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Updated February 24, 2020 - 9:12 PM EST
Assange's US Extradition Hearing Opens Monday
Afghans Celebrate as Reduction of Violence Holds
  O'Brien: One Taliban Attack Would Likely Collapse Afghan Peace Deal
  Will the Ghani-Abdullah Rivalry Undermine Afghan Peace Process?
2,700 Turkish Vehicles Entered Syria in 19 Days
  Syria Reopens Highway From Damascus to Aleppo After Eight Years
  Israel Claims Deadly Air Raids Near Syria's Damascus and Gaza
Libya's Hafter Forces Killed 16 Turkish Soldiers
  Libyans in S. Tripoli Find Themselves on the Frontline of Haftar's War
Homeland Security Whistleblower Is Found Dead
item Intel Officials Sow Discord by Stoking Fear of Russian Election Meddling  by Dave DeCamp
item The West Displays Its Insecurity Complex  by Diana Johnstone
item Afghanistan Could End Up in a Civil War. Time for US Forces to Leave.  by Daniel L. Davis
item What We're Not Allowed to Know About the Afghan War  by Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.)
item The Nonintervention Principle  by Sheldon Richman
item 1917 Urges Us to Reject the Inevitability of War  by Tyler Curtis

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Bernie Sanders Says as President He Would Meet With Dictators
800 Paratroopers Sent to Square Off With Iran Return
DEA Agent Accused of Conspiring With Cartel
Facing a Palestinian State, Arab Israelis Find Trump's Mideast Plan Unworkable
Four EU Nations Condemn Israel's Expanding Settlements Announcement
Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian in Jerusalem After Alleged Attack
Rockets Fired From Gaza After Israel Kills Palestinian on Border
IDF Strikes Palestinian Islamic Jihad Targets in Gaza, Syria
Israeli Bulldozer Dragging Palestinian's Body After Gaza Incident Sparks Outrage
Video: Israeli Forces Attack Palestinian Protesters With Bulldozer
Pope Gives Thumbs Down to Trump's Mideast Peace Plan
Iraq Daily Roundup: Eight Killed; Bombs Across Baghdad
Iraqi Security Forces Kill One, Wound Seven in Baghdad
Grave of Slain Iraq Commander, a New Anti-US Magnet
Iraq's Sadr Warns MPs Against Rejecting New Government
Sadr Threatens Dithering Iraqi Parliament With Million Person March
Turkish Soldier Killed by Govt Fire in Syria's Idlib
Israeli Jets Attack Islamic Jihad Targets in Syria
Iran Announces Low Poll Turnout, Blames Coronavirus Propaganda
Two Iranian Border Guards Killed in Clashes With Armed Groups
Saudi-Led Coalition Says Yemen Rebel Depots Hit in Sanaa
Saudi-Led Coalition Says It Foiled Red Sea Attack by Yemen's Houthis
Al-Qaeda Confirms Death of AQAP Leader Qassim Al-Raymi
Middle East
Mecca Governor Orders Arrest of Saudi Female Rapper
Qatar Says to Increase Gaza Aid by $15 Million to Help 120,000 Families
US Officials Leak Details of British Plan to Replace Trident Nuclear Warheads
MI5 Rejects Claims That Officials Withhold Intelligence From Home Secretary
France Stands by Greece Over Tensions in Aegean Sea: French Defense Minister
Hungarians March to Protest PM Orban's Anti-Roma Campaign
Assange Extradition Hearing
Julian Assange and His Australian Lawyers Were Secretly Recorded in Ecuador's London Embassy
Assange Dad Hopes Rally Will Sway UK Govt
Family of Man Killed in Collision With US Diplomat's Wife Want Julian Assange's Extradition Stopped
Afghan Truce Worry: 1 Militant Could Threaten Peace Process
UN: More Than 10,000 Civilian Casualties in Afghan War in 2019
100,000 Civilians Killed or Injured in Afghanistan in 10 Years: UN
US Halts Offensive Military Operations in Afghanistan as Part of Taliban Deal
Afghanistan Launches Anti-Polio Campaign to Vaccinate 6.7m Children
Ghani to Take Oath of Office for Afghan Presidency on Thursday
Afghan Treaty to Be Signed in Pakistan's Presence: Foreign Affairs Minister
How Vietnam Is Using Fishing Trawlers to Keep an Eye on China's Military
India Set to Dazzle Trump With Pomp and Circumstance as Trade Rows Fester
Kazakhstan Detains Around 200 Opposition Protesters in Largest City
Libya Asks US to Set Up Military Base Against Russia
East Libya FM Demands 'Fair Distribution' to End Oil Closure
Togo President Gnassingbe Wins Re-Election
Togo Counts Votes as Challenger Claims 'Fraud'
Troops at Home of Togo Opposition Candidate as Presidential Polls Close
South Sudan
South Sudan's Rival Leaders Form Coalition Government
Now to End 'Long Suffering': South Sudan's Former Rebel Leader Sworn in as First Vice President
Joint French-Nigerien Military Operation Kills More Than 100 Jihadists in Niger
Burkina Faso Violence Forces 4,000 People From Their Homes Daily
Egypt Extends Detention of Activist Who Criticized President
Dominican Republic
Dominicans Take to the Streets in Protest After Election Suspension
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The Nonintervention Principle

Maj. Danny Sjursen, USA (ret.)
What We're Not Allowed To Know About the Afghan War

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Intelligence Officials Sow Discord By Stoking Fear of Russian Election Meddling

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Erdogan's Excellent Syrian Adventure

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A Pattern of Passing Up Peace

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Iraq War IV?

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Jerusalem, the Capital of Apartheid

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