calls to Expel US
  Iraqi Cleric Sadr Revives Mahdi Army After Deadly US Attack
Antiwar Protesters Rally Across US
  With Iran War Looming, Congress Is Left Out
  Defense Stocks Spike After Airstrike Against Iranian Commander
  Analyst: 'Everything Trump Has Done Escalated the Iran Situation'
  What It Means for the National Defense Strategy and the Next Budget
AFRICOM Responds to Shabaab Ambush With Airstrike
Syrian Kurdish Militia Filmed Beating Up Hospital Staff
item The Donald Is Now America First's Own Assassin  by David Stockman
item Does Trump's Strike Against Iran Mean We Are Going to War?  by Elizabeth Nolan Brown
item US Assassination of Top Iranian Military Official May Ignite World War  by Caitlin Johnstone
item The USA Doubles Down on Its Saudi Allegiance  by Craig Murray
item Why Iraq Is Much Worse Than 'Trump's Benghazi'  by W. James Antle III
item Yes, a Deal Between North Korea and America Is Still Possible  by Doug Bandow

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Israeli Military Strikes 54 Targets in Syria, 900 in Gaza in 2019
Pompeo Says US Committed to De-Escalation After Killing Soleimani
One Killed in Paris Stabbing Attack, Assailant Shot Dead
Mexico President Calls for Julian Assange to Be Released From UK Prison
US Reactions to Assassination
Oil Prices Soar, Stocks Fall After Deadly US Strike in Iraq Fuels War Fears
McConnell Says Senate Will Receive Classified Briefing on Soleimani Killing
Pelosi Says Trump Launched Strike Killing Iranian General Without Authorization
Dem Candidates Are Critical of Trump's Drone Strike...but Mostly Are Criticizing the Iranian General He Killed
Sanders: Trump-Ordered Airstrike Puts US on Path to Another Endless War
US Defense Secretary Cancels Vacation Amid Iran Crisis
'World War 3' Searches Spike on Google as World Reacts to Soleimani's Assasination
Actress Rose McGowan Apologizes to Iran: 'The USA Has Disrespected Your Country'
Global Reactions
Was It Legal?: What US and International Law Say About Trump's Strike on Soleimani
'Criminal American Aggression': International Reaction to the Killing of Qassem Soleimani
Yemen Government Backs Soleimani's Killing: Minister
UN Chief: 'World Cannot Afford' Another Gulf War After Killing of Soleimani
Bahrain's Gulf Air Halts Flights to Iraq's Baghdad and Najaf
Afghan Politicians React to Killing of Iran's Gen. Soleimani
France, Netherlands Issue Warnings to Citizens in Middle East
Royal Jordanian Suspends Baghdad Flights on Security Grounds
China Calls for Calm After Top Iranian Military Leader Killed in US Air Strike
US Strike Against Soleimani Was Reaction to Iran Provocations: Germany
Palestinians Decry Delay of Israel War Crimes Investigation
IDF Pushing for Thousands of Gazans to Work in Israel
Middle East
No Progress Seen Despite Intense UN Talks on Syria Aid
Killed by Cancer, Yemen's Children Pay High Price of War, Blockade
Turkey Says It Has Repatriated 150 Foreign Fighters Since Nov. 11
Iran to Take International Legal Measures Against US for Soleimani's Killing: State TV
Iran FM Warns Killing of General Is 'Extremely Dangerous and a Foolish Escalation'
White House: Iran Retaliation for Killing Would Be Poor Decision
Iran Names Deputy Quds Force Commander to Replace Soleimani
Iranian Commander Soleimani Had Been in Pompeo's Sights for Years
Iraq's Grand Ayatollah Tells All Parties to Practice Restraint
Killing of Militia Commander Muhandis a Clear Breach of US Troop Mandate: Iraqi Military
Who Was Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis?
Hashd Al-Shaabi Appoints Hadi Al-Amiri as Muhandis's Successor
Iraq PM Says US Strike Threatens 'Devastating War'
Iraqi Parliament Speaker Condemns US Air Strike
Iraq Could Pay Price for US Strike Killing Iran's General: Analysts
US Sanctions Iraq's Asaib Ahl Al-Haq Group, Says It's Iran Proxy
US Embassy Urges Citizens to Depart Iraq Immediately
Iraq Oil Fields Operating Normally but Four Americans to Leave
'Afghan Soil Will Not Be Used Against Other Nations': Says Ghani After Soleimani Attack
Nearly 7,400 Afghan Civilians Killed, Wounded Last Year: MOI
Giant Rallies Slam Indian Govt's 'Anti-Muslim' Citizenship Law
Advisory Issued Again: US Fears Militants May Target Its Aircraft in Pakistan
Profiles of Taiwan's Presidential Candidates
Unidentified Gunmen Kill 19 People in Central Nigeria
Somali Government Detains Record Number of Journalists
Scores Dead, Thousands Displaced in West Darfur as Sudanese Accuse 'Janjaweed' and 'Paramilitaries'
Bolivia's Electoral Court Sets Election Rerun for May 3
Mexico's Sends Interim Charge D'Affaires to Embassy in Bolivia
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