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Updated January 24, 2020 - 9:31 PM EST
Tens of Thousands in Iraq Protest US Presence
US Seeking to Carve Out Sunni State in Iraq
  US Ambassador Denies Any Talks With Iraq on Removing Troops
  Unidentified Drones Attack Militia Base on Iraq-Syria Border
  US Gen.: Troops in Iraq Face More Threats From Shi'ites Than ISIS
US Envoy: Soleimani Successor Faces 'Same Fate'
  Centcom General: US Troop Surge to Mideast 'May Not End Soon'
Jihadists Kill 40 Syrian Soldiers in Northwest
Libya's Haftar Threatens to Target Civilian Planes
Afghan Pres. 'Ready' if US Scales Back Military Presence
DoJ Says It Shouldn't Have Been Spying on Trump Adviser
item Adam Schiff's Very Scary Warmongering Speech  by Daniel Lazare
item War on Journalism: Greenwald Persecution Mimics Assange  by Nozomi Hayase
item The Latest and Most Reckless US Imperial Act  by Patrick Lawrence
item US Foreign Policy Goes Off the Rails  by Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.)
item The New McCarthyism
 by Paul R. Pillar
item President Can Not Initiate a War Without Congressional Approval  by Joel Kurtinitis

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Assange May Not Get US Press Protection
Assange Extradition Hearing To Be Split in Two Parts
Greenwald Lawyers Ask Brazil to Drop 'Scandalous' Criminal Charges
Dutch and Danish Frigates to Support French Maritime Mission in the Persian Gulf
How Can Colleges Fight Israel Lobby's Threats?
The War at Home
Nationwide Bloomberg Ad Blasts Trump's Treatment of Military Leaders
Twitter Tells Facial-Recognition App Maker to Stop Collecting Its Data
The US Will Launch Its Next Spy Satellite From New Zealand
Libyan Man Gets 19 Years for Benghazi Attacks That Killed US Ambassador
Amazon Asks for Pause on Microsoft's Work on Pentagon Jedi Cloud Contract
Survey: Nearly Half of Afghans Want US Troops Out After Taliban Peace Deal
Afghanistan President: Pakistan Still Shelters Insurgents
International Court of Justice Orders Myanmar to Prevent Rohingya Genocide
Myanmar Leader Suu Kyi Says Rohingya 'Exaggerated' Abuses
Philippines' Duterte Threatens to End Military Deal With US
Russia Says It Missed UN Deadline to Repatriate N. Korean Workers
Negotiations 'Almost Complete' on Poland's Buy of 32 F-35s, Defense Minister Says
Cyprus Backtracks on Claim That 'Pirate State' Turkey Stole Gas Data
Putin Proposes 2020 Summit With Leaders of Russia, France, China, US and UK
Seven WW2 Bombs Found on Land Slated for Tesla's German Factory
Algeria Hosts Neighbors Over Libya War, Rivals Refuse to Meet
Libya Reopens Tripoli's Mitiga Airport
Greek PM Says No EU Deal on Libya Unless Turkey Accord Scrapped
South Sudan Massacre Survivors Say UN Failed to Protect Them
Nigeria Surprised by News of Possible US Travel Restrictions
Mali Soldiers Killed in Overnight Assault in Dioungani, Mopti Region
Maduro Celebrates Guaido 'Failure' in Venezuela Rally
Venezuelan Opposition Party Seeks US Blessing to 'Repeat' 2018 Election
United Nations
UN Says Officials Barred From Using Whatsapp Since June 2019 Over Security
Iraq Daily Roundup: Three Killed; Airstrikes Against PKK
Iraqi Sunni Leaders Fear US Pullout
Trump: Iraq Happy With US Presence, Future Will Be 'On Our Terms'
US Imposes Fresh Iran-Related Sanctions on Two People, Six Companies
US Bars Iranians From Entering on Trade and Investment Visas
Conflict Between the US and Iran Would Be a 'Disaster': Pakistan PM
US to Push European Allies for New Sanctions on Syria After Russia Limits Aid
Turkish Aid Groups Building Houses in Syria for Idlib's Displaced
Turkey: Russian Air Defense System No NATO Threat
Turkish Foreign Minister Calls for Enlarged NATO, Georgia Membership
Saudi Arabia
US Director of National Intelligence Missed the Deadline to Provide Congress With a Report on Khashoggi's Killing
UK Court Grants Saudi Dissident Ability to Sue Saudi Arabia Over Alleged Hack
Boycott Amazon: Hashtag Trends in Saudi Arabia After Bezos Hacking Allegations
10 Killed in Clashes Between Govt Forces, Houthi Fighters in Southern Yemen
Yemeni Residents Welcome Withdrawal of Sudanese Troops From Port City Mocha
Trump to Release 'Peace Plan' Before Netanyahu Visit Next Week
Trump Plan Said to Give Israel Sovereignty Throughout Jerusalem, All Settlements
Hot Mic Catches Pence Telling Netanyahu 'He's Unstoppable'
Explainer: What We Know About Trump's Mideast Peace Plan
'Deal of the Century': Abbas Warns Trump 'Not to Cross Red Lines'
US Calls on Haiti to Set a Date for Elections: Pompeo
In a Lawless Stretch of Mexico, Child Soldiers as Young as 6 Are Being Drafted to Fight Crime
US to Send Ambassador to Bolivia for First Time in Over a Decade
Family Receives Remains of 6 Killed in 1982 El Salvador Massacre
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Adam Schiff's Very Scary Warmongering Speech

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Warmonger Cotton Accuses Antiwar Think Tank of Anti-Semitism

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The Assassination of Qassem Suleimani: Imminent Threat of Peace

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