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Updated January 8, 2020 - 8:35 PM EST
Iran Gave Advance Notice of Missile Attacks on US
  US-Iran Deescalating After Trump-Zarif Tweets
  Iran Launches Missile Strikes Against US Airbases in Iraq
Pompeo's Iran Lies Echoed Uncritically by Media
  Sen. Rand Paul Calls Out Mike Pompeo's Iran Lies
  Trump Bars Iran FM From Addressing UN Security Council
  Americans Increasingly Critical of Trump on Iran, Most Expect War
Pentagon Denies Iraq Requested Withdrawal
  US Partners Are Withdrawing From Iraq Over Security Concerns
Dozens of Syrian Troops Killed in Suspected ISIS Attack
Juan Guaido Retakes Venezuela Congress as Rival Flees
Idaho Republican Party Passes Antiwar Resolutions
item If Americans Die, Remember Pompeo Called It 'A Little Noise'  by Joan Walsh
item Trump's Iran Aggression Deserves Full-Throated Opposition  by Peter Certo
item Trump Is Doing the Bidding of Washington's Most Vile Cabal  by Jeremy Scahill
item The Many Faces of Qassem Soleimani  by Guy Somerset
item The Roots of US Hatred Toward Iran  by Jacob G. Hornberger
item Cable News Turns to Iraq War Flunkies Like Judith Miller for Iran Insight  by Justin Baragona

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Eleven Yemeni Soldiers Killed in Houthi Missile Attack
Ukraine Plane Crashes Near Tehran Airport, All 180 Passangers Dead
Tucker Carlson Slams Soleimani Intel: Now We Trust the Deep State?
US and Iran Ranking Among Most Powerful Militaries
Iran Designates US Forces 'Terrorists' Over Soleimani Killing
Iran Says Nuclear Deal 'Not Dead Yet' Despite Commitment Roll Back
Iran's Zarif Accuses US of Violating UN Deal by Denying Him a Visa
US to Deploy B-52 Bombers to Indian Ocean Base Amid Iran Crisis
Trump Says Will Obey International Law on Targeting Cultural Sites
William Cohen Sees Putin Trying to Step in to Defuse US-Iran Tensions
Iraq Daily Roundup: Three Killed
Iraqi Armed Factions Call Meeting to Begin Anti-US Fight
The UK Draws Up Plans to Evacuate Troops From Iraq
Iraq's Outgoing Prime Minister Says US Troops Must Leave
Thousands Mourn Paramilitary Linchpin in Southern Iraq
NATO Moving Some Personnel Out of Iraq Due to Safety Concerns
France Not Planning to Cut Troop Numbers in Iraq for Now
Canada Says Some Troops in Iraq to Be Moved Temporarily to Kuwait for Safety
Germany Cuts Troop Numbers in Iraq After Soleimani Killing
Global Reaction
British Military on Standby to Deploy to Gulf 'Within 48 Hours'
UK Is Not Unquestioning in Support of US, Defense Minister Says
Russia Suggests Selling S-400 Missile System to Iraq Amid Row Over US Troops
Egyptair Suspends Flights to Baghdad for Three Days
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Minister Gives Trump Message From Crown Prince, Meets UK Defense Minister
Saudi Arabia Arrests 'Most Dangerous Wanted Terrorist' in Restive Eastern Region
Defense Chief Wants Gazans Jailed as Bargaining Chips in Potential Prisoner Exchange Deal
Israel Minister Demands More Demolitions of Palestinian Structures: 'I Am Not at the UN'
IDF Soldier Slips Snake Inside Palestinian Car During Search
Israeli Anti-Occupation Activist Jonathan Pollak Arrested Over 'Outrageous' Assault Charges
After 15 Years, Palestinians Finally Visit Prized Spring
Spain's Sanchez Narrowly Wins Vote to Govern in Coalition
Venezuela Opposition Leader Guaido Takes New Oath Amid Standoff
Little-Known Venezuela Legislator Becomes Maduro's Choice for Opposition Leader
Trump Sending Aid Mission to Bolivia Ahead of Election
Feds Say Former Sergeant Posed as a Marine Officer to Help a Friend Bring Guns Into Haiti
The War at Home
Iranian Americans Questioned at the Border: 'My Kids Shouldn't Experience Such Things'
Customs and Border Patrol Deny Reports of Detained Iranian Americans
An Arizona Court Has Upheld the State's Anti-BDS Law
Two More Chinese Nationals Arrested for Taking Photos at US Navy Base
US Imposes Visa Bans on International Criminal Court Investigators: Pompeo
Pro-Palestine Campus Groups Are Being Targeted Via Federal Complaints Thanks to the Trump Administration
Cato Institute Calls on Congress to Investigate Possible FBI Surveillance of Domestic Policy Groups
A Night Investigating the Mysterious Drones in Eastern Colorado
Multi-Agency Task Force Formed to Probe Source of Mysterious Drones Over Colorado
US and Iran/Iraq
Trump Says US Troops Will 'Eventually' Leave Iraq, but Not Now
Contractor Whose Death Trump Cites Was a Naturalized US Citizen Born in Iraq
US Bans Airlines From Flying Over Iraq and Iran After Attacks on Military
'Completely Coincidental': Air Force Launches 52 Fighter Jets in Training Exercise
US Issues Security Alert for American Travelers in Israel, West Bank and Gaza Amid Middle East Tension
Gabbard: Trump's Decision on Iran 'Has Undermined Our National Security'
In 1980, a 34-Year-Old Donald Trump Said the US Should Invade Iran in Response to the Hostage Crisis
Afghan President Appears to Win New Term in Initial Results
Ex-Taliban Members Expect Development in Peace Efforts
Pompeo: Iran 'Actively Working to Undermine Afghan Peace'
Bomb Hits Security Forces in SW Pakistan; 2 Dead, 12 Wounded
Pakistan's Parliament Approves Extending Term of Army Chief
Pakistan Military Aircraft Crashes, Two Pilots Killed
Indonesia Deploys Fighter Jets in Stand-Off With China
Sudan Bans Newspapers, TV Stations Over Bashir Ties
UN Says Clashes in Sudan's Darfur Displace 40,000
Tripoli-Aligned Forces Say They Quit Libya's Sirte to Avoid Bloodshed
Algeria's President Declares Libya's Tripoli a 'Red Line'
Four Kenyan School Children Killed in Al Shabaab Attack on Telecom Mast
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