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Updated January 6, 2020 - 9:42 PM EST
Iraq Pullout Letter Was a Draft, Not for Release
Soleimani Was in Iraq on Mission for Saudi Peace
Trump Threatens Iraq Sanctions 'Like Never Before'
  Iraqi Parliament Votes to Expel All US Troops
  US Suspends Anti-ISIS Mission, Training in Iraq
Pompeo: US May Attack More Iranian Leaders
  Pence Says Iran's Soleimani Aided 9/11 Hijackers
  Trump Threatens to Attack 52 Iranian Sites
  Iran Will No Longer Limit Civilian Nuclear Program
Pelosi: House Will Vote to Limit Trump's War Powers
  Antiwar Protesters Rally Across US
  US Arms Companies See Stocks Soar After Soleimani Assassination
Three Americans Killed in Attack on Kenya Base
Venezuela's Maduro Launches Takeover of Legislature
item Who Started It?: A (Reverse) Timeline of US/Iran Retaliations  by Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.)
item Trump's Iran Policy Comes Down to One Word: Chaos  by Doug Bandow
item Suleimani Air Strike Escalates US Assassination Policy  by Luca Trenta
item Iraq War IV?  by Scott Horton
item America's Plans to 'Win' the Afghan War  by Nick Turse
item Trump and His Team Are Lying Their Way to War With Iran  by Ryan Costello

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Silent Surge: Over 18,000 American Troops Deployed in Middle East
US Navy Cancels Exercises in Morocco, Redeploys Troops to Mideast
Iranians Detained, Asked About Political Views at US Border: CAIR
How the Pentagon Was Duped by Contractors Using Shell Companies
Iranian Ambassador to UN Says Soleimani Killing an 'Act of War'
US 'Self-Defense' Argument for Killing Soleimani Meets Skepticism
Trump Was Reportedly Given a 'Menu' of Options for the Iran Strike That Included Ships, Missile Facilities, Militia Groups
Iran General Replacing Soleimani Vows Revenge for US Killing
Trump Threatens 'Disproportionate' Response to Iranian Attacks on US Targets
Iran's New Quds Force Commander Brings Continuity to Post Held by Slain Predecessor
Iraq Daily Roundup: 9 Killed; Militias Warn Personnel Away From US Bases
Iraqi PM Declares National Mourning for Soleimani, Muhandis
'You Never Let US Down': Thousands Mourn Soleimani, Muhandis in Baghdad
US Suspends Training Mission in Iraq, Heightens Security at Bases
NATO Suspends Training Mission in Iraq Citing Security
Rockets Target Baghdad's Green Zone for Second Successive Night
Iraqi Militia Warns Security Forces to Stay Away From US Bases
Germany Decides to Send Dozens of Military Experts to Iraq
Iraq Summons US Envoy Over 'Violation of Sovereignty' Following Soleimani Assassination
Iraq Complains to UN Over US Attacks: Foreign Ministry
No Plans to Evacuate New Zealand Troops From Iraq
14 Civilians Killed by Unknown Gunmen in Raqqa: Watchdog
Netanyahu Corrects Himself After Calling Israel a 'Nuclear Power'
Two Israeli Teens Arrested in Occupied Territory on Suspicion of Planning 'Price Tag' Attack
Taliban: We Don't Want to Be Sacrificed in US-Iran Tension
Up to 8,500 Afghan Electoral Complaints Are Serious: IECC
One Civilian Killed in IED Explosion in Afghanistan
Taliban Could Get New Defense System if Peace Push Fails
Many Indian States 'Will Not Implement' Modi's Citizenship Law
Over 100,000 March in Southern India to Protest Citizenship Law
Dozens Injured After Masked Men Raid Indian University
Trump Resumes Military Training Program in Pakistan
China Replaces Hong Kong Liaison Office Head Amid Protests
Europe Helps Secure Release of 11 North Korean Defectors Held in Vietnam: Activists
Internet Back in 80 Government Hospitals in Kashmir, but No Access for Doctors
Indonesia Steps Up Sea Patrols to Monitor China Fishing Boats
Venezuela Socialists Snatch Congress From Guaido, Opposition Denounces Coup
Venezuelan Opposition Leader Juan Guaido Says Police Stopped Him Entering Parliament Building
With Renewed Support From Catalan Separatists, Spain's Sanchez Seeks Backing as PM
Spain's Sanchez Loses First Bid to Be Confirmed as PM, Aims for Tuesday Vote
US and Iran/Iraq
Congress to Clash Over Trump's War Powers
A Looming Conflict With Iran Shows Congress Needs to Care About Declaring War Again
Trump's Iran Director of the National Security Council Is Out
A Video Tweeted by Pompeo Was Authentic. His Description Was Misleading.
Gabbard Blasts Iran Strike: 'Trump's Actions Are an Act of War'
Pentagon Officials Reportedly 'Stunned' by Trump's Decision to Kill Soleimani
Bernie Sanders Introduces Law to Stop Trump From Starting War With Iran
Graham Calls Iran 'The Cancer of the Middle East'
Former Acting CIA Director: 'There Will Be Dead Americans' as Result of Soleimani Killing
Global Reaction
Pompeo After Soleimani Strike: 'The Europeans Haven't Been as Helpful as I Wish That They Could Be'
Gulf Markets Plunge on US-Iran Tensions; Aramco at Lowest Since IPO
Israel Lauds Suleimani Assassination, Though With Caution
Pompeo Says He Spoke With Israel's Netanyahu About Iran
Lebanon Hezbollah Leader Says US Forces Will Go Home in Coffins
Afghanistan Fears Violence in Region After Soleimani's Killing
Britain's Navy to Escort UK-Flagged Ships Through Strait of Hormuz
British Officials Livid Over Soleimani Assassination
Britain Warns Nationals Against Travel to Iraq and Iran
Labour Criticizes UK Government for Failure to Condemn Suleimani Attack
Thousands Protest in Pakistan Over US Killing of Iranian Commander
China Tells Iran Foreign Minister That US Should Stop 'Abusing' Use of Force
At Least 30 Killed in Libya Military Academy Attack
Haftar Issues 'Call to Arms' Over Possible Turkey Intervention
Turkey Begins Deploying Military Units to Libya: Erdogan
One Killed in Haftar Airstrike on Mitiga Airport
No Deal: Libya's Parliament Votes Against Turkish Involvement
Sudanese Activists Say Clashes Kill Nine in Eastern Port City
US Condemns Deadly Violence in West Darfur, Calls for Urgent Sudan Peace Agreement
Fourteen Killed in Bomb Attack on Bus of School Children in Burkina Faso
Prominent South Sudan Peace Activist Released From Prison
Chad Troops Leave Nigeria With Boko Haram Mission 'Finished'
Uganda's Museveni Begins Jungle March to Highlight Liberation Struggle
Austrian Foreign Ministry Says Fighting Cyberattack
Lithuania's Ruling Party Drafting Bill Exonerating Nation From Holocaust Crimes
Terrorists Who 'Self-Radicalize' Online Are Bigger Threat Than Attackers Sent by ISIS, UK Counterterror Chief Says
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