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Updated January 13, 2020 - 8:26 PM EST
Esper: No Evidence Embassies Were Under Threat
  Israeli Intel Helped the US to Take Out Soleimani, Report Says
  Iran Releases Details of Accidental Downing of Ukrainian Plane
  Iran Faces Anti-Govt Protests Over Plane Shootdown
US Threatens to Block Key Iraq Bank Account
  US Refuses to Discuss Withdrawing Troops From Iraq
  Four Iraqis Wounded in Mortar Fire on Airbase
Most Americans Feel Less Safe Under Trump After Iran: Poll
  UK Defense Secretary: Britain Must Prepare to Fight Wars Without US
North Korea: New Talks if US Fully Accepts Demands
Trump Doubles Down on Threat to Take Oil From Syria
item From Obama to Trump, the Escalation of Drone Warfare  by Allegra Harpootlian
item US Military Should Take the Iraqi Parliament's Advice and Leave  by Annelle Sheline
item Maximum Failure: Trump's Strategy Can't Bring Kim to Table  by Kyle Anzalone & Will Porter
item Trump's Escalation Imperils Innocents  by Sheldon Richman
item Trump Backs Down; Iran Conflict Continues  by Reese Erlich
item Samantha Power in Bosnia: Poster Child for Toxic Advocacy Journalism  by Ted Galen Carpenter

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America Has a Samson Problem
by Andrew J. Bacevich
Secret Israel-Soviet Union War Nobody Knew About
A Look at Planes Brought Down by Missiles Since 1973
'Jeopardy!' Controversy After Ruling Church of Nativity Is Not in Palestine
Democrats Conflicted Over How to Limit Trump's War Powers
'Close Guantanamo' Rally in Washington on Anniversary of Prison Opening
Rouhani Has Vowed to Punish Those Behind Plane's Downing, Ukraine Leader Says
Swiss Back Channel Helped to Defuse US-Iran Crisis
Iran Agrees De-Escalation 'Only Solution' to Solve Crisis With US
Britain, France, and Germany Urge Iran to Stick to 2015 Nuclear Deal
Iran's Sole Female Olympic Medalist Defects
Iran Summons UK Envoy Over His Attendance at 'Illegal' Rally
US and Iran
Instagram Removes Posts Backing Slain Iranian Leader to Obey US Sanctions
Rep. McCarthy: War Powers Resolution Has 'No Power Whatsoever'
Sen. Rand Paul: US 'Drifting Away From' Founders' Desire That It Be 'Difficult to Go to War'
Amash: Trump Claim About US Embassy Threats 'Seems to Be Totally Made Up'
Iraq Daily Roundup: 14 Killed; Journalists Gunned Down at Protest
High-Level Iraq Militia Commander Is Killed by Unknown Gunmen
Iraq PM Tells Kurdish Leaders He Does Not Seek Hostility With US
Soleimani Killing Sparks Concerns, Deepens Divide in Iraq
Iraqi Journalists Fear for Lives After Basra Reporters Killed
Hundreds Mourn Iraqi Reporters Shot Dead 'For Covering Anti-Iran Protests'
Seven Mortar Bombs Strike Iraqi Military Base of Balad: Military Sources
Four Iraqi Servicemen Wounded by Rocket Attack on Air Base
Israeli Forces Flood Gaza Farmland With Rainwater, Damaging Crops
Israel Admits It Doesn't Enforce Palestinians' Return to West Bank, Gaza
Inside the Shadowy World of Israeli Arms Dealers
Middle East
Yemen's Govt, Southern Council Swap 53 Prisoners Under Saudi-Brokered Deal
Russian-Led Air Strikes Suspended in Idlib After Ceasefire: Residents
Lebanon 'Regrets' Loss of UN Voting Privilege
Pakistan FM Seeks to Defuse Saudi-Iran Tensions in Riyadh, Tehran Visits
Venezuela Political Crisis: Support for Guaido Slips
Guaido Calls for More Protests Against Maduro
Colombia Foils Attempt to Assassinate Ex-FARC Leader Timochenko
The War at Home
Who Signs Up to Fight? Makeup of US Recruits Shows Glaring Disparity
New Mexico Fines Air Force $1.7 Million Over Groundwater
Saudi Military Trainees to Be Expelled From US After Florida Shooting
Interior Department Is Planning to Halt Use of Drones Over Concerns About Chinese Tech
Navy, Marines Complete Review of Judge Advocate General Corps Ordered After Gallagher Trial
Air Force Identifies Two Airmen Who Were Found Dead at Spangdahlem Air Base
China/Taiwan/Hong Kong
Taiwan: Tsai Ing-Wen Wins Second Term as President as Voters Back Tough China Stance
Taiwan President Says Will Try to Break Deadlock With China
China Says Will Not Change Position on Taiwan After Election
US, China Resuming Regular Talks to Resolve Conflicts
Key Points in the US-China 'Phase One' Deal
Why Fishing Boats Are on the Territorial Front Lines of the South China Sea
Prague Mayor Condemns China, Unveils Taipei Partnership
Human Rights Watch Chief Denied Entry to Hong Kong at Airport, With No Explanation Provided, Group Says
Votes in 3,000 Polling Stations to Be Recounted: Afghan IECC
Army IDs Two Paratroopers Killed by Roadside Bomb in Afghanistan
Pakistan Mosque Blast Kills Senior Police Officer, 8 Others
Indian Police Officer Suspected of Aiding Kashmir Rebels Arrested
Indian Navy Hits a Major Milestone With a Home-Grown Experimental Jet
North Korea Says Leaders' Relations Not Enough After Trump Sends Birthday Wishes to Kim
Anti-Government Fun Run Draws Thousands of Defiant Thais
Libya Truce Holds Amid Reports of Violations by Both Sides
Putin: Russians Fighting in Libya Do Not Represent the State
Merkel: Germany to Host Libya Peace Conference
Refugees Shot Dead in Libyan Capital Tripoli Were Forced Out of Overcrowded UN Facility
Niger Army Base Attack Death Toll Rises to at Least 89
Burkina Faso Super Tucano Conducts First Joint Air Op With French Mirage 2000 Jets
World War II Bombs Defused in Germany After Mass Evacuation
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