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Updated February 3, 2020 - 9:42 PM EST
Turkey Kills Scores of Syrian Troops in Idlib
Palestinian Authority Cuts Ties With Israel and US
  Arab League Rejects Trump Peace Plan, Fueling US Criticism
  How Trump's Middle East Plan Would Violate International Law
Iraqi Protesters Unconvinced by PM-Designate
  Iraq Top Cleric Condemns Use of Force Against Protesters
Yemeni al-Qaeda Claims Pensacola Shooting
Dems Look to Ramp Up Fight Over Trump's War Powers
Bernie Sanders Tops Donations From Active-Duty Troops
Saudi Arabia Blocks Iran From Islamic Group's Meeting
UN Special Rapporteur on Torture Discusses Assange
item Trump Would Make Palestinian Subjugation Permanent  by Sheldon Richman
item Who's at Fault for Cuba's Economic Problems?  by Reese Erlich
item Liberal Zionists Decry Trump Plan as an Existential Threat to 'Jewish Democracy'  by Philip Weiss
item Democrats Need to End Cold War Impeachment Narrative  by Aaron Maté
item Stumbling Into Catastrophe  by Daniel McAdams
item Foreign Funding of American Think Tanks Doubles to $174 Million  by Barbara Boland

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Three European Countries To Refuse UK Extradition Requests After Brexit
US Tweets Support for Iranian Chess Official but Ban Wouldn't Let Her In
US Warship Sailed Along Venezuela's Coast to Gather Intel and Send a Message to Maduro
US Envoy Warns Palestinians Not to Oppose Peace Plan at UN
Arab Envoys at White House Peace Event Lacked Full Details, Diplomat Tells Paper
After Arab League Rejects Peace Plan, US Official Laments Approach as Outdated
At Risk of Losing Their Israeli Citizenship in 'Deal of the Century,' These Arabs Are Feeling Betrayed
Israel Strikes Gaza, Suspends Cement Imports After Rocket Fire
UK Cautions Israel Against Annexing West Bank Following Release of Trump's 'Peace Plan'
Palestine Blames US Peace Plan as 'Declaration of Hostility'
Hamas: Armed Settlers Attacks Palestinian Family in Al-Khalil
Russia Questions Feasibility of US Peace Plan for Middle East
Iraq Daily Roundup: Three Killed; Sadr Followers Storm Protests
Iraq Monthly Roundup: 121 Killed in Iraq During January
Iran Welcomes Allawi's Appointment as Iraqi Prime Minister, Calls for US Pullout
Prominent Iraqi Cleric Sadr Calls on Followers to Clear Protest Camps After New PM Appointed
Dhi Qar: The Southern Province at the Heart of Iraq's Uprising
Turkish Military Convoy Crosses Into Rebel-Held NW Syria
Jihadist Car Bomb Attacks Target Syrian Pro-Govt Forces in Aleppo
UK-Based NGO: Airstrikes Kill Several Civilians in Idlib
EU Diplomats Warn US to Halt Threats Over Iran
EU Foreign Policy Chief to Visit Iran in Bid to Revive Nuclear Deal
Middle East
Japan Destroyer Heads to Middle East as Iran-US Tension Lingers
Lebanon Protesters Renew Rallies Rejecting New Government
Bolivia's Morales Says He Wants to Go Home, Run for Senate
Venezuela's Guaido Rallies Supporters, Meets Rubio in Miami
Four Dead in a Week in New Wave of Chile Anti-Govt Protests
Firefights, Blocked Roads in Mexican City After Senior Cartel Leader Detained
The War at Home
SEAL Commander Who Clashed With Trump to Leave Early
Pentagon OKs Military Bases for Coronavirus Quarantine
Alleged Leader of Iraqi Al Qaeda Group Arrested in Arizona
Death of 82nd Airborne Division Paratrooper at Fort Bragg Under Investigation
Air Force Finally Releases New Images of Stealthy B-21 Future Bomber
Afghan Mother, 2 Children 'Killed by Airstrike': Local Officials
Differing Accounts of US Special Envoy's Meetings With Afghan Officials
Afghan Militant Shell Kills Seven From Same Family in Pakistan
Pompeo Urges Kazakhstan to Press China Over Uighurs
Venice Shuts Down for WWII-Era Bomb Removal
Pompeo Says US Can Supply Belarus With 100% of Oil, Gas
UK Police Kill Man in a 'Terrorist-Related' Incident
Syrian Rebel Spokesperson Arrested in France for War Crimes
Ukraine Wants Larger Compensation for Its Citizens Killed in Plane Shootdown in Iran
Kosovo Parties Form New Coalition Government Long After Snap Elections
Sudanese Youths Accuse UAE Security Firm of Duping Them Into Protecting Libyan Oil Fields
Algeria Seeks Sending African Military Troops to Enforce Libya Ceasefire
Egypt Sentences 37 to Death, Including Former Special Forces Officer
Egyptian Officials Say Militants Blow Up Sinai Gas Pipeline
Burkina Faso: Gunmen on Motorbikes Kill 20 Civilians in Attack
Nigeria to Address Issues That Led to US Visa Restrictions
France Boosts Barkhane Force to 5,100 Troops to Further Focus on Mali-Burkina Faso-Niger Tri-Border Area
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