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Updated January 12, 2020 - 9:44 PM EST
Esper: No Evidence Embassies Were Under Threat
Iran Admits Accidentally Shooting Down Airliner
  Trump 'Believes' Soleimani Would Have Attacked 4 US Embassies
  US Failed to Kill Another Iran General Last Week
  Pompeo Says Didn't Know Where, When Attacks Would Happen
US Sets Sanctions on Top Iranian Officials, Mining Firms
  US Killing of Soleimani Is Good News for ISIS Jihadists
US Refuses to Discuss Withdrawing Troops From Iraq
  Iraq Negotiates to Buy S-300 Air Defense System From Russia
2 US Service Members Killed, 2 Injured in Afghanistan
  US Drone Kills 60 Afghan Civilians, Taliban Commander
8 Killed in Strike Attributed to Israel on Iraq Militia in Syria
Pentagon Says Russian Ship Nearly Hit US Destroyer
item No Evidence Iran Supported the Killing of Hundreds of Americans  by Stephen Zunes
item The Obama Administration Wrecked Libya for a Generation  by Doug Bandow
item The Long Sordid History of Pentagon Intervention in Iraq  by Jacob G. Hornberger
item Lies, the Bethlehem Doctrine, and the Illegal Murder of Soleimani  by Craig Murray
item The Embalming of Syria  by Edward Hunt
item Come Home, America: Stop Policing the Globe  by John Whitehead

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UK Is Nearly Ready to Launch Force to Hit Hostile Nations With Cyberattacks
Iran Is Surrounded by US Military Bases and Facilities. Here's a Snapshot
Graham, Paul Rift Deepens Over Trump's War Powers
ISIS Gloats at Iran General's Death, 'Pleased Muslims'
EU Ministers to Focus on Bringing Iran Back Into Nuclear Deal: Slovakia
Fearing Nuclear Proliferation, Europe Scrambles to Calm Iran Tensions
Denmark Had Six Hours' Warning of Iranian Attack on Iraqi Bases
Sanctioned Iranian Commander Says New US Limitations Are 'Symbolic'
US and Iran
Trump Angered by House Ally's Push to Limit His Authority on Iran
Killing Soleimani Made US 'Weaker' in Middle East, US Senator Says
Khanna: Timing of Iran Bill Being Weighed Against Getting Bigger Majority
'History Has Proven Her Right': Barbara Lee's Antiwar Push Succeeds on Iran
Iraq Daily Roundup: 14 Killed; Journalists Gunned Down at Protest
'No to America, No to Iran': Thousands Protest Against Foreign Influence Across Iraq
Iraq's Top Cleric Condemns US, Iran Confrontation on Iraqi Soil
Israel's Defense Minister Launches Annexation Drive With Cover From Trump
Israel Frees Two as 'Goodwill' for Return of Soldier's Remains From Syria
Israel Releases Druze Spy to Syria
Israel Shot at Gaza Fishers 347 Times in 2019
Middle East
Japan Orders Self Defense Forces to Guard Ships in Middle East
West's Reluctance to Share Tech May Push Turkey Further Into Russian Orbit
14 Soldiers Injured in Clashes With Protesters in Lebanon's Tripoli
Turkey Says Ceasefire Will Be Implemented in Syria's Idlib Jan. 12
Americans Still Dying
Soldier from Chicago (IL) Suburb of Hazel Crest Killed in Attack in Kenya
Civilian Contractor Slain in Iraq Is Buried in California
Owatonna (MN) Soldier Found Dead at South Carolina Base
Venezuela Opposition Calls on US to Step Up Pressure on Maduro Ally Russia
US Seeks to Squeeze Cuba by Further Curbing Flights to Island
Mexican President Says US Has Agreed to Extradite Fugitive Politician
The War at Home
Journalist Alleging Obama Administration Spied on Her Seeks to Reopen Case
Colorado to Deploy More Teams to Investigate Mystery Drones After Close Call With Medical Helicopter
Conspiracy Theories Abound Despite US Officials' Denial of Drone Invasion
The Trump Administration Is Investigating UCLA Over a Pro-Palestine Event and Lecture
GOP Lawmakers Are Using Recent Attacks on Jews as an Excuse to Push Anti-BDS, Pro-Israel Curriculum in Public Schools
Army 2nd Lt. Accused of Running Guns for High-Level Drug Trafficker
Two Airmen Found Dead in Dorms at Spangdahlem Air Base
A Florida Woman Mistook a WWII Land Mine for a Porcelain Plate
Munitions, Mustard Gas Buried Under Proposed Santa Rosa Homeless Relocation Site
US Air Force to Cancel Raytheon's Troubled Contract for New Ground-Based Radar System
Herat Elders Ask Afghan Govt to Investigate Shindand Airstrike
Who Was Taliban Commander Nangialai, Killed in Shindand Strike?
How We Reported the Deadly Airstrike: A Reporter's Notebook From Afghanistan
Efforts Underway to Clear Five Helmand Districts of Insurgents
Pakistan Mosque Blast Kills at Least 13
India's Top Court Declares Indefinite Kashmir Internet Shutdown Illegal
Trade War Deal: How Xi Jinping Rejected Donald Trump's Signing Ceremony Proposal During Turbulent Period
More Than 50 'Terrorists' Killed in French Commando Operations in Mali
Niger Sets New Offensive Against Militants After 25 Soldiers Killed
Somalia: Jubaland Security Forces Kill Five Al-Shabaab Militants
Ivory Coast Urged to Uphold Legal Rights of Political Opponents
Tunisian Parliament Rejects Government, Coalition Building Must Restart
EU Parliament Stops Recognizing Jailed Catalan Separatist as Lawmaker
Court in Abkhazia Annuls Contested Vote
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