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Updated February 4, 2020 - 9:55 PM EST
Trump Hosts Guaido, Talks Latin America Change
Turkey Kills Scores of Syrian Troops in Idlib
Iraq's Protest Camps Splinter Over New PM
  Who Is Cracking Down on Iraq's Anti-Government Protesters?
  Iraq Struggles With Iran Ties in Wake of Soleimani's Assassination
Saudi Newspaper Calls for Replacing Yemen's Hadi Govt
  Yemeni Al-Qaeda Claims Early December Pensacola Shooting
  Medical Flights Start From Sanaa in Diplomatic Breakthrough
Afghanistan Averages an Insider Attack Every Four Days
Palestinian Authority Restores Ties to Israel After One Day
item Trump's Palestine Plan Shows 'Two State' Solution Was Always a Lie  by Craig Murray
item Putin Visits Israel as Hawks Push War in Washington  by Stephen Cohen
item The Pentagon's and CIA's Power To Assassinate Americans  by Jacob G. Hornberger
item Is the Draft Coming Back?
 by Ron Paul
item The Unhappy US Occupation of Iraq  by Paul R. Pillar
item This Is the Executive War-Making the Founders Tried to Prevent  by Bonnie Kristian

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Kremlin: Belarus Has Every Right to Develop US Ties
Trump Invited Saudi Crown Prince to His Residence Just Before 2016 Election
Kosovo Approves Former Leftist Rebel as PM
Organization of Islamic Cooperation Rejects Trump Peace Plan
Understanding the Trump 'Deal of the Century': What It Does, and Doesn't Say
Arabs in Israeli Border Towns Fear Trump Plan Will Transfer Them to West Bank
Palestine to Ban Entry of Israeli Products: Official
Trump Adviser Kushner to Brief UN Leaders on Mideast Plan
Kushner: No Palestinian Recognition if 'Peace Plan' Goals Unmet
Israeli and Sudanese Leaders Meet in Secret, Agree to Start Normalizing Ties
Israeli Settlers Stage Tractor Protest to Demand Annexation
Israel's Holocaust Museum Apologizes for Inaccurate Videos
Gazan Bridegrooms End Up in Jail Over Unpaid Debts
Hamas: Israeli Forces Injure Palestinian in the Eye in West Bank Protests
ISIS Claims Responsibility for London Stabbing Attack That Left Three Injured
Johnson Says He Will Toughen Rules on Terrorism Cases After London Attack
Man Shot Dead by British Police Wanted Girlfriend to Behead Her Parents
WWII Bomb Found in London's Soho Prompts Evacuations
Denmark Arrests Three Members of Iranian Opposition Group on Spy Charges
French Police Shoot Barracks Intruder Following Attack Warning
Afghanistan Chief Executive Opposes Palace's Strict Conditions for Peace Talks
Two Rohingya Women Killed in Myanmar Shelling
Iraq Daily Roundup: 22 Wounded; Clashes With Sadr Followers
Iranian Military Officer Killed in Syria's Aleppo: TV
Turkish-Russian Alignment in Syria Faces Moment of Truth
Two Drones Downed Near Syria's Hmeimim Air Base: State TV
UN-Brokered Libya Military Talks Begin in Geneva
Libya's Neighbors Propose Tribal Meeting to Solve Conflict
Mali to Launch Major New Military Operation Maliko to Counter Terrorism and Assert State Authority
UN: More Soldiers Won't Help Mali, Talks With Jihadists Might
Sudan Government Says It Wasn't Notified of Leader's Meeting With Netanyahu
Gunmen Kill at Least 18 Civilians in Northern Burkina Faso
Rebels Kill Dozens of Villagers in Ebola-Hit Congo
ISIS Claims Attacked Egypt-Israel Gas Line, Gas Flow Undisrupted
Malawi Court Cancels Presidential Election Result, Orders New Vote
Uganda Studying Opening Embassy in Jerusalem, Museveni Tells Netanyahu
Bolivia Election Campaign Underway With Morales in Exile
Trinidad Cancels Gas Deal Over US Sanctions on Venezuela
The War at Home
The Air Force Recorded a 33% Increase in Suicide Deaths Last Year
DoD Watchdog Will Review Military Use of Cancer-Linked Chemical
Is Siri a Spy? Why Apple iPad Changed After Hearing Spanish at Home
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